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Mona (Chapter 8) - Fri 08 Jan 2016

Awesome!!!  Like how you wrote more about their in the real world for them.  Looking forward to next chapters.

hana sora (Chapter 7) - Thu 24 Dec 2015

take your time, but dont forget to update this story, :)

Koree (Chapter 7) - Mon 21 Dec 2015

This story is so creative lol it's amazing :)

sesshomarusama33 (Chapter 7) - Thu 17 Dec 2015

Wow, I love this story! I haven't read anything like it, I have to say! I can't wait to read more! 

Lazurite (Chapter 7) - Thu 17 Dec 2015

Hm... Why is his insight so high already?

Lazurite (Chapter 6) - Thu 17 Dec 2015

This should be interesting.

Mona (Chapter 7) - Thu 17 Dec 2015

Awesome update, looking forward to reading more.  

Hope you have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.  Also, wishing you safe travels.

Lazurite (Chapter 4) - Thu 17 Dec 2015

Not even Pokemon! That was funny.

Lazurite (Chapter 3) - Thu 17 Dec 2015

That was awesome. Sesshoumaru is pretty funny. I never would have pictured him in an RPG.

CarmMeldoll (Chapter 7) - Thu 17 Dec 2015

As a WoW player and lover of all things RPG and Sesshoumaru, this is an awesome story!  I feel like I am in game with them during their quests and events.  Awesome story telling!!

Sanu Wolff (Chapter 6) - Fri 27 Nov 2015

Honestly this reminds me of Dream of Mirror Online, I haven't played it in a while due to school and work but it is similar in some aspects of your story.

hana sora (Chapter 6) - Thu 26 Nov 2015

Wohoo keep it coming!!

Fyrelilly (Chapter 6) - Thu 26 Nov 2015

Thank you for the fix! I've always enjoyed groups and solo play, but raids never fit into my lifestyle,  being very lengthy with a small chance of reward at least in the earlier games.  I can't imagine Sesshomaru being in a raid unless he was leading it.

The-infamous-one (Chapter 6) - Thu 26 Nov 2015

I think I'm actually going to go through withdrawal. I'm loving the story line, it's dynamic and it's been a looooooong time since ive read one like this. 

Leaora (Chapter 3) - Wed 25 Nov 2015

I am loving this! I am a gamer girl and I would totally play Fool's Paradise the way you've written it.

Karichan (Chapter 5) - Mon 23 Nov 2015

I like how you wrote this story! Its so interesting! I play rpg's and i like the concept you habe for this. Keep it up my friend!

Sanu Wolff (Chapter 5) - Mon 23 Nov 2015

Gah I wanna grind my games now XD

Fyrelilly (Chapter 5) - Mon 23 Nov 2015

Gah this story is killing me's so good I want to play again! It's been two years or more since I felt like playing an MMORPG....

Naiadine (Chapter 5) - Mon 23 Nov 2015

Oh my, this is so much fun! My inner gamer is undoubtably very pleased! Would be fun to see some form of charged attack or special skill set from both Kagome and Sesshoumaru. Hehehe :B

And nice name handling for Shippo. Clever of you to use the Chinese pronunciation of his name! Looking forward to future chapters ;)


Anon (Chapter 5) - Mon 23 Nov 2015

Sooo goooooddddd. All this adventure stuff makes me so happy! Update soon! 

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