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Susy V (Chapter 219) - Mon 23 Jan 2017

This story is one of the only ones that I keep up with completely. I just love how you write Sessh And where You're taking this.

InuLuna of The Moon (Chapter 151) - Mon 23 Jan 2017

ROFL Oh my gosh so cute, fluffly, and light. I love it!

InuLuna of The Moon (Chapter 147) - Mon 23 Jan 2017

Wow Awh man I just had to keep reading till here. Awesome story so far! And I thought you might want to know,


"She jumped from his lip, holding her hand out to him."

lol I couldn't resist replying. Hope you found the lip of amusement ^-^

KShadeslady (Chapter 219) - Mon 23 Jan 2017

Aww...that is so sweetly sad. He is one very loyal dog demon. Can't wait for the fireworks to kick in. Cheers! Thanks for updating. 

Lady Silver Moon (Chapter 219) - Mon 23 Jan 2017


I know I already told you thia, but I have to do it again... I love this.

I absolutely love it!!! You're amazing! 

Every time, I just want to read more and more of this fascinating story!!


Read you soon!

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 219) - Mon 23 Jan 2017

I just want to say I am in love with this story and i like how you showed sesshomaru becoming the way he is, being the stoic, ruthless Lord of the West. I can't wait to see how you play out Kagome coming back through the well. I'm in such anticipation!! 

Leahchan13 (Chapter 218) - Mon 23 Jan 2017

Oh dear~! What will happen now! Q.Q

KShadeslady (Chapter 218) - Sun 22 Jan 2017

Really nice chapter  I figured there was going to be some kind of time discontinuity involved. Thanks for the update!

Fiona (Chapter 218) - Sun 22 Jan 2017

Ahhhhh, I started reading this last night and I'm DYING to know what happens next!!! ;-;

Fiona (Chapter 183) - Sun 22 Jan 2017

Isn't Kagome nine here though? I thought so, giving how many times she has visited Sess. Bleh, I've stayed up all night reading this so I'm probs wrong xDD

Loveyaa (Chapter 218) - Sat 21 Jan 2017

Yay! It kinda made sense, but your explanation is what really helps it make sense. It must sometimes be hard trying to figure out how to get everything across in little snippets. But we thank Midoriko for her gift and can't wait for all to be right in the world. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

lonny (Chapter 218) - Sat 21 Jan 2017

Waiting for that ten chapters update!  ????????????????. ???


dxlmao (Chapter 218) - Sat 21 Jan 2017

Reviewing again to ask a quick, dumb question, did Naraku make himself forget too??? I mean that would be kind of dumb because then he won't ever get to gloat over his victory.

dxlmao (Chapter 218) - Sat 21 Jan 2017

Wow, yes, that makes so much more sense. If you'de have left it like that and not explained it, I'd have had an anurysm, but anywho, poor Sesshomaru! Will he wait by the well this coming year? Or will it follow canon and Kagome will find Inuyasha? OMG, if you make this a love triangle I will love you to the ends of the earth! Like, Kagome meets and begins falling in love with Inuyasha like normal but BAM there's Sesshomaru! and Kagome begins to remember her love for him. Wow, I would love to see that play out.

Infidel (Chapter 214) - Fri 20 Jan 2017

Shesshomaru is so loyal.  I adore your portrayal of him.  Love this story.

MythMagykFae (Chapter 218) - Fri 20 Jan 2017

So thats how she returns... Yay for Midoriko!

Loveyaa (Chapter 217) - Fri 20 Jan 2017

I'm wondering how you're gonna close the loop and have everything fit together. I bet I'm more anxious than Sesshoumaru. Put us both out of our misery. I can't wait too see what happens next :)

KShadeslady (Chapter 217) - Fri 20 Jan 2017

Poor Sessh. That's so sad. Thanks so much for the lovely update. 

Manny (Chapter 217) - Wed 18 Jan 2017

I didn't think I'd ever do it, but I binge-read this fic (even though it's ongoing)! it's really impressive how few words it takes to convey everything needed each chapter - I can't wait for there to be more chapters!

Sessygurl (Chapter 217) - Wed 18 Jan 2017

Aww poor Sesshoumaru.

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