Luingaladhien (Chapter 5) - Sat 17 Jun 2017

OK, didn't expect Sesshoumaru to be job free. He didn't strike me as a someone who'd relax all day. Haha.. Nice story so far. Hope to read more soon! 

I was reading this before bed last night, and I ended up dreaming about Sesshoumaru going on a date with Kagome! Hahaha.. Please make this come true somehow? But exclude Jaken. I don't know why Jaken came into my dream too. Lol. XD 

Update soon please! 

DevaG (Chapter 5) - Sun 28 May 2017

So, I am in love and ready for the next chapters! I love where this is going and I cant wait for the chemistry to kick off. Please update soon!

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Good Story! I wonder what will happen in the tub. LOL

Serinasu InuMiko (Chapter 5) - Tue 23 May 2017

I'm enjoying so far! Definitely didn't expect those questions, but was entertained by then nonetheless.  Now I'm definitely curious to see how they manage to get close with him being so distant and strict.

Kagaku-sha (Chapter 4) - Mon 22 May 2017

Good stuff! Very well written! Can't wait for the next update!

Natalia (Chapter 4) - Sun 21 May 2017

A mother knows best... And jobless! Poor kagome! She needs to find something fast! Thx for updating!.

P.s that cat is very good,, he never cries and asks for food! Mine would wake up the dead if he was left as long as kagome's. And sesshoumaru would have killed him not fed just because she always forgets! Lol go buyo!

Leaora (Chapter 3) - Fri 19 May 2017

*peeks* *gasps* *takes a second glance* *squeals and spins in her chair* 

Hey buddy, ole pal, bestest friend of mine!!! I am sooooo glad to see you! Did you know today is my birthday? I know we can't exactly meet up to have dinner and chat, but you know what would make up for it? A new chapter of Exodus! *puppy eyes* I've beeb so patient. Come on, throw me a bone! Please?! Pretty please with money on top?!! I kidd, I am beyond broke. However, that chapter would be much appreciated and I'll love you forever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Natalia (Chapter 2) - Fri 19 May 2017

And where was the cat till now? It's been almost three days no? Confusing... A cat needs to eat and we'll be a cat, he would've have make at least noises? I like this fic but at times it seems rushed like we don't see the reasons behind. I don't mean it in a bad way ok? The details of the house were good but the hotel trip? Theoretically it's because she wanted to be alone and he knew that but a trip to a park or shrine the goshinbogu that is inus tree, is more believable than a hotel. In my opinion at least. I thank you for updating so soon! I am so eager and curious to see what will happen next! Take care and good luck

YukinoSama (Chapter 2) - Fri 19 May 2017

Love you lots for updating so fast. It's very well written. What I don't understand is how much stuff she packed, why she took the train if she's got a lot of stuff, why Buyo was kept in the closet once arriving in Sesshomaru's apartment, and what's the hotel required for? Kagome already paid the rent. Couldn't she stay in the room meant for her?

Natalia (Chapter 2) - Thu 18 May 2017

Aside from the part that I don't understand why would sesshoumaru want a roommate, common he is the solitary type and clearly has money plus he isn't that loving of humans, so I don't understand why he would risk a stranger in his den so to say. Aside from that the fic is catching. Did you hint that he gives her the opportunity chance to refute the deal and not be his roommate? I liked the emotional moment in the shower, it was well depicted! Thx for updating so soon! I enjoyed that chbut it stirred my hunger for more! Thx again! Take care!

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I look forward to seeing how this story resolves itself.  Poor Kagome.

Stephanie (Chapter 1) - Wed 17 May 2017

I love your story so far please keep up with the great work. I can't wait to find out what happens next :)

YukinoSama (Chapter 1) - Wed 17 May 2017

I love your story. Try to check the names of Kagome's friends. At the start it was Yuki then near the end it was Yuka. Be consistent with Yuka.

Toni (Chapter 1) - Wed 17 May 2017

so cute  really like it  can't wait for next chapters 

Natalia (Chapter 1) - Wed 17 May 2017

This is certainly catching!  The flow is easy the description detailed and dialogues well depicted.  The grammes good as well. The plot caught my attention! Thx for posting! Will be waiting for more! 

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