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Kitsune Diva (Chapter 8) - Thu 15 Mar 2018

I I like the story.  I look forward to reading more.

Alesia (Chapter 8) - Mon 11 Dec 2017

I hope you continue 

Tiana+Love (Chapter 5) - Sat 22 Oct 2016

Love it! Keep up the updates I can't wait to see what happens next ;)

Tiana+Love (Chapter 5) - Sat 22 Oct 2016

MythMagykFae (Chapter 8) - Fri 21 Oct 2016

Good luck and work hard! Nice chapter (:

Lori Britt (Chapter 3) - Thu 20 Oct 2016

Wondeful story so far. I have read the reviews and have to agree with many I have read regarding grammar. Otherwise the story is easy to follow and the premise is great. Keep writing! I can't wait to read more about Sess and Kagome.

Saiya (Chapter 8) - Thu 20 Oct 2016

Epic!!!!! La Sad that there Aren't anymore until Christmas. I Hope Life is Treating you Well. Have a Great Two and a Half Months.

Saiya (Chapter 6) - Thu 20 Oct 2016

Hehehehe Rin is Adorable!

Saiya (Chapter 7) - Thu 20 Oct 2016

They are So Cute

LittleRin (Chapter 8) - Wed 19 Oct 2016

Okay.  I understand that you are uncomfortable with the word saw. I'm guessing probably an association with the movies. I had a friend who reacted similarly years ago. 

There are grammatically correct alternatives:

 I have seen

He has seen

 You have seen

What she had seen


ScarletPegasi (Chapter 1) - Wed 19 Oct 2016

This story really has a lot of potential, but personally grammar mistakes ruins the flow for me.


I will continue reading because it is intriguing, though I do suggest you get a beta that can proofread for you, so that you avoid grammar mistakes, and one who can also maybe give some tips on the structure of your storytelling :3


Good luck on further chapters!

Mona (Chapter 8) - Wed 19 Oct 2016

Great but there was some spelling errors.

Alashia (Chapter 7) - Tue 18 Oct 2016

Too funny on Kagome's reaction every time they kiss! I can tell things are definitely going to get heated up real soon. Keep it coming!


Mutnodjmet (Chapter 7) - Tue 18 Oct 2016

Yummy. Nice chapter. I Liked it. Especially the kiss scene. Nice writing job. Will be looking for more chapters and I can't wait for the mating scene. lol

MythMagykFae (Chapter 7) - Tue 18 Oct 2016

Wow comunication issues! I love the bond between Rin and Kagome!

tonya (Chapter 7) - Tue 18 Oct 2016

excellent! please update again soon

Ree-san (Chapter 1) - Tue 18 Oct 2016

I actually don't see why she reacted that way.  One, he's a demon.  Two, in the modern world you receive a ring so that others know you're taken. It's then understood that it wouldn't be appropriate for you to date someone else.  Three, she's thinking about this in kind of an immature way. She should know about how sex works no matter how embarrassed you get.  Especially for someone who was thinking that she's a woman, wanting a family and how dismal her prospects for marriage are.  I know she wants love and everything, but she's in the feudal era where her options are like Sesshoumaru or Sesshoumaru.  But hey, those aren't bad options! :)

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 6) - Tue 18 Oct 2016

I read your first post of this story and really don't see much of a difference except the grammar needs a little work but it does not detract from the story that much. I still love the story and I look forward to your future updates. Just keep it going and write for yourself. Good job.

KEdakumi (Chapter 5) - Tue 18 Oct 2016

Oh dear. .. her temper and his possessive expectations  is something they probably should have discussed first.  *giggle * love it.

KEdakumi (Chapter 3) - Tue 18 Oct 2016

I am tuning out the improper use of some of the grammer,  but I have to say your logic is slightly flawed regarding 'saw'. That's like saying you won't use the word 'meat' because you're a vegetarian,  but will use 'meet' even if it ruins the structure and meaning of your sentence. 

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