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Koree (Chapter 12) - Tue 10 Apr 2018

Great chap !!

kaoruhana (Chapter 12) - Wed 10 Jan 2018

I stumbled across your story the other day, and I just could not put it down.  It's a little scary thinking about the virtual reality portion of the game, but it sounds really intersting.  I like how you've created a story within a story and can't wait to read more.  I especially can't wait to see what happens when reality and virtual reality collide!  

Mia (Chapter 12) - Tue 09 Jan 2018

Yay! A new chapter!

sesshykagslvr (Chapter 6) - Mon 08 Jan 2018

I am loving this! Makes me want to play WOW again. You have me immersed as if in the game and i'm loving their thoughts as they grow in their game characters! Great job!

Cheyanna (Chapter 12) - Mon 08 Jan 2018

Oh my gosh! I’m so hyped up to read more!!! I’d totally play this game if I could too. Can’t wait till you update!!!!

The-infamous-one (Chapter 12) - Mon 08 Jan 2018

Yeeeessss! Ive been waiting forevr!

Kanda (Chapter 11) - Sun 30 Jul 2017

i am sad... because i've come to the last chapter and there is no update! omg, this story is so fun to read and YER IN JAPAN!!! lucky! that's one of the places i really really really wanna go to!! agh! >.< not only a great author but in japan! *wipes tear* i can't wait for an update! can't wait for another play session. hey! will kagome get a mount, too? IVE PLAYED BLADE AND SOUL! its fun! i have a summoner. sadly, i haven't played much, no internet atm. qq i hope to start playing again once i do, though! i'm like kagome in that i don't pay attention to much of the mechanics like other players, i just try to have fun and not let other things distract me from the gameplay, because then all that stuff just makes it feel stifling and i tend to lose interest. anyway, see you at the next update! 

Kanda (Chapter 10) - Sun 30 Jul 2017

yaaaaaas!! there's just something about killing a large mob successfully like that! sometimes time just seem to zap by, fr fr. 

Kanda (Chapter 7) - Sun 30 Jul 2017

d'aw, poor sesshoumaru! dont worry, i could only answer a few myself! XD

Kanda (Chapter 6) - Sun 30 Jul 2017

right! why you do this? i really wanna play this game now, too! XD

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 1) - Sun 22 Jan 2017

I really wish you would update this one... it's one of my favorite stories of all time 

Koree (Chapter 11) - Fri 01 Jul 2016

Lol both are having a bad day , maybe they'll mention it to each other while playing FP & realize they met

KouseiJL (Chapter 11) - Sun 22 May 2016

I had to admit, I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I started to read, but I'm really hooked! I myself spent way too much time in Ragnorak Online and love Sword Art Online, so your concept really caught me! It really makes me want to go waste a ton of time on RO again. :) 

    Thank you for the great read; I look forward to more!  Enjoy your time in Japan! 



Leaora (Chapter 11) - Sat 21 May 2016

Oh, Alon!!! How I have missed you! I am glad that you have settled comfortably and decided to update for your loyal fans.

Mona (Chapter 11) - Fri 20 May 2016

Your back!  Awesome update, hope to read another chapter soon.

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 11) - Fri 20 May 2016

So glad you updated this. Really really love this story.

JVe (Chapter 10) - Fri 20 May 2016

Curios, why do you continue to call Korral Priest is the character is female?  Shouldn't she be called Priestess.

Harleypool (Chapter 11) - Fri 20 May 2016

Welcome back. Hope you're enjoying Japan! Can't wait for more of Fools Paradise! I love this story so much. 

hana sora (Chapter 11) - Fri 20 May 2016

You are back. . Keep it coming!!!

Katrina Kee (Chapter 10) - Sat 13 Feb 2016

This story makes me want to play the virtual reality game! I see sooo many possibilities out there! From having a intimate encounter to a nice relaxing vacation in a time or place so far away. (sigh) Too bad there isn't a virtual reality game out there yet!

I can't wait for Sess and Kags to meet in the flesh! I wonder.....I am sure that someone will have their toes stepped on during that meeting ha ha!

I wonder why the game master was only at a level 60. Especially since other players seem to be reaching around level 35 or so fairly quickly. I would think they woud be at an almost unattainable level like 1000 or so... Well, level 60 to players around level 8 is pretty high anyway.

Go game master! It makes me think of the dungeon master. I also see certain similarities between the players and Inuyasha characters. Songo, Shippo, Rin and Miroku have been introduced. Now I wonder if Sess and Kags will meet up with Inuyasha yet. After all, he did say that he was at level 30 in the game, so I wonder if Sesshomaru will soon overtake him and, if so, Inuyasha will be sooo jealous!

I personally want to see Sess kick his butt in the game! Inuyasha just seems a bit immature and spoiled here!


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