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I live in Florida, North Central to be exact, on the Suwannee River in the middle of no where.  we have 2 dogs, 7 cats,3 turtles, and a hamster, and 2 saltwater aquariums.I have been married for going on 21 years this July. I am the parent of three kids and one grandchild, and another is on the way.  I am from Northern Virginia originally the Streets of DC were my playground, I met my hubby when I was a senior in high school, we both were volunteer firefighters at rival stations, I had to give up firefighting several years ago because I found out I have an undiagnosed heart condition. It sucks, but oh well.


Sesshoumaru and Kagome are my fav pairing, I only read them and crossovers with other shows. I can't really tolerate Inuyasha and Kagome stories because I feel that he has been to bad to her, and he has had his chance and lost it. My fav crossover pairing is Kagome/Kurama, and Kagome/ Itachi, I also love Kagome/Hiei.

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In order to protect their females from the threat of The Vampire Clans,the Demon council sent them to be hidden among the humans. Now the time has come for the hidden ones to come home.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 02 Feb 2010  -  Updated: 05 Feb 2010
Genre: Action, Drama, Friendship, Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 5  -  Reviews: 13  -  Words: 12,687  -  Reads: 8,895
What happens when a 5 yr old Kagome ask\'s her older brother\'s friend to marry her when she grows up? His answer just might surprise everyone.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 06 Feb 2010  -  Updated: 06 Feb 2010
Genre: Drama, Erotica, Friendship, Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 10  -  Words: 6,742  -  Reads: 12,972
Inuyasha and Miroku ask Sesshoumaru what Kagome gave him for Valentine\'s Day. For the Valentine\'s Challenge a drabble
Rating: M  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 08 Feb 2010  -  Updated: 06 Oct 2012
Genre: Erotica, Friendship, Humor, Kink, Romance  -  Chapters: 3  -  Reviews: 5  -  Words: 5,563  -  Reads: 10,811
Kagome and Sesshoumaru are members of rival fire stations and don't seem to get along, or do they, Relationships are never easy
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 11 Apr 2010  -  Updated: 26 Jun 2010
Genre: Action, Drama, Friendship, Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 4  -  Reviews: 3  -  Words: 17,156  -  Reads: 2,722

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Oh, my Lord. Idiot apocalypse, indeed. Colonies of China. In a way, Japan does have Chinese descent, because they emigrated to Japan and mixed with the local people, who have been found to have been living in Japan since at least 16000BP, or Before Present. So at the end of the last Ice Age, they were already living on the islands. But it is HARDLY a colony of China, and neither is South Korea. Sheesh. Thanks for the review and the ~shocking~ story of yet more stupidity.



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Yay! Another Floridian! Nice to see one more here on Dokuga ^^

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Welcome to Dokuga!
Feedback from kori: thank you

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