Reviews for Kudaketa by LunaeriaDawn

ALostChildFromHeaven (Chapter 2) - Thu 03 Jan 2019

Woah... lol that is all i can say! can't wait for the next chapter 

Sesskagaddict89 (Chapter 2) - Thu 03 Jan 2019

Please update soon. 

Brandie (Chapter 2) - Thu 03 Jan 2019

I just read your story please update soon I really like to see what happens

Toni (Chapter 2) - Thu 03 Jan 2019

just read your story.  good job and glad you did not abandon it 

looking forward to many more chapters   like the story plot and curious to see what you have in store for inuyasha and kikyo 


Mutnodjmet (Chapter 2) - Wed 02 Jan 2019

Nice chapter.  I'm glad you didn't abandon this story.  It would have been a shame to throw this intriguing tale to the wayside.

Poor Kagome.  Always the victim.  Her time is coming and Inuyasha and out!!!

Glad the children are with her now and she is safe under Sesshomaru's proctection.

I think the his 'Beast' has found their mate.  lol  :)

Looking forward to more updates.

Great job!!!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Sun 19 Nov 2017

This seems like it could be an interesting story. You have piqued my curiosity and would like to see what path you will be taking this story. 

A good first beginning chapter. It is well written and I hope you update soon. Looking forward to future chapters and keep up the good work. 

Great job!!!

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