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Koree (Chapter 12) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

Baby steps Kags baby steps , great chap

sesshykagslvr (Chapter 12) - Sun 16 Apr 2017

Glad to see you updated this story. I am anxious to see if they can get past this. I have to say I dont understand Sesshoumaru. If he loves Kagome so much and would do anything to get her back, why is he accepting everything so easily? Is there still something with Kagura in some way that causes him not to question this situation or make any attempt at getting to the truth on his own? I would think if he was so desperate to keep Kagome, he would be trying everything under the sun and one of the biggest and most immediate problems is the boy so you would think that would be the first thing he tries to eliminate by proving it's not his.

Just sharing my thoughts. I hope you are able to update again sooner than later.

Oh and Happy Easter!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 12) - Sun 16 Apr 2017

Wonderful chapter! RL can get nuts, good luck with everything and dont worry about timing for posts RL should, and does, come first. (: I look forward to more!

Nicole (Chapter 12) - Sat 15 Apr 2017

Great story!! I can't wait for the next one!!

ladyhikikomori (Chapter 12) - Fri 14 Apr 2017

I think you have a pretty good outline of questions that you created in the first chapter. The questions that Sesshomaru wanted to ask Kagura are the same ones that Kagome needs. Why did he do it, why wasn't Kagome good enough for him (not that she wasn't but she will be having feelings of inferiority from it), why Kagura of all people, why didn't he tell her, how long had it gone on for, was there ever anyone else, etc. Unfortunately for Sesshomaru, his answers will not be good enough. He himself reminded Kagura he was in a relationship multiple times so it's not like he wasn't conscious of the reasons why it would be inappropriate, he continued to engage with Kagura for HOURS, he did to Kagome what he was so hurt by for no reason other than he was horny, he hid it from Kagome and while he did feel a certain about of guilt afterwards it wasn't until he saw Kagura get a message from Naraku and that they were still together that he truly regretted his actions. 


Sesshomaru has broken her trust to such a high degree and the constant reminder of having Malik and Kagura in his life is just too raw for Kagome to heal from while she is at her most vulnerable. His answers will give her a certain level of closure but she will constantly have that doubt in the back of her mind. I'm sure there is a way to have her get back together with Sesshomaru if that's the route you want to take but his answers alone won't be enough to reconcile in a happy and healthy way, they will be enough for Kagome to move on and go her own way. 

Koree (Chapter 11) - Thu 08 Sep 2016

Awww Geez Sessh

MythMagykFae (Chapter 11) - Mon 05 Sep 2016

Fantastic chapter!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 11) - Mon 05 Sep 2016

I think Kagome is forgetting that she and Sessho had just started dating after his break up with Kagura and he still had feelings for Kagura until that night she tricked him into coming over to her house and got him drunk and then took advantage of the situation. Sessho never ejaculated into her. I think at that moment he realized that he did not love her and was done with her. He then started taking his relationship with Kagome more serious and he never cheated on her that whole time except that once. He wanted closure with Kagura and she knew it too. But like I said before, he should have told Kagome the particulars of the incident right after it happened and I believe things would have turned out differently.

Sessho needs to get off his ass and get his own paternity/DNA test before things get too far. Taking Kagura's word and her so called paternity test is a big mistake on Sessho's part. If I were Kagome and if she really loved him I would put my hurt feelings aside for the moment and make him get his own DNA test then make the decision as to what to do. It will all depend on the out come of the test and then talk about it like two adults. By the way how old are these two suppose to be? They are are acting like two teenagers.

Great chapter as usual. Looking forward to more soon.

Debra (Chapter 11) - Mon 05 Sep 2016

Her hurt, words and thoughts are all very real. If he cheated once before they were even married it's very possible he continued to cheat on her and just never got caught. Now Kagome is stuck with that very realization, and it's got to be eating at her. It was also true that it was in very poor taste for Sesshoumaru to have not made Kagura take the boy home that day. He should have known Kagome would at least need some clothes if she wasn't coming home. Plus he had originaly called in sick to talk to Kagome, he could have lied to Kagura and said he was going to work. Unless she was stalking him she wouldn't know he called in. Too much about Kagura and the boy seem off for it not to be a big scam.

Either way Sesshoumaru is really going to have to step up his game if he plans on proving his love and loyalty. It definitely is not going to be easy.

Debra (Chapter 10) - Thu 01 Sep 2016

I still don't think it is likely that the boy is really his. They didn't move away till after they were married, Kagura had plenty of time to tell him early. She is also an awful mother so far. What good mother just dumps her kid on a man that she hasn't seen in years, the day after she tells his wife he has a son. She should have gotten in contact with Sesshoumaru first. Not just shown up with the kid there. Like he said he was hungover. That's a fabulous way to meet your father, when he is depressed and hungover. 

As for Kagome I like that she was thinking of an unbiased friend to stay with. She doesn't want to be pushed into one direction or the other. Something as serious as a cheating husband and if she can trust him again, or live with Kagura and her son in her life from now on are big things. Because if that kid is her husbands than Kagura is going to be in their lives from now on. If she can't handle tthat gold digger's constant presence then it might be better for Kagome to move on.

So many choices to make, turns to take. I really look forward to the coming chapters.

