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A Whole New World! by Sarah

What just happen!?

(A/N: I have went over this chapter quickly and fixed what I can, thank you guys for reading! I Will continue the other chapters soon and fix the others ASAP, :-b thank you all for the reviews too!)

A toad YouKai stumbled through the forest, he was once again searching for his Lord. Jaken had traveled with Sesshomaru from the Western strong hold toward Inuyasha’s village but stopped unexpectedly as his Lord Sesshomaru had commanded Jaken to wait for him, yet it had confused the toad as to why he would want to stop so close to the village without fully going to deliver Rin's gifts.

Yet he knew something was wrong when Lord Sesshomaru’s eyes were tinted red. Something was wrong or had possible upset his lord. Yet after many moments of waiting in place, Jaken decided his Lord may be in need of his assistance, so he wondered off in the direction he last seen Sesshomaru walk towards.

‘My lord where have you gone!’ his mind raced as he tried his best tracking Sesshomaru by mere footprint's, broken twigs and smashed shrubs that's how he would follow his Lord, considering his nose wasn’t best the greatest way, afterall he was a toad, a water demon and his kind had eyes to see perfectly under water and swim miraculously, yet smelling and tracking a being on ground was not within his abilities.

Suddenly he heard his Lords growl in the distance, he would know the sound anywhere. He quickly rushed forward it was just off to the side of the village were a hot spring was, he knew without a doubt. He rushed towards the spring as fast as his tiny legs allowed, only to hear a woman whimpering. The whimper causing him to slow down and pause behind a bush. A woman? Did that mean the great Inu Lord found a suitable woman and finally found interest in one, other than to release himself? Curiosity consumed the small YouKai, pushing him to peek beyond the bushes to see his Lord laying on his back in all his glory, yet there was a Raven haired female slowly standing trying her hardest to be quiet. She gathered a piece of cloth and wrapping it tightly around her body before grabbing an odd sack. He recognized it but from where? He moved forward trying with all his might to make out who the female was he knew she looked familiar. Only to have a snapping sound come from his foot pressing down on a dry twig, the sound obviously startled the female as she turned quickly to look before rushing away.

Jaken could clearly see an object fall from the panicked girl. Once he snapped out of his own shock, he carefully walked forward as his Lord deeply rested, his energy gone from the encounter with the female. He picked up the object to see a thin chain with an odd five pointed shape hanging from it yet as he examined it he spotted a small clip, once pushed up it allowed the object to open, inside was an odd painting of four humans, instantly his eyes landed on one.

‘Lady Kagome!?’ He gasped loudly, his Lord was with Inuyasha’s courted female. What would the hanyou do should be find out his Lord had rutted with her. He would protect his Lord in any way, even if it meant not letting him see the object but due to the state he left in clearly stated his beast had taking over, perhaps he would not know of what happened. He tucked the odd object into his kimono as he could only hope none of the events would be remembered by his beloved Lord.

Taking a deep breath be cautiously approached the sleeping Taiyoukai, Jaken looked to upon Sesshomaru’s face the marking not jagged, and his fangs were not enlarged giving Jaken a sign that his Lord should be back to normal. Gathering his courage he once more took a deep breath.

“Lo- Lord Sesshomaru.” He called our seeing the tips of Sesshomaru’s ears twitch. Slowly his eyes opened to reveal deep gold color, his Lord was indeed back to his normal self. He was glad to not have waken the beast of his Lord as it could end up very bad for Jaken’s health. Sesshomaru heard Jaken’s voice call out to him yet he couldn’t remember when he had allowed himself to sleep. Looking around a few things caught his attention, one was his clothes were scattered around the area and up on the ledge of a hot spring. Using his powerful sense of smell he caught a faint smell of a female yet it was nearly washed away by the steam preventing him from pinpointing the exact person.

“Jaken, who else was here.” He spoke lowly his head settling from being pushed back by his beast. Jaken knew in the state his Lord was in, he wouldn’t be able to sense his lies.

“I hadn’t seen anyone when I found you my lord, you had been gone for quite some time when you left this loyal servant! I came to see my lord as you are.” He spoke quickly.

Sesshomaru glanced over to Jaken to see if he was lying yet could not tell as his head spun, he looked around for any clue to the female whom had occupied the space with him, yet found none, and the steam of the spring caused his senses to be unable to identify the girl. Closing his eyes briefly to control himself once more, Sesshomaru called to his inner beast, yet it refused to acknowledge him and refused to answer his question as to what had occurred.

Before allowing himself to become frustrated Sesshomaru stood and quickly gathering his clothing, armor and swords. Dressing quickly remembering he was traveling to give Rin a gift considering she was seen as his daughter, and he would treat her as such even if he would not have her living at his palace for her own safety. Looking back to Jaken he could see his servant nervously stare at the ground, he would rather not hear the squawking fear of the toad should he question him.


Kagome had been bathing happily at the spring one moment and the next a naked Sesshomaru was pinning her against himself. She had seen the deep crimson and knew all to well it was his demon blood taking over, yet the kiss he placed on her lips before quickly making its way to her Neck told her he was not out for blood, but pleasure. She had learned well, thanks to Sango and her miko training, she learned never to fight against a male in his beast form he wouldn’t hesitate to attack and make her submit, they had taught her for the day her and Inuyasha would mate but it was a long lost dream.

