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Priceless by Cassie

Finding Her

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or any other characters contained within the show or manga, that credit goes to the brilliant Rumiko Takahashi. I just like playing with her characters, I do not make a profit from this story.  Dr. Nakamura is mine though.

Warning! This Chapter contains lots of blood, dark mature themes, and strong language. If you don't want to read that, then please leave now. you can't say I didn't warn you.

It had been a long exhausting day, and all Sesshomaru wanted to do right now was go home and take a nice long run before crashing in his expensive four poster bed. Twelve hours is far to much time to spend behind a desk reading and signing papers. There hadn't even been any meetings today, not that he liked meetings, but at least they were an excuse to get up and walk, if only a few feet, but still, that was better than nothing. He hadn't even gone out to lunch because his stupidly over attentive father had brought him lunch today. He literally had not stood up for over twelve hours, and now he was once again sitting, in his nondescript silver Honda Accord for another 45 minutes, driving home. He was sick of sitting down.

"What work?" you may ask. Well as it was now 2018, the great Prince Sesshomaru, heir to the West, and Son of the Great and powerful TaiYoukai Inu No Taisho, was now just Sesshomaru Taisho, CEO of Taisho Industries, and the most influential Demon- I mean- Man in western Japan. Around the mid-1900s Demons were finally forced to join and blend in with human society due to the fact that the sheer number of humans was beginning to overwhelm the demon population, much to the annoyance of many older demons who were still living in the feudal era. Not to mention, the humans continued to grow in their knowledge of science to the point that the weapons humans were now developing could easily demolish a horde of lesser demons. Even a few greater Demons began to fear the might of the human bomb. As easily as TaiYoukay heal, there is no healing from being blown to pieces. Demons had to get smarter, they needed to be subtle, to blend in.

Eventually, Sesshomaru's father assimilated into the culture well enough to start up his own company, which he used to employ and help the demon's in the surrounding areas to blend in and still have a place, other than home, which was safe to be themselves. Any human employed by Taisho Industries was either mated to one of the demonic employees, or was a friend to demons, and were sworn to complete and utter secrecy. 

What does Taisho Industries sell? Officially, Taisho Industries is the parent company to several other large companies, which in themselves all do something different. One may sell medical equipment, while another sells construction supplies, and yet another is responsible for many famous clothing lines. 

Under the surface, however, Taisho Industries is the only major company that distributes the necessary supplies to the different demon communities, so that certain hospitals have the necessary tools to work on Demons, so that the schools that allow Demon children to attend can have sturdy structures to withstand a demonic temper tantrum, and so that all demons have clothing that either hides or accommodates certain demonic attributes. 

And Sesshomaru had just recently stepped into the role of CEO after his father finally retired.So it is safe to say that, while he may not be Lord of the West, he still held a high enough position to demand the respect of almost anyone else in the country of Japan save for the Prime Minister and his family, but that was fine because Sesshomaru never had to meet with the Prime Minister, and he could still act above all the humans without looking like too much of an asshole. Though some employees may still call him that behind his back. Honestly, he didn't care, as long as he was left alone.

Breaking out of his reverie, Sesshomaru noticed that his Moko-Moko had stirred, waiting a moment to gauge the circumstance of this movement, he felt his Beast begin to wake up. Taken slightly off guard Sesshomaru pulled his car over to the side of the road and stopped. He hadn't heard so much as a peep from his Beast in over 200 years. He had been sure to lock it up in the deepest recesses of his mind, forcing it into dormancy. What on earth would cause it to wake up now, of all times? Thinking hard, the only reason Sesshomaru could think of was something he had almost lost all hope of ever finding. He was, after all, 1,328 years old. If he was going to find a mate, he should have found her by now. Never mind the fact that he still looked no older than 20 by human standards, as demons go if you don't find a mate after 8 centuries, there is little to no chance of ever finding one. He may still be young for a demon, but most demons find their mate by 600-700 years old. 500 if you're lucky. Jumping out of his car and examining is surroundings he took a good whiff of air, trying t parse out all the different scents. If he could smell her from here, his beast would know and tell him. Finally, he managed to filter out the scent of a generic drugstore shampoo, and the fresh scent of wild blackberries. That was something he hadn't smelled in some time, it was a rare scent nowadays, especially when living in a crowded city. It was a sweet and refreshing scent.

