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KShadeslady (Chapter 288) - Sun 22 Jul 2018

I always feel bad for Inuyasha in this circumstance. I hope she’s kind to him and doesn’t put him in a bad situation. Nice update. 

Alex (Chapter 287) - Fri 13 Jul 2018

Chapter 535?

KShadeslady (Chapter 287) - Thu 12 Jul 2018

Ah...Sigh...5 chapters! You are forgiven! Wonderful updates. Sometimes you just need a little push. Thanks  so much. 

MythMagykFae (Chapter 287) - Wed 11 Jul 2018

Nice update! I'm loving the relationship between the Lady Mother and Kagome!!!

FireDragon (Chapter 287) - Wed 11 Jul 2018

that was indeed an awesome update. though it has been a while. LOL thanks for not leaving us to languish without updates forever. I do enjoy reading this story

Alesia (Chapter 286) - Thu 21 Jun 2018

Keep going please it's a very interesting  story 

LadyNita (Chapter 286) - Tue 19 Jun 2018


alice (Chapter 285) - Tue 19 Jun 2018

This story is such a pleasure to read, thank you!

KShadeslady (Chapter 285) - Fri 15 Jun 2018

Very nice encounter! Saori sees a lot. Hopefully Kags will feel more at ease with her. Wonderful update. Thanks so much!

Sessygurl (Chapter 285) - Fri 15 Jun 2018

Yay! Blessings.

LadyNita (Chapter 284) - Thu 14 Jun 2018

I need more, more of this story! I read this entire thing in a day!!!!

So wonderful!!!!

Loveyaa (Chapter 284) - Mon 11 Jun 2018

Let the fun times begin! Little bird has returned. I wonder when her bow and arrow present will come into play. I can't wait to see what happens next :) Soak in all the praise. You deserve it!

KShadeslady (Chapter 284) - Sun 10 Jun 2018

Oh, I always love Mama Inu! I think she makes even Sessh a bit uncertain about his next breath. Cheers! Wonderful update! Thanks so much!

Sessygurl (Chapter 284) - Sun 10 Jun 2018

I cannot wait to see if his mother reacts the same way as she did when Kagome was little.

missmonsters2 (Chapter 283) - Mon 04 Jun 2018

I read this all in one go and it’s amazing and I’m so glad you’re still updating this !!!! I seriously just made an account so I could leave you a review. Best character portrayals of all time !!!

Chopsticks (Chapter 283) - Wed 16 May 2018

I have been reading since a single spark over 15 Years now??? Anyways, the popularity of the site diminished and I noticed there was no really good stories being made anymore so I have just started reading old fics. Imagine my surprise that you are still updating in May 2018! Keep it up, I can’t wait to see how the story ends. I’m really excited for some more romantic scenes ! What happed to the marriage proposal?? cant wait for that to come up!

Loveyaa (Chapter 283) - Mon 14 May 2018

Oh goodness...all the meaning in that statement. Why would he go through all that Kagome to let you fall. Unless its in love with him. I wonder if she will realize that she loves flying. I'm really excited to see the reunion between Lady Mother and Kagome. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

KShadeslady (Chapter 283) - Thu 03 May 2018

Of course she does.  And no he won’t. Lovely...Thanks for updating. Cheers!

Sessygurl (Chapter 283) - Tue 01 May 2018

Love this story so much!

princess of the western lands (Chapter 283) - Tue 01 May 2018

This is getting good. I wonder if Inukimi's able to let kagome get a glimpse of her memories? 


Update soon onegai 


Ja ne 

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