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Blommie8 (Chapter 4) - Thu 22 Feb 2018

Leahchan13 (Chapter 4) - Tue 20 Feb 2018

I'm so into this fic already lol! I hope Rin can help Kaggy feel right at home :D

jenny (Chapter 4) - Mon 19 Feb 2018

thank for updating. really looking forward to seeing more.

waterwomen1414 (Chapter 4) - Mon 19 Feb 2018

This is adorable I can't wait to see what happens when Rin and Kagome start getting into mischief

Scar (Chapter 3) - Wed 14 Feb 2018

I’m engrossed and I love it! 

Deb (Chapter 3) - Tue 13 Feb 2018

Very wonderful story! I look forward to reading more from you! Please update soon! 

Huntress11 (Chapter 2) - Tue 13 Feb 2018

Absolutely love this so far! I consider stories that do not tip toe around things like suicide a change in pace. I am writing my own story that has attempted but plan on showing events lead up to it. I am glad thathe is willing to help her. Those that try need help from loved ones or those close to them.

Ladyfairy (Chapter 3) - Tue 13 Feb 2018

I really like how Sesshoumaru is very concerned about her mental health, and that you aren’t just glossing over the situation of her attempted suicide. Hopefully him being her mate will give her the little bit of strength to really keep on living and eventually become strong for herself. Thanks for sharing this story, it’s really great!!!

inuGoddess (Chapter 3) - Tue 13 Feb 2018

Im loving the story so far and I look forward to the next update ????

waterwomen1414 (Chapter 3) - Mon 12 Feb 2018

I like the concept I can't wait to see how you develop it and I like that you based it with facts too thank you.

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 3) - Mon 12 Feb 2018

I’m glad she didn’t pitch a fit lol 

but who could really say no to Sesshoumaru ????

roberta. (Chapter 3) - Mon 12 Feb 2018

Just read your story looks interesting hope to see more

Lizzy (Chapter 3) - Mon 12 Feb 2018

Heya Cassie,


Just wanna let you know that from now on you'll have a new follower :).

Loved the story and can't wait for the next chapter.

Keep up the good work.

LadyGrey (Chapter 2) - Sat 10 Feb 2018

I truly love this story Cassie, I can't wait to read what happen next and hopefully you'll update soon!! 

princess of the western lands (Chapter 2) - Fri 09 Feb 2018

Great start to your story. I hope you continue to update. Why is kagome so alone with no friends and no attention from her family? Why do people seem to go out of their way to avoid her or is that the way she's seeing it because she's lonely? What happened to her father?


Update soon onegai


Ja ne

Tory (Chapter 2) - Fri 09 Feb 2018

Love the story. Can't wait to see where this goes!

Seichou (Chapter 2) - Fri 09 Feb 2018

Your story is off to an enjoyable start. I look forward to more chapters.

vicki patterson (Chapter 2) - Fri 09 Feb 2018

Just dropped by to say nice job, keep up the good work

Cheyanna (Chapter 2) - Thu 08 Feb 2018

Can’t wait to read more!!!!!:) 

Jasmine (Chapter 2) - Thu 08 Feb 2018

I like it so far! Just curious to see where it's going!

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