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Kudaketa by LunaeriaDawn

Taken Away

What's the point in living anymore…? What more can they do to me that hasn't already been done…? What more do they want? Why are they just toying with me? Why me? My hope… wait what hope? I'm nothing but an empty carcass that is worth nothing… I remember the first time like it was yesterday. I've lost track of the days, how long has it been now? Two years? How is Shippo? Sango, Miroku, Kaede? Do they miss me? Of course not… why would they? I lay here with nothing but my thoughts. The pain doesn't hurt anymore… all I want to do is lay here and stop breathing, stop existing. Can anyone answer my begging and pleading? What is that light? They never come in the day… it's always at night… maybe my prayers have been answered… now I can finally be at peace. I'm just… gonna… close my eyes… and let go.


Snarling at the atrocious scent that hit my nose, I flew in the direction it was coming from. It was of the dead Miko and my worthless twit of a half-brother, Inuyasha. I was curious as to what they would be doing so close to my territory, knowing that they'd be found. The tang of sweet blood permeated the air as I came to a small hut hidden in the forest between the northern and western lands. This blood had a pure tinge to it, and I couldn't place it. I growled and stalked slowly to the door of the hut before moving it aside. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the hut, the smell of blood and raw sex hit me full force. I looked down and saw the little miko that had drawn Tessaiga out of my father's bones. Bruises, dried blood and days old cuts littered her body everywhere. Her lip was swollen, along with her left eye.  Her wrists and ankles were raw from the ropes that held her and the smell of infection had started to waft from her body. Seeing the miko like this enraged my beast at the disgraceful way my dimwitted half-brother treated her.

 Stepping closer to her, I noticed she was breathing, but barely. Stooping down, I cut the bindings and picked her broken body up gently. I stepped back out of the hut before wrapping my mokomoko around her to protect her from prying eyes. Not like anything else could be done to her; however, she was strong for being able to survive. I flared my yokai and transformed us into a ball of light, traveling quickly to my castle deep into the western lands. I was deeply disturbed by the way I found her. She is too light and frail, as if she hadn’t eaten in a long time.

 Turning back from the ball of light, I stepped onto the gates and hopped down, slightly jarring the poor woman, but enough she whimpered. I continued to walk into the castle making my way toward my bed chambers. Seeing a servant hurry toward me, I growled in warning. 

“Fix her room up next to mine. Then do not disturb this One.”

I continued walking as the servant scurried off to do my bidding, white as a ghost. After I arrived at my chambers, I continued to the door that the personal hot spring was housed behind. Laying her down on the ground, I stripped down to my hakama. After I was finished, I stepped into the hot water and gently grabbed the Miko, slowly sinking down to the small shelf that had been naturally made from the water. Grabbing a small piece of cloth, I wet it and began to wash the dried blood and dirt off of her. Finally getting her body clean, I started to wash her hair. Once she was clean, I got out of the water and walked back my chambers, walking across my room and through another door into her room. Seeing a light sleeping yukata sitting on the bed, I started to dress her and tie her yukata shut when I sensed my assistant looking for me. Getting her underneath the blanket, I made sure she was still breathing before standing up straight.

 “Master Sesshoumaru!!!”

 The screech of the wretched imp caused my ears to hurt. Shooting a glare towards the door as it slammed open. I watched as he stumbled into the room upon seeing the little Miko laying in the bed unconscious.

“M-m-my L-lord! What is that human filth doing here? Above all, Inuyasha’s wench!!”

I snarled at the name of that half-breed. “Do not speak of that filthy mongrel.”

Jaken backed away and out of the room much to my pleasure. I walked back into my room and changed before heading to the healers. The little Miko needed help in more ways than one.


Amber eyes looked at me as a fanged smile lit up Inuyasha’s face. “C’mon Kagome, I have something I want to show you.”

I didn’t say anything against him, I trusted him, loved him. I smiled and followed him into the forest. Soon, it became quiet before a sharp pain ran up my arm. Looking down, I saw an arrow sticking out of my forearm, blood dripping down my pierced flesh. “Yasha!” I heard my voice break in pain before tears welled up in my eyes. The pain hurt and was unbearable.

“Feh, fucking pathetic wench.”

‘What? What is going on?’ I looked up, my vision blurry but I was able to make out Kikyo and Inuyasha standing next to each other, Kikyo’s hand on his upper arm. “W-what’s going on Yasha?”

