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My name is Holly and I love Sesshomaru /Kagome pairings. Right now I'm mostly just an avid reader, but I do have a couple story ideas floating around inside my head. Hopefully, one day I'll get it together enough to actually write something worth reading.

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Clandestine Rendezvous Ch.1 pg.3
“I fell in love with the way u touched me”
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What're you looking at.
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Created On: 04/21/2017 15:00:33

Hi Holly!
And thank you for your review on Miscellany's latest one shot 'A Leap of Faith'!

I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much, but unfortunately I have no plans to continue it. I'm sorry to disappoint, but I just have my hands full with uni and the fic projects I'm already working on; adding a third on-going chapter story to the mix would just tip the balance I've precariously built. Again, I'm so sorry.

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