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I am a Sesshoumaru + Kagome pairing lover from way back. Need I say more. Occasionally I'll read a few other pairings that interest me but very rarely.

I love reading really good story lines from good writers with a sense of self, although, I can't write a story worth a damn. At least that is in my own opinion. Maybe one day I will attempt to write something just to see where it takes me---only if I have the gumption to do so. It will probably be a laugh on me.

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Created On: 03/27/2017 21:34:42
Edited By Aviel On: 03/27/2017 21:35:17


Thanks for your review on Ch. 8 of Kindred Spirits! This note is late, but I'm playing catch-up with everyone's feedback today. I do appreciate how you pointed out Kagome's development; as far as she's concerned, she and Inuyasha have been over for a long time. Everyone else just thinks she's still pining after him.

But thank you for your kind words! I'm happy you're enjoying the story. And no, I'm not a novelist haha. I've just had a lot of practice when it comes to writing. I'm far from the best. Thanks for continuing to follow my work, and as always... Happy reading!


Created On: 02/20/2017 23:27:04

Hello again!

It's been about a month since I last updated Kindred Spirits, but I wanted to thank you for the review you left on Chapter 7. I'm thrilled that you've been following the story since the beginning, and I'm glad you like my portrayal of S/K so far! I really love your description of their blossoming relationship, and I'm honestly flattered that my writing has led you to that opinion of them. It's comments like yours that keep me inspired.
Feedback from Mutnodjmet: I am glad that you enjoyed my review. I meant every word of it. Thank you so much for your comment on my review.


Moonlight Silk

Created On: 01/25/2017 16:09:42

Thank you so much for posting that review, it really made my day. Your encouragement is always welcomed. On a side note, not too much bad things will happen to our favorite couple in the next few chapters.
Feedback from Mutnodjmet: Oh I'm so happy to hear that. I wanted to pull my hair out when she wasted so much time in not telling him about his child. I am hoping in the next chapter she will. I am so looking forward to Sessho's reaction to the news that he is going to be a father and he will have his heir. Again, wonderful writing...I can't say enough.


Created On: 01/15/2017 14:48:32

Thank you for your sweet review and kind compliments on Life After Loss!

No need to apologise, I do not expect everyone to review every single chapter, when I'm abysmal at replying to reviews myself!

I'm glad you enjoy the development of the story -- the romance will come, slowly, when the time is right for it. I hope you will keep enjoying this story! ^^


Created On: 01/08/2017 22:07:21

Thank you so much for you review of Blindly Loved. My response has been sent to you via Private Message. I really do appreciate your response and plan to have chapter 2 up by tonight. Hopefully. If not before I go to work tomorrow.


Created On: 12/31/2016 11:43:46

Thank you so much for your review of Best Friends...but Wait! I am glad you are enjoying it! I try to portray Kagome as a strong willed character, although not as much in this story. I also wanted to explore Sesshomaru's more vulnerable/ imperfect side, since I don't think he can always be perfect, but that's just my opinion. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story as well! Chapter 3 will be up soon!

Crimson Rose

Created On: 12/01/2016 02:29:52

Girrrrrl you're the bomb for reviewing on both of my stories! I'm dropping a third one sometime this week. With a kinda yakuza feel to it. Don't be Surprised was a story I've been meaning to fix for a long time. Hated how I wrote it then but I was hoping it would show the differences in the writer I was then to the one I am now. Still freaking out about the no beta thing but hopefully I get over that. I'll definitely dedicate a chapter to you for being so encouraging!

- CR
Feedback from Mutnodjmet: Thank you. You grew as a writer from then to now and it shows. I think you are still growing and then you will be top-notch but I already think you are top-notch. I am definitely a fan now and can't wait for your new story. What will the title be or have you not named it yet? That is sweet of you to dedicate a chapter to me, I feel honored

Crimson Rose

Created On: 12/01/2016 00:04:51

Hi thanks for your review on His Disobedience! It's hard to catch every mistake cause I read through it but I write out my stories on my iPad and while auto correct helps a ton, it changes some words to weird things that I might not catch lol. But thanks Sessh is great! A little OOC but I think it would fit my story a bit better. Anyways you're my first reviewer on this story, so thank you for taking the time out to read my story
Feedback from Mutnodjmet: I know I am going to love this story. I don't think you need a beta because your writing is just that good. Any grammar errors were moot, I should never had even brought them up. Keep up the excellent work.

The Bard

Created On: 11/30/2016 14:15:56

Thank you for your reviews. It means a lot to me to hear from readers and thoughts of my stories. I love the pairing of Sesshomaru and Kagome as well and I love romance but sometimes when I write I just get very demented and dark and it comes out that way. I like to push people and see where I can go. I'm glad you have read or started to read other stories of mine. I will be taking down a couple that I feel that aren't good or will not be continued. But I do have some good news that the story With You shall be continued and actually in the works right now. So expect an update from that. I hope you have enjoyed the other stories and most of them didn't have a beta so there mistakes and I apologize for that. But I do hope to hear more from you about Until We Feel Alright. Seems like how I shall end the story is going to be predictable and people are already reading my mind. lol so I am trying to come up with something that will be new and shocking.

Thank you again!
Feedback from Mutnodjmet: I will definitely continue to read and review this story. Does Kagome have miko powers in this story that she don't know that she has or how to access them? Plus I will be looking forward to the updates on 'With You' Thanks for letting me know in advance. You are such an excellent writer. You really know how to push that envelope. lol

Vixeria Snow

Created On: 09/21/2016 21:02:07

Thank you for leaving a review on my story Revolving Around Water!

I do have other stories currently posted to my account, but I have only completed, perhaps, two? I haven't written anything in a long while, and a lot of times it's spurts of inspiration. X3 I am trying to write more often these days, which is why I decided to check out Dokuga! I'm very happy to know that you have taken an interest in my stories, so feel free to check them out! I may be posting them over to this site after I go back and correct all of my mistakes from other stories. X3

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