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Nile (Chapter 21) - Mon 20 Feb 2017

Really beautiful story. Well done. 

T (Chapter 21) - Mon 20 Feb 2017

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with this ending. It was very fitting for this story. The fact that Kagome didn't just live forever, Session never said I love you but he died from a broken heart. Well done

Lady Amalthea (Chapter 21) - Mon 20 Feb 2017

It's bitterseet, the ending, but if there's always a happy ending, we never really appreciate the love story.  Great read.  Thank you.

Patty (Chapter 21) - Mon 20 Feb 2017

Muy linda historia!! Atrapante hasta el final :)

Nicole (Chapter 21) - Mon 20 Feb 2017

Beautiful story! The end was great everyone has them living till the present but I think this was perfect for the story. 2 thumbs-up!

Sessygurl (Chapter 21) - Mon 20 Feb 2017

Congratulations! I think it was a lovely ending. I love Katai. He was definitely one if my favorites. Kagome definitely didn't lack for children. At least that made her happy. I really enjoyed this story. Thank you.

The-infamous-one (Chapter 21) - Mon 20 Feb 2017

God ,what a way to end it!  My eyes just won't stop leaking lol.  Beautiful story.   Though I'm sad it's over

Lorena (Chapter 21) - Mon 20 Feb 2017

I absolutely did not expect that ending,  but I'm beyond pleased by it. I truly haven't read a clean ending lIke that in a while and despite my sadness that they are both dead,  both the story behind the births and Sesshomaru's bittersweet story made me content enough that I know I can read this multiple times without becoming bored in the future

Darknessdawns (Chapter 21) - Mon 20 Feb 2017

Wow hun, you left me in tears yet again. Honestly, you did really well with this entire story. I enjoyed it from beginning to end, even though I'm not a fan of angst. I didn't truly see anything that needs too much work. You have a style of your own and it will change and evolve as you continue writing. That's about the only thing I can tell you. I'm sure there are better writers than I that can give you better advice. Either way you should do what makes you happy and whatever flows best for you. After all, we're all different. 


I would also like to thank you for writing the story. Though, it was sadder than I generally prefer.  The plot was different from any other I have read, and your original characters were well written. I also, truly enjoyed how you ended the story. You wrapped everything up nicely and even brought me to tears again. I do hope you continue to write more for this pairing. Though I hope the next is happier.

MythMagykFae (Chapter 21) - Mon 20 Feb 2017

How beautiful! I've heard of elderly couples like that, when one goes so too will the other. Its as heartbreaking as it is romantic. Great way to end this!

Cathyrin (Chapter 21) - Mon 20 Feb 2017

It has a completely different and realistic ending. I loved it! 

Miladyknight (Chapter 20) - Thu 16 Feb 2017

Greeting LibraCourt!

I'm waiting impatiently for that next week to come.  "Next week I will be loading the final chapter. Yup, one more and the story is done." Plleease!

Leahchan13 (Chapter 15) - Mon 06 Feb 2017

Aww Inuyasha and his interaction with his new family is very cute!

Brittany Patterson (Chapter 20) - Sun 05 Feb 2017

please finish this's so good 

Puneeti bhomia (Chapter 1) - Sat 04 Feb 2017

It's long when will be a new chapter there 

Puneeti bhomia (Chapter 1) - Sat 04 Feb 2017

It's long when will be a new chapter there 

Koree (Chapter 20) - Fri 03 Feb 2017

Aww i love this story sad to be hearing it will be over soon :( anywho great chap everyone is moving forward 

Puneeti bhomia (Chapter 1) - Fri 27 Jan 2017

Waiting for the new chapter desperately plz do update waiting update it's been so so long plz do update new chapter Ur story is so good 

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 20) - Sun 08 Jan 2017

What???! One more and that's it?! Noo!!! I love this story. Ahhh!!!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 20) - Sat 07 Jan 2017

Wonderful work! I love that they are both working to accomodate the other, both in personailty and culture. I'm so glad Souten finaaly got her intro to Kagome, now thier relationship can be more open! I look forward to the next chapter.

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