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hana sora (Chapter 4) - Sun 22 Nov 2015

Wow. . I love it. . Keep it coming!!

halfpastfive (Chapter 4) - Sat 21 Nov 2015

loving everything so far!

Mona (Chapter 4) - Sat 21 Nov 2015

Awesome update... I wonder what their next encounter will be like.

Mona (Chapter 3) - Thu 19 Nov 2015

Awesome sauce, can't wait to read more.

hana sora (Chapter 3) - Thu 19 Nov 2015

Please this is a good story but i dont want a moment when they are feels sad or something like your other story. . I want an adventures on this story!! Yep keep it coming!!

hana sora (Chapter 2) - Wed 18 Nov 2015

Wow it is just like sword art online. . Please keep it coming!! Love it. .

Fyrelilly (Chapter 2) - Wed 18 Nov 2015

Wow this brought me back to all of those wonderful MMORPG's I used to play!  Wish there was something new to immerse myself into, sigh.  Of course while virtural reality sounds cool, a Sword Art Online scenerio doesn't have the same appeal....

Good story, very interested :)

Thank you for posting it.

Naiadine (Chapter 2) - Wed 18 Nov 2015

Hello! Interesting tie-in with the VR game concept. Is this by any chance inspired by Sword Art Online? The flow is pretty good so far; I enjoy all the gaming references quite a fair bit. Hehe. 

One thing though. Kagome's handle name should be "Torikago" if you are going for "birdcage". "Torikage" would mean "bird's shadow" in literal sense. Hope that helps!

halfpastfive (Chapter 1) - Tue 17 Nov 2015

yay I enjoy these kind of stories immensely! since I play games too. update soon :D

Mona (Chapter 1) - Tue 17 Nov 2015

Interesting, the first chapter was great, Kagome seems to be the loner nerd and Sesshoumaru his typical self.  I can't wait to read update and also a new chapter for Intertwined.

Redleopord (Chapter 1) - Tue 17 Nov 2015

I'm not a gamer, but my son is so I know the basic  ends and outs of the virtual world. Great start to what I'm sure will be a fantastic story. You could go in so many directions with this. Can't wait to see what path you lead us down. 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Tue 17 Nov 2015

This story sounds faascinating and maybe fun to reaad. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us readers. So far so good. Well update soon.

You are off to a good start and well done.

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