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Miss C (Chapter 13) - Sun 24 Mar 2019

Bravo!!! Painted beautifully!!

Jcdbunny (Chapter 13) - Sat 23 Mar 2019

Im loving every moment of this emotional rollacoastal!! Its sooooooo different from the traditional happy stories we get and I commend you for being able to capture a different perspective <<<3333 I am curious though will we get a happy ending or are you going to 180 us and have a non sesshomaru and kagome ending??? 

Sessygurl (Chapter 1) - Sat 23 Mar 2019

I'm proud of her. Thanks for the update. 

Faith (Chapter 13) - Sat 23 Mar 2019

This was such an excellent chapter. Thank you. 

Natalia (Chapter 13) - Sat 23 Mar 2019

I can certainly use your work for my project in psychology. It's sort of like some therapy. Sigh I do not know how to praise you more honestly, because every new chapter is like a masterpiece. I am your number one fan! Thx for writing and sharing your talent. Will eagerly await for the next chapters. I finally saw Kagome's change and the stiring of hate in her tormented soul..... A beautiful deep chapter. Thx!

Lately because I am very busy I didn't even have time or wish to read, swamped with projects and exams... I feel exhausted but reading your work is like drinking a glass of spring water. So thank you for those pleasant minutes that your chapter brought me.

Take care of yourself and stay awesome!

Inuyaoi (Chapter 13) - Sat 23 Mar 2019

Thanks. I hate it. I love it. This story is a nightmare. I'm supposed to hate Sesshomaru but I can't. The way you described his heartache and regret is brilliant. That's all I have to say. You're one of the few writers that can make me willingly read something so tragic and emotional. 

AuroraDarlene (Chapter 13) - Sat 23 Mar 2019

My heart!!!!!!...My God, you are an expert in breaking my heart

But I'm loving it, especially Kagome's distant attitude towards Sesshomaru <3...

It is just so satisfying to see him suffer and go through what Kagome went through in the beginning ...I hope he has learned his lesson and I hope Kagome puts him through hell...


Please don't give up in this story...we will always keep supporting you and keep waiting for your new updates:-)


Cheyanna (Chapter 13) - Sat 23 Mar 2019

I love it and I will wait patiently for each update until it’s complete. Even then I‘ll still love it. I’m glad Sesshomaru is now suffering, he deserves it for all the hurt and heartbreak he’s caused. I’m also glad Shippo dropped Rin too. Though I still wish baby Haku could’ve survived I know it was necessary. I cannot wait to read more! Thanks for updating!!!:) 

Koree (Chapter 12) - Tue 12 Feb 2019

Man this is sad I knew she had a grave for him :( great chap tho . Sucks  Sesshomaru couldn’t get it together  enough to Trust in Kagome now he feels what she’s been feeling all along

van (Chapter 12) - Sat 02 Feb 2019

Comeback never felt so damn gooood

Gene (Chapter 12) - Fri 01 Feb 2019

With so much shit happening I don't believe they ever will be together. And if they will, it will be a hella disfunctional relationship. Thus, the "not at all Sesshomaru's" role in this is to grovel, beg and to die of guilt. 

I'm sorry, but I can't really appreciate the "dunk in shit" characters. It's not even suitable for villains, and for sure not suitable for those who we came to know as good guys. 

Alashia (Chapter 12) - Thu 31 Jan 2019

Wow! I love this!. I hope this wilk be a new beginning for them.

S4toonee (Chapter 12) - Wed 30 Jan 2019

This is intense... I love it.  Eagerly anticipating updates.

Skylar (Chapter 12) - Wed 30 Jan 2019

O. M. G.

Danni (Chapter 12) - Mon 28 Jan 2019

I may have gotten goosebumps. The slow burn, I LOVE IT. Is it bad that I love that you made Sessh's life hell and that hes no longer the perfect shining adonis? I mean i DEF wanted him to be taken down a peg, but this fall from grace is just perfect. Too many stories try to keep a perfect facade through all of the turmoil and I appreciate that you've quite literally humanized him.

Also, I can feel Shippo's hatred and he has so many valid reasons. I also appreciate that you haven't made Kagome cold, stoic yes, but shes not perfect though she looks it and I love it. I just hope she doesn't break down the moment Sess does, whenever that is.

I CAN NOT WAIT for the next chapter, he knows EVERYTHING now (right? lol). 

Mary J Dolph (Chapter 12) - Mon 28 Jan 2019

    I loved it. Serves him right. Now if only she doesn't turn into a weak I loved you and I forgive you mess this story will be even better. I love your work. Please, keep it up ????

Sessygurl (Chapter 12) - Sun 27 Jan 2019

I'm so proud of Kagome. She is holding her own. I wish the baby had lived. Maybe she will inspire him to clean up his act. Who knows? I love your attention to detail and the world building is excellent. I cannot wait for more. Thanks for the update. 

MKErnst (Chapter 12) - Sun 27 Jan 2019

Amazing chapter, and so sad too. 

So cool that you include a danish brand as Georg Jensen. As a dane, it makes me proud. :)

Keep them coming. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 12) - Sun 27 Jan 2019

Wow, I know that took some time to write and I loved it.  Kagome is ever so polite I wonder what's going through Sesshomaru's head...  Boy ol' boy coming up with how to let Sesshomaru know his actions caused many lives that night.  Wonder what he will try to say if anything and a smack in the face he so utterly deserves which will never happen.  

Its been good please update soon.

Thanks for updating.

AuroraDarlene (Chapter 12) - Sun 27 Jan 2019

AHHHHH!!!THE FEELS!! T_T......I'm genuinely shaking...

First of all, thank you for showing us his side of the story during the last four years..I don't know whether to feel pity for him or say, “HA! Serves you right!”...

I hope that there will be lots and lots of grovels from him...and that he has FINALLY LEARNED HIS LESSON!!!!!!...


By the way, I was wondering how many chapters more do you have in mind for this story?

Please update soon....


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