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 10) - Thu 01 Sep 2016

Good chapter. I feel for Kagome, but Sessho needs to get a grip and get his head out of his ass. He needs to start thinking logically about what Kagura said about the paternity test was proof that Malik is his "son" . I do not believe that the kid is his, usually men deny that kids are theirs and not believe what a woman tells him until he has legitimate proof. He knew she was seeing and sleeping with Naraku, he even said that Malik did not look nothing like him but more of Kagura. Sess has strong features like the silver hair and golden eyes, even if the kid was his he would have at least one of those features; either the hair or the eyes. Why did he so readily accept Kagura's word as truth? Why is he not fighting this instead of being a wimp about the whole situation.

Like why did Kagura wait until ten years to show up making her claim and sounding so desperate and easily leaving her son behind the way she did? Did Satori not see the boy and if she did why did she not acknowledge him if he is supposedly her "grandson"? I hope Kagome does not give up on Sessho and give him a chance to explain himself and figure out what Kagura's motives are because oviously she set him up that night.

Great writing and looking forward to more chapters.

Tsuki Ai (Chapter 9) - Wed 17 Aug 2016

I don't believe the baby is his. He never had a release that last night with her. I'm also all but sure that she had sex with Naraku the same day and/or the surrounding days. To those that ask about the paternity test without his involvement, she may have had something that still had his DNA like a brush, toothbrush, etc. I still believe she manufactured the test because he's rich.

Thumbs McGee (Chapter 2) - Wed 17 Aug 2016

Okay, I had to re-read the story and I am so confused.  I get that he cheated but he never came.  And then it takes Kagura almost a decade to show up with "their" son that looks nothing like Sesshomaru and she has a paternity test to prove it???  How???  I love your writing and that you're making me read things repeatedly, I just hope that there are some solid answers soon!!

Mona (Chapter 9) - Tue 16 Aug 2016

I still hope Kagome leaves or files for divorce.  She needs to get to know the real Sesshoumaru not the one who tries to hard because of his unfaithful mistake.  She needs to cut ties with him and maybe they can start anew as friends and co parents, see where that will get them.

Blommie8 (Chapter 9) - Tue 16 Aug 2016

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 9) - Tue 16 Aug 2016

This was a well written good angtsy chapter. I enjoyed reading it, well of course I enjoy the whole story so far. Like I said in a previous review, Sessho should have told Kagome what he did at the beginning of their relationship and Kagome might have been in a forgiving mood then but not so much now.

No one has asked Seesho how does he know it is really his kid. He has not even thought about himself, he knew that Kagura was still sleeping with Naraku at the time. He even called Kagura while Sessho was still sitting on the side of her bed and they were talking like lovers. Was he that dense and stupid that he couldn't put two and two together.I'm talking about Sessho here. If Kagome ever decides to take him back it will a very long time before she ever trusts him again and the dynamics of their relationship will never be the same again either.

Greatjob. Looking forward to more updates soon.

Blommie8 (Chapter 8) - Sun 14 Aug 2016

Debra (Chapter 8) - Tue 09 Aug 2016

This is the first time I've read your story, and it's really good. While I honestly question how reliable a paternity test could be without Sesshoumaru's involvement, the damage is done. The fact that Kagura chose to go to his house during the day when he would most likely be at work proves she did it to hurt Kagome. I can also see where you say this story may not have a happy ending. For anyone having a cheating boyfriend or husband it is heartbreaking, but if the kid is actually his it will be doubly so. I can't imagine the pain of seeing the constant reminder that your husband cheated on you. Then to know that the whore was the one who gave him a kid first. Poor Kagome! I do see her as strong woman though. I can easily imagine her riding over to somewhere, maybe Kikyo's place. I can also see her filing for divorce papers rather quickly. I also loved that you had him know about the baby because it will hurt him more knowing he is missing out on everything he wanted. Especially if he finds out this kid was Naraku's or someone else's and she just went after him for the money or whatever.

Maybe now she will get to go to school like she wanted become more independent. Make a name for her self, and meet someone else. If she ever takes him back it would probably be a long time. Something like this doesn't get worked out in days or even months if ever, maybe years.

Anyway I look forward to your next chapter.

ladyhikikomori (Chapter 1) - Tue 09 Aug 2016

I have to agree that I don't think it is Sesshomaru's child. Kagura waits nine years and then decides that now is the time to let him know he has a kid? Doesn't really make sense, especially when you add up the other pieces. I can't blame Kagome for her reaction and again, I agree with other reviewers that I hope Kagome doesn't just fall back into his arms at the drop of a hat. 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 8) - Tue 09 Aug 2016

Hmm, I don't think that Kagura's child is Sessho's kid. I believe it is Naraku's. The child has black hair and red eyes. It doesn't sound like he has no features of Sessho. Sessho has strong features that at least something of him would show through. I re-read chapter two and didn't he say that they fucked most of the night and he still couldn't get a release and neither could she. I know it doesn't take much for a woman to get pregnant but it sounded like she wanted to set Sessho up for some reason. Maybe she was already pregnant with Naraku's and he rejected her so she had to blame someone. How could she get a paternity test without a sample from Sessho and I believe he didn't give anything, so where did she get it?

Great chapter. Kagome did exactly what I would have done. Go beserk and then run off. Hope she is okay. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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