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I'm a sucker for Sess/Kag, and also dark drama.


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04/19/2020 16:22:17Re:Looking for a fic, modern, MASearching for a Fic...838
04/19/2020 01:35:48Looking for a fic, modern, MASearching for a Fic...838




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Created On: 08/27/2020 11:19:38

Thanks for your review on Heeling Spirit! I'm glad you are liking it, and I hope to get the next chapter out soon


Created On: 08/12/2020 17:34:43

Thank you for your review to "Prompts." Sorry that it's taken me so long to reply! I'm writing Part II to "The Mansion in Miyagi-Ken" as I write this, so my goal is to get it posted tomorrow


Created On: 07/25/2020 01:49:47

Thank you so much for the review you left on Polar Attraction!

It was super sweet and made my whole evening! I'm so glad to know this story made you smile! I'm so happy to know you enjoyed this story, so thank you again! ^_^

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Created On: 07/23/2020 18:27:47

Thank you for your review to "Prompts." As for all the different storylines: I don't think that's possible. Can you imagine that? I have so much to do already, that I think that's a long shot. Besides, I want these stories to be open-ended so readers can think about what happens on their own.

I hope you enjoy the other "Prompts" stories just as much though!


Created On: 07/22/2020 15:57:43

Thank you for your kind review on Kinsukoroi! I hope you continue to enjoy the future chapters!


Created On: 04/09/2020 09:15:09

Thank you for your review! There’s definitely more to come with the two, hope you’re enjoying the story!

Momo Rei

Created On: 02/10/2020 13:01:16

Thanks for your review on Nocturne!

You know, I can't say I've read The Goblin King. Is that a fanfic, too? I don't read much, if any at all while I'm writing because I get "distracted".

For the Lady Mother, I was actually leaning towards Jareth from Labyrinth (which it sounds like the FF may have been inspired by?). He could never get Hoggle's name right! That's one of my favorite stories/movies.


Created On: 10/16/2019 01:40:50

Thank you for reviewing The Deal with the Yakuza and so sorry I haven't been able to respond to your comment earlier.

Unfortunately, this story is a one shot, so there won't be any continuation for it. While writing it, I didn't much enjoy following a ready script, so I'd just rather focus my limited energies into stories I actually enjoy writing - it's not like I'm running out of WIPs any time soon!

However, if you really enjoyed the story, you should definitely check out Tokyo Crazy Paradise, the manga I based it on!


Created On: 01/15/2019 15:31:16

Thank you for your review on "A New Year's Challenge"! I'm glad you are loving this story so much!

It is now complete and I hope that you will like the rest of it too!


Created On: 11/12/2018 13:47:14
Edited By ~krazy4fluffy~ On: 11/12/2018 14:55:48


Thank you for your kind review on Tear In The Sky. Glad you're having fun already. ^^

P.S. So sorry I stopped there n///n I hope you like what's about to come!

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