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Haunting Mistakes by Rlmpcc110511

Unrealistic Happiness

Chapter 1

Unrealistic Happiness

Kagome sat in the soft cushioned chair, her finger tapping against the paintbrush as her hand hovered over the canvas. The painting in front of her was nearly done. It was just missing something, something she couldn’t quite place.

Her head tilted to the side as she looked over the details she had already painted. The flowing strokes that eventually formed a realistic photo of an ocean with a newly-married couple enjoying their first kiss as man and wife.

A client had wanted a painting of their wedding day for their twentieth anniversary. She was finishing a tad bit early for her deadline, but that would only help her in the long run with future customers.

Looking at the sheer love the two shared for one another, Kagome’s mind quickly flew back to her own wedding from seven years ago, and the man she married.

Sesshomaru had been everything she wanted. At first, it was rocky, but she knew that he had just had his heart broken by another woman.

Kagome was Sesshomaru’s younger brother’s best friend during high school, and due to exposure, she had fallen in love with the tall older brother.

Of course, she was the onlooker, watching as Sesshomaru followed after another female. Kagome, being who she was, just simply watched and hoped in silence.

She would never get in the way of someone else’s relationship like that. Cheating was horrible and dishonorable, something she would never condone, or even entertain.

Cheating was the very thing that broke Sesshomaru’s heart when he found Kagura sleeping with Naraku. She had never seen the tall male look so depressed before. He was someone who should never be but the prideful creature she fell in love with.

He was in college at the time, med school. She was still in high school, in her sophomore year, and had gone to visit InuYasha when she saw just how upset Sesshomaru was.

When she offered a shoulder to cry on, she never expected anything from him. She just simply wanted to make sure he was okay, that he knew he had someone to talk to if he wanted it.

Which he didn’t.

At first, he wouldn’t let her in, just shooed her away. But, one night, he just exploded, telling her everything she needed to know, and she used this information to help him to the best of her ability.

It was his first step to healing.

A few months later, almost a year after Kagura’s betrayal, Sesshomaru asked Kagome on a date. She, of course, said yes, not wasting a moment for a chance with the one she had been secretly in love with.

To anyone looking in, they would have thought she was the rebound girl. At first, she very well may have been, with the way he acted towards her.

Cold and distant, blocking off his heart.

It took everything she had to finally get him to let her in again, and after a few months, he did.

He suddenly came home one day, cuddled up to her, and began telling her of himself. They spent hours that night talking about one another, asking questions about each other, and listening to the answers as if their lives depended on it.

After that, they were inseparable. They fell in love quickly, and the day she graduated high school, two years later, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

She, of course, agreed and, both being impatient, were married before she hit her nineteenth birthday. Their wedding was small, just enough for family to see their joining, and it was everything they could have wished for.

By the time they had married, Sesshomaru had graduated from the first part of medical school and gotten a job as a gynecologist.

He always said that, when he chose that profession, he did it to be able see as many feminine parts as possible, encouraged by his brother. By the time he realized that was a mistake, he was a semester away from graduating.

After their wedding, Sesshomaru went back to school for more medical knowledge. By the time he was finished, he had his doctorate. Now, he could basically do anything asked of him.

He was one of the youngest doctors out there, just in his upper twenties, one year away from thirty. He took six classes at a time, pushed himself harder than any others, worked a full-time job, and still took care of Kagome when she needed it.

She had wanted to go to school for fine arts to improve her artistic skills. Sesshomaru told her that, as his wife, she didn’t need to go for higher education. He would provide for her everything that she needed and wanted.

So, now, she was a stay-at-home wife that cooked and cleaned, making sure her husband was just as happy as she was, and painted as a side job to get some extra money.

Not that they needed it. Sesshomaru, being who he was, brought home quite a bit of cash. They weren’t rich, but they wanted for nothing.

They lived in a spacious, two-story log cabin. They were high up on the side of the mountain, not far from InuYasha’s own home and ranch.

She loved it. The peaceful feel of the mountain. The cool breeze when she sat on the front porch, sipping a cup of coffee, Sesshomaru reading beside her on one of his rare days off.

She couldn’t deny how much she loved the male she married, even at a young age. She regretted nothing and wouldn’t change a thing.

A bright smile came to her lips as she heard the front door open, and the very male she was thinking of announced that he was home.

She yelled to him, answering his unspoken question of where she was, just as she put the brush back to the canvas, now knowing exactly what was needed.

Funny how thoughts of her husband could bring her muse back to the front of her mind.

The soft sound of footsteps behind her, the gentle touch of arms wrapping around her waist, and the fleeting kisses to her temple and neck all spoke of the very same love her husband carried for her.

She turned in his grasp, looking into golden eyes that filled with emotion, and before she could welcome him home, his lips descended to hers.

His kiss was filled with affection and need, and she knew he had a hard day at work. There was the rare occasion that he lost a patient, or even a child, and when he did, he was forced to put up a mask.

At least, until he could get home and take it off.