“Don’t call me that as if I’m your pet, Bitch.” I watched as Inuyasha pulled Kikyo closer and kissed her. I felt my heart breaking into millions of pieces as my chest tightened in pain. ‘So, he chose her. I should have known…’

“Kikyo has shown me what it’s like to have power. So now, I am working for Naraku.” The last of the sentence was more of a growl before he launched himself at me. Instinctively, I sent up a barrier and he slammed into it. I was hoping that this would keep him out if Kikyo didn’t do anything to break it. Of course, it was measly thinking, but I hoped. I looked down at the arrow and grabbed it, yanking it out of my arm. Looking back up, I saw Kikyo had another arrow knocked before releasing it at my barrier. I felt my heart drop into my stomach and knew that I would die here. So many things ran through my head as the arrow contacted the barrier, shattering it like glass. Inuyasha was on top of me before I could blink, knocking my head into the rocky ground beneath me. I saw blinding light explode around me before I felt his rough hands on me. I kicked and screamed as I heard my clothes tear and cold air hit my body. Feeling my legs be forcibly spread, I struggled more before sending a blast of Reiki into Inuyasha, sending him feet from me. I scrambled to my feet and ran away from them. Branches and leaves whipping me all over as I continued to run before I was tackled and bound. The rocks scraped my bare body as Inuyasha drug me to a hut that was surrounded by nothing but trees.

“Stupid bitch!” Pain exploded across my face and the metallic tang of blood coated my tongue as he hit me. “I’ll teach you, cunt. You’re worthless and nothing.” I yelped in pain as his foot connected with my ribs. I looked up at him as I saw his eyes pink tinged before his hand grabbed a handful of my hair and his other fist connecting with my nose. I heard the crunch of cartilage and felt the warm trickling of blood before more tears blurred my vision. Throwing me to the ground, Inuyasha knelt down and forced my legs apart as Kikyo held my legs in the right position. The pain rendered me weak and not able to fight back much before I felt clawed fingers shove into me. I screamed and started to fight again, harder than before, before I felt another hit to the head. Black spots lined my vision as I felt the fingers leave me and be replaced by a bigger and blunter object.

“Get ready bitch.” Inuyasha growled before shoving his cock into me, ripping my maidenhead, causing me to scream again. Tears ran down my face as I struggled to fight against them both. Inuyasha pounded into me relentlessly, digging and cutting me with his claws. I continued to struggle until I felt a slap sting my cheek and a blade pressed against my throat.

“To be honest, you shouldn’t even be alive… But Naraku wants you to suffer. Now you will feel what it is like to suffer every day until he states otherwise.”

Inuyasha continued to pound into me, his thrusts becoming erratic and jerky before he roared his completion. I cried as I felt his cock twitch inside of me. I felt dirty and I hated myself. Suddenly, I felt claws dig into me as Inuyasha started to carve my skin as he pulled out of me, his dick flaccid and still dripping some sperm. I couldn’t handle knowing that Inuyasha just raped me on Naraku’s bidding.

“Tie her up Inu.”

I felt Inuyasha lift me and lift my arms up above my head. Once he walked away, I realized I could barely touch the floor of the hut as I was suspended by my arms. I looked up and saw Kikyo knock an arrow and loosing it in the same breath as it pierced my stomach and buried itself deep. I screamed out in pain, wishing it would all stop. Another sharp pain exploded from my thigh and another scream ripped it’s way out of my throat…


Screams could be heard throughout the castle as Kagome woke up, gasping for air as tears flowed down her face. Looking around, Kagome realized that she wasn’t in the hut, but that could mean she was in Naraku’s grasp and she was really dreaming. Suddenly the door slammed open and a snarling Sesshoumaru made his way into her room. Once he saw that there was no threat, he looked at Kagome and her dead gaze. The fire that was once in her blue eyes was gone, not even an ember remained. The half-breed and his clay pot whore ruined the woman sitting in front of him.


She flinched at his gruff voice, but she knew he was a man of few words.


Her voice was almost nonexistent due to not being used for anything other than screaming for the two years she was trapped by Inuyasha and Kikyo. She knew that she didn’t have to speak loudly for him to hear.

“I have brought a healer, Jun let me know when you are done examining her. I will be in my study.”

At that, Sesshoumaru turned and almost glided out of the room. She was at a loss for words as an elderly woman came up to her and gently took her chin in her grandmotherly hands.

“Don’t worry dear, I’ll have you on the path of healing in no time.”

The woman offered a soft smile to Kagome and Kagome wondered when she was going to really wake up.


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