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Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 204) - Tue 13 Dec 2016

Omg! im in so much suspense! I wonder who it could be? I'm not going to guess because I'm really bad at it lol! can't wait until your next update. 

Elizabeth (Chapter 204) - Tue 13 Dec 2016

Oh my gosh, that's when it will happen. She will likely get injured, lose her memories and upon returning home become a "normal" girl unaware. Oh gosh. Could this be also when Onigumo is burned beyond recognition ? Oh lol from acid? Ssshoumaru's acid as he tris to protect Kagome but fails somehow...oh goodness! the timeline might fit, really. She would be what, 12? Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh....

MythMagykFae (Chapter 204) - Mon 12 Dec 2016

Onigumo? Interesting updates!

Tana_san (Chapter 203) - Mon 12 Dec 2016

curiouser and curiouser...I must be coming online more often now. Christmas seems to be a good time for catching up on stories, ne?

You are doing a marvelous job. Kudos for adding the extra chapters all at one time!!!!



KAggie (Chapter 200) - Mon 12 Dec 2016

I can't believe that it's already been a year! Happy anniversar! :D I'm super excited about the development of this story now that Kagome knows she's a miko. And I'm glad Sesshoumaru's mother was so receptive in the long run. Can't wait till Christmas!

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 203) - Mon 12 Dec 2016

Great chapter!

Crazykenz (Chapter 203) - Mon 12 Dec 2016

Oh look here comes conflict! That's going to be fun. Face the rage of Sesshomaru-sama!

Crazykenz (Chapter 203) - Mon 12 Dec 2016

Oh look it's kouga! That's going to be fun. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 203) - Sun 11 Dec 2016

There is about to be evil afoot! Thanks for updating! 

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 202) - Sun 11 Dec 2016

Oh, no!! I can't wait o see what happens next. i love your story

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 201) - Sun 11 Dec 2016

YAY!! They are so cute(:

MythMagykFae (Chapter 202) - Sat 10 Dec 2016

Wonderful updates! I love this story, and I'm glad you are feeling better!

Elizabeth (Chapter 202) - Sat 10 Dec 2016

Oh! Is that supposed to be Onigumo? This should be interesting! Can't wait for your next update!

AlexisNight (Chapter 202) - Sat 10 Dec 2016

Ahhahahaha yes steal kagome but be prepared to face the wrath of one of the primary cardinal demon lords of Japan 

KShadeslady (Chapter 202) - Fri 09 Dec 2016

Dun Dun Dun...and the plot thickens. Looking forward to more! Thanks so much for the update!

Sessygurl (Chapter 201) - Fri 09 Dec 2016

That was very sweet. Do you think he will explain what priestesses can do to demons?

KShadeslady (Chapter 201) - Fri 09 Dec 2016

Aw...sweet ending to a very interesting day. I love how Sessh is so Sessh but not...all at the same time. Thanks so much!

anna1989 (Chapter 201) - Fri 09 Dec 2016

Omgggg!!! I can't wait to read future chaps !!!!!!!!!!  thank you thank you thank you.. Are awesome 

Amanda Loveridge (Chapter 200) - Thu 08 Dec 2016

I'm so excited!!! I cant wait to hind out what happens. Usually these 100 word chapters don't keep my interest but I have been hooked for months. Keep up the work derful work.

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 200) - Wed 07 Dec 2016

I have been reading this enchanting story from the beginning but I have never posted a review until now. I hope you are doing much better health wise and whatever it was that caused you so much pain and illness, I hope it will never plague you again. That will be my wish for you for the coming new year of 2017.

I am so looking forward to know how this all plays out when Kagome meets up with her destiny. All the years that she has been going back and forth between the past and her future, I am curious to see if she will maintain her memories if Tori will train her and by the time when she reaches age 15 she should be trained enough to handle herself when the hunt for the jewel shards start or will she forget that also. I wonder what will cause her to forget and I hope she remembers before it will be too late. I think Sessho will at some point fall deeply in love with her but I also think that her lost memories of their history together will be what causes him to become very cold hearted.

I just wish this was a full length chapter story. It is enthralling and fascinating but it is an enjoyable read regardless of the style. You are doing an excellent job in writing it and I like it very much.  Stay well.  :)

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