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FireDragon (Chapter 237) - Fri 28 Apr 2017

so sad he lost his arm still but I guess that makes sense.  he is so awesome he hardly needs it but will you still restore it when he gets Bakusaiga? (SP?) I hope you do.

Sessygurl (Chapter 237) - Fri 28 Apr 2017

Aww. I love this story.

Darknessdawns (Chapter 236) - Tue 25 Apr 2017

What a wonderful update. I really enjoyed your changes to the tomb fight and can't wait to read more.Inuyasha


Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 236) - Mon 24 Apr 2017

OMG!! This is crazy. I like how youre keeping it close to the original story, but I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves! Yay, Rin!! :D

l'-'jj (Chapter 236) - Mon 24 Apr 2017

Chapter 419: Neither would come to harm (you're using double negative, so the meaning is opposite to what you intended; also, this is gonna mess up your word count)

Chapter 420: I do believe that the encounter with Rin happened later, when Inuyasha dicovered the windscar. But that was canon, you have your own artistic licence. And you probably know it too.

Nice read, as usual, I do enjoy these updates.

Jean (Chapter 236) - Mon 24 Apr 2017

Wonderful update, I love how you have changed it just enough to work with your story and stay true to the original. Can't wait for the next chapter!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 236) - Sun 23 Apr 2017

Nope, Rin! Wonderful chapter, I'm glad Kagome is starting to remember. Its wonderful how close to cannon you're keeping the scenes, the little changes make a huge difference and its dso fun to read and see them!

FireDragon (Chapter 236) - Sun 23 Apr 2017

awesome I am guessing he didn't use the all mother either that was pretty low. so she won't have as much to forgive. loving it and looking forward to more.

Izzy (Chapter 236) - Sun 23 Apr 2017

I'm not crying there's onions in my room

inuGoddess (Chapter 236) - Sun 23 Apr 2017

OMG!!!  She's remembering!!!  I need more!!!! 

KShadeslady (Chapter 236) - Sun 23 Apr 2017

That was squee worthy!! Thank you X3! Loving seeing this from his side and a bit of Kagomes too.

Natalia (Chapter 236) - Sun 23 Apr 2017

Ha Finally! Rin is here as well! He is so selfless! I wonder how will kagome act now! Can't wait for more! Thx for updating!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 235) - Sat 22 Apr 2017

Poor Sesshomaru, hes just trying to get INu a sword to protect Kagome!

KShadeslady (Chapter 235) - Sat 22 Apr 2017

LOL! Yes it would! Very nice update. Thanks. 

Darknessdawns (Chapter 234) - Fri 21 Apr 2017

Looks like our dear Sesshoumaru-sama has already figured everything out. 


KShadeslady (Chapter 234) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

Interesting to see what the enigmatic Lord of the West is thinking. Since we were rarely privy to his thoughts, this is working well with your story. Nice!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 234) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

Keep trying Sesshomaru!

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 233) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

Thank you so much for the shout out! It really means a lot. This chapter was really good and I can't wait to see what happens next, it's about to get crazy!

Natalia (Chapter 234) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

That makes so much sense! And he is so understanding! I just love how you look deeper into his motives and character! An amazing job! Thx for updating!

Darknessdawns (Chapter 233) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

Welcome back! I hope your school stuff went well. I'm super excited to hear there is more coming for this story soon. As always this chapter was interesting, we finally know Naraku's reaction about Kagome. I for one can't wait to see more.


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