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Ryo chan (Chapter 11) - Thu 17 Aug 2017

There story is super intriging, I hope you update soon! =D It's interesting to see them grow together.  There's little spelling mistakes but i think thats mostly due to your auto correct 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 11) - Mon 14 Aug 2017

Nice chapter. The last paragraph sounded a little insulting to Kagome. He made it sound like he was going to have her trained into a prized Bitch at a dog show.

Knowing Kagome's personality she will not allow that to happen, I think if anything, it will be the other way around. Maybe after everything is said and done they will learn to respect each other as equals with compromises.

Looking forward to future updates. Nicely written. Great job but too short lol :)

SammyJams (Chapter 11) - Mon 14 Aug 2017

Hooray for more!

Mona (Chapter 11) - Mon 14 Aug 2017

I hope Kagome gives Sesshoumaru hell, because his description of alpha female is far from what Kagome is.  Hopefully you want make her submissive and obedien, otherwise it would just be boring.

Natalia (Chapter 11) - Mon 14 Aug 2017

ah an update so glad!!!!!

i liked their interaction just where you state sesshoumaru has parental skills not material and some at the end in rest an amazing chapter! i can't wait to see the grandma's reaction to the pups! please update soon!

Lorena (Chapter 10) - Sat 12 Aug 2017

I just found this story so I had to binge read it, I am into it and hope to read more soon! 

SammyJams (Chapter 10) - Thu 10 Aug 2017

Amazing story so far! I can't wait for you to write more!!

cassandra (Chapter 10) - Thu 10 Aug 2017

I hope sesshomarus mom doesn't cause too many problems. Then again she IS his mom after all.

Natalia (Chapter 10) - Thu 10 Aug 2017

Wow a double treat!  I enjoyed it! Just curious how did his mom know about the pups? Did she look into her mirror?  

The for updating! 

Erica (Chapter 9) - Thu 10 Aug 2017

I'm starting to look foward to the update notifications in my email :) can't wait to see where it goes

roberta. (Chapter 9) - Wed 09 Aug 2017

Great story keep up the good work.

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 9) - Wed 09 Aug 2017

Loved this chapter. Very tender moments and promises of the future. Looking forward to more chapters to come I hope. Great job!!!

Deana (Chapter 9) - Wed 09 Aug 2017

Awesome story! Yes there are typos and so on but don't let that deter you. More Please!

Annie (Chapter 8) - Wed 09 Aug 2017

It is good that Kagome told Sesshomaru what was troubling her.  They both need to know about each other. I can not wait until Kagome reaches the western palace.  Will Sesshomaru mother like her? What about the court?


Mutnodjmet (Chapter 8) - Wed 09 Aug 2017

This is a very nice chapter and nicely written also. I like how you brought out Kagome's fears and emotions about her humanity involving her aging and not being able to see her children grow and flourish; not being able to be by Sessho's side to raise their pups and being the proper lady to rule the lands. Most of all not being able to see her family in the future ever again.

Bringing out Sessho's compassion to ease her fears by trying to explain what it means to be mated and bonded, which she seemed be having a hard time wrapping her head around the concept that it will expand her life to match his. It was funny how she got upset and bent out of shape because the pups were not named at the moment of their birth. She has a lot to learn about living in an inuyoukai and demon society.

Looking forward to more updates because there is still more to add on to this story before you get to the end. Please keep it going. I love it.

Natalia (Chapter 8) - Wed 09 Aug 2017

What a beautiful chapter! And I can't help but notice that the grammar is uch better!

Can't wait to see them bonded finally!

Thx for updating!

Natalia (Chapter 7) - Tue 08 Aug 2017

much better! i get it that your autocorrect is messing up the story, thx for taking time to rectify it! don't delete the story its very good!

Erica Lederer aka MEOWMARU~!!!! (Chapter 7) - Tue 08 Aug 2017

Is anyone else excited to see how the Lady Mother will react to being a grandma. :3 

I find myself unable to stop imaging all the different scenario's~!! 


Looking forward to more and please ignore all those flamers, I for one think you are doing an awesome job. Keeo it up and keep yourself happy!

Anna Grey (Chapter 7) - Tue 08 Aug 2017

much better, really, thanks god you didn't delete the story :) I'm looking for your next update, love

cassandra (Chapter 7) - Tue 08 Aug 2017

Don't delete your whole story, it's a good one!  Even if you make some mistakes, that's ok it's still an excellent story in my opinion! 

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