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1/2/2016: Happy New Years guys I hope you all had a good end of the year, I may have forgotten about this site a little bit lol. Nothing was wrong with my internet and no I didn't have writer's block I took a break then went back to writing my own stories so yeah. :D


Same day: At the moment looks like the city is leaving the internet alone, or power either way I may be in the clear so I'll just go work on an update. Of course it's really windy so if the power goes out because of a storm at least I'll be back :D.

11-18/2015:(Just heard my internet is being threatened and there isn't much I can do about it in the area I live in it's not the middle of nowhere but it's not highly populated either. I should be able to come back but I won't know if I can update or not I guess into later. So if I just don't come back for a while that's why. I hope the city workers stop being a pain but if not it's been fun right? I'll check back and let you know more.)


I was able  to get on but still not too sure about my ability to update, now it wouldn't matter if I could move somewhere with stable internet but as I'm stuck where I am changes in the net are just an issue for me. I'm glad so many have been supportive and enjoyed my stories, I like the freedom of writing as I see fit I mean as I said I can't please everyone, no writer can there are just so many readers with different views that hard to please. Still I like to try and get as many as I can, so thanks to those who comment, or message me, or just come back and read silently it's always nice to know that someone appreciates what I work on. It's a hobby, what can I say :D


You know something I've learned that I was thinking about? I have gotten over it, I don't take it personal when someone is rude or tells me that they don't like what I've written. I can officially say that I know my weaknesses and point out what's important, which is writing a lot to work on my problems. So you know if you've come across a story or all of them and don't like it because you think I'm terrible I still appreciate you stopping by. If you do like what I write then thanks sug' it means a lot, stick around for more stories. Glad that I got that off my chest you know? :D


I'm a fairly random person, my mind tends to race in a way that makes stories pop in and out at random, so I'm all over the place. I like to write AU and OOC, I pick AU not because I want to avoid the real story but because I like the freedom. I use OOC because let's face it, they're not my characters it would be easy to make a mistake with them once in a while, especially when I haven't seen the series in a while.

I'm here to just have fun and maybe practice on some things that might be a little too much out of my comfort zone. Not really looking for critique, I know gasp right?, this is because I've learned from the time I've spent writing that while compliments are nice, and helpful hints can be...helpful lol, I can't do much about pleasing every single reader I may get. Now this is fine that's just realistic but we're on the internet and we all know when some readers, or people in general aren't pleased they tend to attack. So I hope you enjoy what I write, and if not I'm sure you'll find something better suited to your tastes. Thanks for reading :D


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Hey let's be random together!




Erm I can't think of anything right now but it'll come to me :P

I was really surprised by how active the readers are, I just want to say I appreciate reviews, thank you to all who take the time to write them. I will say this, if you happen to leave a longer one, it's not that I don't care if I don't respond, but some of you have some detailed questions and I don't want to spoil anything. Just trust me maybe you'll like things as they move along :P


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Moonlight Silk

Created On: 11/20/2015 22:26:04

It will take time to repair a broken relationship. Thanks for reviewing MBSL!
Feedback from RedDestiny92: yes it always does, sure thing

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 10/19/2015 11:29:29

Thanks for reviewing Life Lessons, I am pleased that you find it exciting even with the errors. lol!!!
Feedback from RedDestiny92: You know I just clicked Wall and saw this lol, no problem, it was great


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You are so Awsome
Feedback from RedDestiny92: I should check my wall more often lol, thanks you're awesomer..and yes I call that a word


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You Should Get An Award for how fast you UpDate and By How fast you post new storys.
Feedback from RedDestiny92: I do have time to spare, might as well use it, though I don't think I've done anything award worthy.

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