When he pulled away, leaning his forehead against hers, Kagome set down her paintbrush and turned fully to him.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked, pointing towards the couch on the other side of her art room.

He held out a hand as an answer, and she gingerly placed hers in his. She could feel her long obsidian hair rubbing against the small of her back, the tank top she had on raising to show her midriff.

She followed him to the couch, his hand holding on to hers, and when he sat himself down before laying back, she climbed over him, wedging herself between the warm male she loved and the cold leather of the back of the couch.

Her hand found its way under his shirt, the tips of her fingers trailing against his skin, causing the muscle to jump, all while she laid her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

“There was an older male, mid-seventies.” Sesshomaru started, his deep voice rumbling in her ear as his arm wrapped around her in a tight embrace. “It was cancer. He could have received treatment long ago, but he refused, stating that he wouldn’t leave his family behind with medical debts. Not when they already had so much to worry about.”

“That was sweet of him. He chose to die for his family. I assume he was happy when the time came?” Kagome asked, tilting her head up to look at her husband’s sharp chin.

“Indeed. He was smiling, surrounded by his family as he took his last breath. He had a total of five children, and twelve grandchildren, all in the small room. One of the last things he said was he was happy to be joining his wife. That she had been waiting for him.”

“He missed her. I can understand that.” Kagome replied, her mind going to her long-dead father. Sesshomaru kissed her forehead, knowing exactly where her mind had gone, offering the only amount of support he could.

“It was beautiful.”

“I don’t understand why you are so upset.” Kagome admitted. It was then that his arm tightened around her again, and she knew that wasn't what was bothering him.

“A woman came in today, early labor. She was only six months along. Infants have a small survival rate at such a premature age, but it is uncommon. This particular infant was stillborn. I tried what I could, but she was gone before she even had a chance to breathe air. In fact, the child was most likely dead for a few days before her mother’s body tried to rid itself of her.” Sesshomaru sighed, pausing to swallow before he continued.

“The mother was hysterical, forced to be sedated just so she could recover properly, all while I handed her dead infant to a crying nurse. I said nothing, simply just leaving the nurses to do what was needed after my job was done.”

“Sesshomaru, you know it wasn’t your fault. You even said that the child was most likely gone before the woman came to you.” Kagome sniffled, wiping away a small tear. She always had a kind heart, even for strangers. “Also, as a doctor, you aren’t expected to give emotional support. You are expected to make sure your patient is healthy, and the mother is. She will heal with time.”

“Why is it so hard for me to comfort anyone other than you?” Sesshomaru asked, looking down at his little wife.

“Because you protect yourself, and comforting others could potentially lead to you getting hurt. Sesshomaru, there is nothing wrong with how you are. Besides, you’re a lot better at it now than you were while still in college. You’re learning.” Kagome soothed.

It was silent for a moment as Sesshomaru rubbed his large hand over Kagome’s arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps. No matter what was wrong with him, she could fix it.

“Rin has decided that she wishes to have her birthday party here.” He announced, making Kagome chuckle.

“Does that surprise you? You know how she feels about her big brother.” Kagome laughed, leaning up on Sesshomaru and flipping a leg over his waist, straddling him as she kissed his neck.

His hand instantly went to her thick hair, his fingers gripping it tightly. Kagome’s only reply was a groan as her teeth nipped at his sensitive skin.

“I’ll make you forget.” She whispered, grinding her hips against his growing erection.

“Indeed you will, Love.”

“Oh! I almost forgot!” Kagome shouted, sitting up from a disappointed Sesshomaru. He really just wanted her lips back on his skin.

“I have a doctors appointment in a few days.” She reminded, chuckling at Sesshomaru’s huff.

“I do not understand why you need such a thing when you have me. What is it for?” He asked, closing his eyes as Kagome finally began to tease his flesh again.

“Just my yearly check-up. Nothing serious.” She whispered against his neck, her hands beginning to unbutton his shirt.

Sesshomaru groaned, loving the way her teasing fingers seemed to ignite his blood. “I do believe I can definitely be of assistance in that department.”

“I don’t think you could remain professional, my dear Sesshomaru.” She teased, laughing as he sat up abruptly, wrapping his arms around her waist and burying his face between two plump breasts.

One hand pulled down her tank top, revealing full and perfect breasts that seemed to scream for his touch, peaked with puckered dark pink tips. He, of course, would oblige.

“I do think we should put this to the test, don’t you?”

The last thing heard was giggling as Kagome suddenly became a patient and her doctor husband looked over every inch of her body, making sure not to miss a thing, even going as far as to double check.


                This story is going to be my way of working on angst. Which means not everything is going to be all bunnies and butterflies. (Sorry, wren210, I’m stealing that line forever.) It will start off great, then become horrible, and truthfully, I don’t know how this story will end yet. It may have a happy ending. It may not. I normally always do a happy ending, but because I am working on my angst, that may change. I’ll just have to see. I hope you enjoy.

                I do not own InuYasha. 


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