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Nazma (Chapter 9) - Sun 02 Sep 2018

i feel like you’re a supernatural fan just because of the ending ... and I kinda love it 


anyways, love the writing. The storyline is different, nice that sesshoumaru isn’t the businessman that owns everything and has his own little sad story 

Kanda (Chapter 10) - Tue 21 Aug 2018

sesshoumaru is goddamned petty!! XD the king of pettiness! what did he do before that made the dad hate him? and sesshoumaru is just too damned golden in this chapter, lmaoooo.

Lady of Jupiter (Chapter 10) - Wed 15 Aug 2018

OMG!!!!!!!  I just finished chapter 10.  I was laughing so hard I almost wet myself.  Just picturing the last sceen of Sesshoumaru peeling out in a Thunderbird, while fliping the bird to BonJovi's Living On A Prayer, sets me off again.  There is no way he can pretend the he is not related to InuYasha now. ????????????????????????

SammyJams (Chapter 10) - Tue 14 Aug 2018

Omg this story is AMAZING 

Karichan (Chapter 10) - Tue 14 Aug 2018

Yooo that ending was BLESSED. Sesshomaru just admitted he was dramatic ! Im done. XD

I was truly entertained and so happy you are working on this again. You have gotten even better than before with your detail narrative, Im so proud. Will be kepping an eye out for the next chappi!!

Shelaughed (Chapter 10) - Tue 14 Aug 2018

S.O.B.'s To Do List:

Take parking spot

Break coffee mug

Steal sunglasses

Ensure entertainingly destructive choas engulfs building

Tell boss he's #1 using appropriate gesture

Make readers laugh asses off


Loved this.

SmilingFool (Chapter 10) - Tue 14 Aug 2018

Oh wow I loved the story....  The begining was boring now that was done the tenth chap was totally awesome.  I can't wait to read more.  This has a great making into a grand story.  I can' t wait to see what hell Kagome goes through update soon.....

Toni (Chapter 10) - Tue 14 Aug 2018

great chapter  can't wait for more  love the story line

Jean (Chapter 10) - Tue 14 Aug 2018

Oh my god, the Sesshomaru in this  chapter was amazing. Really enjoyed this chapter and how you portrayed him especially the bit with the sunglasses and giving the finger to the man. Can't wait for the next chapter update, great story

Channy (Chapter 10) - Tue 14 Aug 2018

I had totally forgotten about this and re-read it all yesterday to catch up and then today seen this update. I love love love this chapter. I enjoyed the story from the get go, but these past 2 chapters have really pulled me in and snagged me! Sesshomaru in this chapter was amazing! That ending though. Scared my cats off with my laughter. Love it! 

Leaora (Chapter 10) - Tue 14 Aug 2018

Now, you already know that I love everything you do, but this.... I don't think I have laughed so hard at anything in a very long time! My sides hurt!!!

CookieAsylum (Chapter 10) - Tue 14 Aug 2018


I love that Sesshoumaru gives absolutely zero f*cks. Just flips the bird as he drives away! Amazing. And Kagome blasting a hole in the wall is *chef's kiss*. I can't wait to see what kind of training Sesshoumaru is going to put her through. And general hijinks and sarcasm between these two is perfect.

I'm not sure if I've left a review for the previous chapters, but I'm really loving this story. Please keep up the amazing work!

SonataSongbird (Chapter 10) - Mon 13 Aug 2018

Oh my god, this chapter was the best!!!! Just all of the little machinations that came together I’m the end. Absolutely amazing!!! XD

Jamie (Chapter 9) - Mon 13 Aug 2018

Never would have thought Sesshomaru would be a Kansas fan... but omg, that's entertaining! Some tears were shed, and actual laughter was heard. Love to see where things go from here! 

Karichan (Chapter 9) - Wed 08 Aug 2018

This gave me LIFE. I had totally forgot that I had saved this story so seeing the notification for an update got me giddy and I was not dissapointed! You have an awesome writing style that puts you in the environment and makes the reading even more enjoyable. I love it!

The last chapter got me weak~ Sess blasting some hardcore music is the last thing Kagome or the audience thought he would play- Genius!

sesshomarusama33 (Chapter 9) - Wed 08 Aug 2018

I am loving this so far! I cant wait for the next chapter. 

Shelaughed (Chapter 9) - Tue 07 Aug 2018

I'm glad to see you've updated.  I find I'm a bit of a pessimist concerning the probability of unfinished stories being updated out of the blue.  It's refreshing to have the cynic in me bitch slapped now and then (recovers and does dance of joy).  Kansas... huh?  Snort.  I'm still snickering about that. 

Makuro767 (Chapter 9) - Tue 07 Aug 2018

Maybe some explanations as to how they did nothing when Inuyasha was running around in the modern time.

Ivy (Chapter 8) - Mon 06 Aug 2018

Are you ever going to finish this :(

Kitsune Diva (Chapter 8) - Fri 16 Mar 2018

I love this story! I can't wait to see how Kagome's interview goes. I like that her adventures are so normal yet not.

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