His beast was fully awake now. He was growling and mumbling and pacing in his mental cage.

Mate... need to find Mate, Need to hurry, Need to find MATE...

Over and over, the same words. Sesshomaru felt an odd little sense of relief settle inside of him. Sesshomaru wasn't the romantic type, and he certainly would not go looking for a mate that was not meant to be his, but lately, his father had been getting anxious for Sesshomaru to have an heir. And Sesshomaru had begun to worry that his father would force him to start dating, a human ritual which Sesshomaru found detestable, in order to find him any sort of prospect. And if he had gone on another century without finding his mate, then the Council of Elders, which somehow managed to miraculously survive the integration, would assign him one, and the one thing Sesshomaru would have hated more than being forced to date women he didn't care for, would have been being forced to mate one. It's not that Sesshomaru cared About finding "Love" perse, but he would rather be mated to someone his Beast found compatible, than somebody the Council deemed "respectable". 

Sesshomaru smirked slightly, the highest law in all of the demonic culture is that when the Beast finds a Life Mate, nobody can argue or dispute its choice, so whether they approved or not, they could not force Sesshomaru to mate another if his Beast chooses. 

Suddenly remembering Why he is standing on the side of the highway beside his car, Sesshomaru takes another good Whiff and askes his beast "Can we track her in the car from here?"

Yes! Must go NOW! Mate needs us NOW!

The feeling of relief disappears, replaced with a deep sense of dread. "Why?"

Mate, Danger, Go! Now!

Jumping in his car and merging back into traffic, he rolls his windows down, and again asks "What's the hurry? What danger?" This was not good. Sesshomaru could not lose his mate, just as he was about to find her. The council would assign him a Mate for sure after hearing of this.

His Beast struggled for a moment, Straining to reach into his Mates thoughts. Metal... Blood...Water... Can't Tell! Sense Death! Must Hurry! The Beast was frustrated with its lack of insight. It needed to be closer.

The cold dread settled deeper into Sesshomaru's gut. This did not bode well for him. Tipping his nose towards the open window of his car, he followed her scent as it got stronger, exiting off of the nearest off-ramp, and heading in the opposite direction of his apartment. This was turning into a really shitty night.




Sesshomaru finally pulled up in front of a small six-story apartment complex. The placed looked so run down he almost thought it was abandoned, but her scent was most definitely coming from here. It was all over this place.

Sesshomaru once again asked his Beast where the danger was, but he was answered with a stunned silence. The Beast was not asleep, he would know if it was, but it was silent. Frowning he entered the building and tried to determine the source of the scent, there was one place up in the top floors where her scent was the freshest. Summoning his youki he sped up to the 5th floor and walked down the hall and into the first open door he sees. By this point, there is another smell, a metallic, sickening smell. Blood.

He searched the small flat, and, coming up to the closed and locked bathroom door he broke it down. Now, Sesshomaru is not the type to just go breaking into young ladies bathrooms, but this was an emergency situation. As the fragile piece of wood splintered apart, Sesshomaru was faced with a morbid scene, the likes of which he had never seen.

Don't get me wrong, Sesshomaru has seen plenty of blood and gore, in many cases, he was the one spilling it.  He had seen honor killings and seppuku, Sesshomaru was no stranger to blood. But this was the first time he had seen an 18-year-old human girl-child laying in a bathtub which is slowly filling with both water and the blood which was flowing freely from both arms. Sesshomaru was no queazy weakling, but the scene was enough to make him almost throw up. This was NOT how he had envisioned finding his mate, and yes she was his mate. Maybe being attacked by an armed robber or another jealous female, or maybe she had accidentally cut herself with scissors or a kitchen knife. His Beast had said danger, which Sesshomaru assumed to be an external threat, something he could protect her from. This was something entirely different. She wasn't in danger from someTHING or someONE, she was in danger from herself. From the inside.

