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Koree (Chapter 10) - Fri 21 Oct 2016

Geez Sessh could be a little nicer seeing as she's bringing Rin alot of joy but he wouldn't be Sesshomaru if he was nice lol Great chap :)

Makeila (Chapter 9) - Thu 20 Oct 2016

I love this story so far! Can't wait for more!!

Leahchan13 (Chapter 10) - Thu 20 Oct 2016

Yay a sleepover! I use to love making forts! So much fun :D

Violla (Chapter 10) - Wed 19 Oct 2016

Finalmente non vedevo l'ora per questo  incontro vedremo  Che succede .

Mistress SleepWell (Chapter 10) - Wed 19 Oct 2016

I love this story soooo much!!! I'm thoroughly enjoying this typhoon plot twist. I hope it turns out well for kagome that he finds her less irritating etc. how long do typhoons last? Could she be there all weekend? Please update soon

Treece (Chapter 10) - Tue 18 Oct 2016

Marvelous new chapter. I couldn't wait for this installment and it did NOT disappointment. Sesshoumaru is so realistic in his dislike and disapproval of Kagome. Hate-to-Love romances are a favorite for me. This is well done.  Poor Kagome has the worse day which kept escalating!  Looking forward to more.  Thanks for this update.

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 10) - Tue 18 Oct 2016

Awe how sweet

Annie (Chapter 10) - Tue 18 Oct 2016

Pefect.  I am happy that Rin and Shippo could play together considering the circumstances. I sure hope that Sesshomaru and Kagome can get along.

Treece (Chapter 9) - Tue 11 Oct 2016

This chapter was so magical because I got to see another side to Sesshoumaru as a dad. He was so awesome about helping Shippou, too.  Poor Kagome is trying so hard! Those newspeople sucked!  She did a fabulous job and is still running herself ragged.  As for Kagome and Sesshoumaru,  it will be great once they come together. I think they would compliment one another, the way the plot is going, except the children will be more reasonable about it, and see things sooner. Thanks for this awesome update!  I can't wait to read more.  Until then-

Leahchan13 (Chapter 9) - Mon 10 Oct 2016

Oh I love where this is going~! 

Leahchan13 (Chapter 9) - Mon 10 Oct 2016

Oh I love where this is going~! 

Jennifer (Chapter 9) - Mon 10 Oct 2016

Can't wait until the meeting of the parents :-)


Blommie8 (Chapter 9) - Sun 09 Oct 2016

Violla (Chapter 9) - Sat 08 Oct 2016

Finalmente che bello  non vedo l'ora per il prossimo capitolo. 

FayeMegan (Chapter 9) - Sat 08 Oct 2016

I really like it so far! I hope you up soon!!

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 9) - Sat 08 Oct 2016

Awe I was hoping something like that would happen with Shippo and Rin. I love the homework thing, hopefully that means Shipp will get more help from Sesshy. Yay!!

Koree (Chapter 8) - Mon 03 Oct 2016

Inu papa will be making an appearance !!

Blommie8 (Chapter 8) - Sun 02 Oct 2016

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 8) - Wed 28 Sep 2016

I really like this story. I think the kids are going to play a big part in getting Sessho and Kagome to get that merger and maybe get them to be able to get them to play nice with each other. I like the idea of bringing Toga into the game.

Very nicely written and looking forward to future updates.

Treece (Chapter 8) - Tue 27 Sep 2016

Great job!  I love the idea of Toga coming into the fray.  Can't wait to see how all the threads twist as the tension grows steadier.

Thanks for the update :-)

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