Her and Inuyasha were no longer compatible and they both were well aware of it, sure they loved each other, but what kind of love? Kagome had Sat with him discussing what was wrong, they both felt the same, sure when she returned they wanted nothing more than to be together yet now it seemed they loved one another as family, they had accomplished so much together. And taking a step further could potentially hurt all that was there, yet it could also make their relationship stronger, but both knew as time went forward being together would never truly happen.

Kaede explained how it could be because when Kikyou died the last time her soul had also left, not returning to Kagome. Which only meant Kagome wasn’t Kikyou's reincarnation, in fact Kaede believed that Kagome was simply choosen as the protector of the jewel due to her naturally large pure spirit, and Kikyou’s soul bound itself to the jewel to help protect it even in death. Kagome simply had small similarities to Kikyou due to her spirit being present as Kagome grew older. Kikyou’s feeling towards Inuyasha were imprinted by Kikyou’s soul previously being within her. Now as time passed her feelings changes.

Kagome and Inuyasha would always stay friends, no they were family and nothing would change that. Kagome fully believed they would always be there for one another just as Sango and Miroku would be. Shippo was there yet he was off finding himself and his abilities with the other fox YouKai. She belonged here in the past that much was obvious, she loved the open spaces and being able to use her powers freely without fear of someone seeing and then the government of her time running test on her with alot of other unknown experiments.

Back to recent events at the hot springs, Kagome was panicking. Sesshomaru took her virginity, he was her first. And now her powers were gone, she knew from her lessons that a miko only kept her powers as long as her body remained pure. Now what would she do? she was useless to the village now. As she ran to the village she allowed her tears to stream down her face.

Yet she wouldn’t blame Sesshomaru he was in his demonic state and she allowed him to touch her, kiss her, create pleasure she never knew. Being completely honest with herself she enjoyed his touch. He was gentle with her, his light growl was soothing as he had sunk his teeth into her shoulder. He kissed and licked away her tears as he took away her innocence. Everything seemed so right as he touched her, everything had felt right and it was all so perfect, she had felt a spark as his hands moved among her body.

But Kagome was the village miko, she enjoyed being useful, helping with barriers and healing the villagers in need even helping with the birthing of new life. Kagome felt needed and enjoyed that feeling. What would she do now, how could she be of any use? No matter she would not deny how enjoyable it was to feel a male take complete pleasure with her, and not just any male a Youkai known as the most power and feared in all of Japan. Hell Kagome bet any woman would desire him.

As she made it to the village, it was already dark and no one was in sight. Sighing in relief as she made her way to her hut, she would hide away there for a bit till she knew how to explain it properly to everyone she loved. Inuyasha would most likely be in the tree above his small hut on the edge of the forest which meant she wouldn’t have to worry about explaining to him the scent of his brother on her.

She started at the fire in the center of her hut before she laid out her futon for the night, she laid down staring at the flames as visions of a very naked Sesshomaru pulling her close to him created butterflies fluttering in her belly. Yet tears welled up in her eyes as she let her mind think of the cold, emotionless Lord of the West. She was foolish allowing herself to feel the butterflies to began with, knowing full well Sesshomaru had no interest in a human onna like her unless it was to fulfill his lustful cravings. She was viewed as Inuyasha wench by many including Sesshomaru.

‘who had shown up and seen me there?’ she thought. ‘Could Jaken had seen? No, he would have screeched out his dislike. Hell he would've tried using the staff on me.’ Kagome allowed a small giggle to form on her lips. She sent a quick prayer that all would work out and everyone would still accept her. Little did the poor miko know was the male whom took her innocence was approaching the village.


A visit to see his Ward along with patrolling his lands was better than sitting behind his desk looking over the many scrolls sent to him. Sesshomaru was honorable, yet he knew when it was time for him to get away to simply patrol his lands. Since the defeat of Naraku, he took his role as ruler of the Western lands. His mother had tracked him down, demanding him to take the place he was born for, to allow her freedom for the first time in her long life.

Now as Lord he had barely any time to wonder, battle, and challenge himself. He was content being the Lord of the lands yet he still felt the need to wonder the lands, he knew he was missing something and traveling seemed to ease the craving to find that something.

Casting a glace over his shoulder to his retainer he could see the toad was nervous. Yet couldn’t bring himself to care about what was affecting him emotionally it did little to Sesshomaru. He refocused his line of sight once more ahead of him as the moved closer to his half-brothers village. True they did not fight, they were able to be around one another, but Inuyasha’s ignorance still tested his patient's. His baka sibling was fortunate to live a life carelessly, be accepted within a village he claimed a his own, and had a female who stood by him no matter the situation.

Little did Inuyasha know, Sesshomaru granted the small part of his vast land to his brother, regardless of how he came to be or being a hanyou, he was still his sibling, he was a prince of the Western lands. Secretly he had given the small land to Inuyasha to build and live within. Knowing full well Inuyasha’s instincts to protect his property would do him well along with the land.

As the village came into sight he was able to see the glow of fire coming from the huts, seemed as though some of the villagers were awake. But oddly the scent of Inuyasha being on the outskirts of the village caught his attention, and the scent of his chosen was within a separate hut. Could the miko and Inuyasha possibly separated. Closing his eyes he inhaled deeply still coming back fully from his beast taking over him completely.

The thought of Inuyasha and the Miko left his mind, what did he care. It didn’t involve him in the least. Little did Sesshomaru know, he would be involved with the shikon miko. His world was about to be thrust into a world including the emotional female known throughout the lands.


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