Sesshomaru briefly entertained the thought that perhaps somebody had done this to her to make it look like just another teen suicide, but any other living scent human or otherwise was days or weeks old. This was her own doing. All of these thoughts occurred within him at the same time within the span of a few seconds before he jumped into action.

One of the many perks of living thousands upon thousands of years is you have the time to learn any skill you want to, and part of Sesshomaru keeping up appearances in the Human world was to go through college. Several times. All under different names, of course, no need to give the humans too much of a fright realizing that there were being out there that were virtually immortal. The most recent time through, he had majored in business and acquired his Ph.D. Which was his father's requirement for taking over the company, however a previous time through, he majored in medicine. Grabbing the towel off the hook on the wall he lifted the girl out of the water and wrapped her up and immediately stripped off his midnight blue button up shirt and tore it into strips he could fold and use to staunch the bleeding. Taking his tie, he made a tourniquet for the right arm, which at the moment was spirting blood and needed the most immediate attention, then he used his belt to do the same to the left arm. pressing the strips of his shirt to the open wounds he pulled out his phone and called their families personal physician. While Sesshomaru did, in fact, hold an MD he had not practiced in 50 years, and there was only so much he could do with what was in this tiny bare apartment.

"Hello? This is Doctor Nakamura, how can I help you?"

"Asas, it's me. I have an emergency, where are you right now."

"Is this Sesshomaru? I haven't heard from you in a while. What do you need?"

"I found my mate."

There was laughter on the other end "Why are you calling me then son, call your father if you want relationship advice."

"She is dying Nakamura." Sesshomaru ground out, trying to hold the phone with his shoulder and keep the pressure on her arms at the same time.

The laughter stopped. "I'll be right there. Where are you?" 

"Akihabara district. Follow the scent of blackberries and blood. There is an old run down apartment building, we are on the 5th floor." 

"I'm on my way." 

The line went dead, and Sesshomaru dropped his phone. "C'mon, C'mon, C'mon" He chanted over and over. Sesshomaru was getting desperate, and he was quickly losing his composure. He could feel the Beast clawing at the surface, trying desperately to take over.

Must Save Mate!!!

"I'm trying to you fool. You are not making this any easier." He was just about fed up with this, he couldn't focus on the task at hand and fight his Beast down at the same time, but he could feel his eyes bleeding red.

Luckily Sesshomaru didn't have to wait long. Asas showed up through the balcony in the living area. "Sesshomaru?"

"In here! Her pulse is weak, but it's still there."

Taking a moment to take in the blood all over the room Dr. Asas let out a low whistle "Shit.... what the hell happened in here?"

Stepping back and letting the professional take over, he replied to the other demon. "She... She was trying to kill herself..." Sesshomaru choked out. It was hard to say. He didn't know this girl, but by some miracle of nature, she had been chosen as his mate, and he had gotten here just in time to save her or try to anyways. 

Asas' face fell at that as he applied a clotting agent and properly wrapped her arms. Finally, he stood and said: "We need to get her to my clinic, she needs stitches and possibly minor surgery to reconnect the correct nerves and arteries."

Sesshomaru nodded and lifted the fragile girl into his arms. walking out to the balcony, he once again summoned his youki and crouched preparing for flight.

"What about your car?"

"This is faster. I'll send someone to pick it up later."

Asas nodded at that. Together they lept off the balcony and flew out over Tokyo, speeding towards Dr. Asas Nakamura's Clinic. Sesshomaru refused to let this girl die, not on his watch, which from this point on was until he died, which by extension would not be for a long long time.

A.N. Congrats! you read that whole thing. I did warn you it would be dark and bloody. Sorry if you didn't like it.

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