Just friends by pulsing soul

Just us

Just friends

Chapter 1 Just us

Hi, I just got a good idea! And here it is. To the full summary: there is none. The title says all, just like the little stupid summary you read.

Anyway I do not, never have, never will own Inuyasha, and much sadder, neither will I own Sesshoumaru. Anyway, this is total romance. I might add intrigues and stuff, but no battles, between good and evil, as in literally.


,,Maybe you could have shown at least a little bit of emotion, it’s not like I was going to marry for the up tenth time!!!”

A raging voice could be heard all over the building, covering a five mile radius with no effort what so ever.

,, But then again how could popsicle man, possibly show any emotion?! “ the voice continued with the outbursts of anger, only to be stopped when a silkily cold voice cut through it.

,,Are you done with the cretin tantrum?”

,,Why you..?!”

,,It is not of my concern, which one of your whores you choose to marry. I congratulated you, and that is the farthest reaction your bride will have from me.

Now, Inuyasha, be so kind as to leave my office before I decide to make you.”

The tanned silver haired man could only shake his head in disbelief. His half-brother was emotionless. Too emotionless.

Walking out of the office without another word, he remembered how his aniki was from the beginning of time. Void of any feeling. But still, to some, he was different, like to him now, others would have paid with their life for such a tantrum.

The same blood, he thought sarcastically, the only thing which saved him.

His half-brother needed a friend. And just then, a face popped up in his mind. The perfect person, the only one in this world who might actually need a friend as well.

For once in his life, he wouldn’t care of the consequences and make sure everything came out fine.

They would mend each other.

Now to make his plan foolproof.


Why was he here again? He had listened to the tantrum of this morning, so there could not possibly come another , right? And in the park?

He had always known that his half-brother was utterly stupid, but this?

A park, a nice little park. He needed the report the fool promised. Sighing when he saw no one here, he sat down on a bench, the black leather coat he wore getting up to his knees.

He watched how small already worn out levees fell into the once shimmering crystal water. Now it was like the ground, an ocean of autumn colors, brown, gold, red, yellow.

The soft wind caressed his cheek, just like it caressed the water, small waves shattering autumn frames.

Yes, another year had gone. Not that it would matter to him.

But still, he couldn’t help but wonder, wonder about the cruelty of fate…


Why was she here? It’s not like she wouldn’t know.

Inuyasha had asked her for this favor, to come here, at this time, just that . Just that. But now?

Being here, hearing how the sound of her steps reverberated through this all so quiet park, she couldn’t help but wonder, wonder what it was he wanted.

Sighing, she was close to leaving again, but when she saw the lake, she couldn’t leave, she found her legs walking towards it.

Fall…again…Oh, how could she have not known?

Her birthday had been a few weeks ago, signaling the fall’s arrival.

A small smile came up to her lips, and she finally looked away from the ultra colored water, only to see a little flower at her feet.

A pink and violet flower. She never knew the names.

And she remembered all to well why. No one had taught her.

Picking it up, she was prepared to leave , when she saw … him…

His surely tall form, in the knee long leather coat, the muscular legs, clad in a pair of grey pants, belonging to a grey suit.

She saw his high held head, but still noticed the way his shoulders seemed to be burdened, the way his muscles seemed to always keep tense…

She could see his silver hair, the same type as Inuyasha’s, but this time not white but platin, true silver.

She couldn’t stop her feet or her will as she walked closer, she just knew , knew that ever burdened him, she could mend.


,,Have a flower.”

She very well knew it was stupid, but when she came close to him, all courage left her, and she did the first thing which came to mind , before running.


His head snapped to meet the voice, but just as he thought he could be emotionless for ever, he knew there was no chance for it now.

Long legs, clad in tight black baggy pants, as well as high heeled boots, round hips, slim waist, leather jacket, blue simple shirt.

Her skin, pure, milky, soft.

Her lips, tempting, cherry, sexy .

Her eyes, azure, like the Mediterranean See.

Her raven hair, swaying gently in the wind.

He saw her outstretched hand, her fingers offering him the sweet pink flower, which he found, his hand took readily.


She finally saw his face, his angel like features, but the thing she could see most, was the feeling of emptiness inside his eyes.

Gold…eyes like they were caressed by the sun.

Skin pale and silky, her hand already wanted to touch.

His lips, red pink, full, smooth, the sin of a kiss.


,,Thank you.” He whispered silkily. ,,But shouldn’t you be in school?” He added afterwards.

,,Shouldn’t you be spending your day in a cold office?” She answered back, her usual terse reply came.

,,Feisty aren’t we? For a schoolgirl.” He smirked slightly, not knowing why irking this girl was actually …fun .

,,For your obvious interest” she began angrily, sitting down beside him Indian style, facing him ,, I only have this year left in school, but since I’m having top grades, I don’t need to be in school.”

,,Top grades? Very improbable, you’d know it would be ‘at’ school then.” He replied casually, studying her freely, something which didn’t get overlooked by her.

Her v-cut shirt fits her , he concluded.

,,So? If you’d be in one of those offices, you would surely know it is rude to stare.” she fought back.

,,A panther I see.”

,,A frog as I see.”

,,Frog?” he began to chuckle. ,,Even you don’t believe that.”

,,Fine. White tiger then.” She concluded, her anger dissipating from her mood, at the sound of his chuckle.

,,Since we already share pet names, how about we share our real names?” he asked , an amused glint still showing in his eyes.

,,Kagome.” She replied instantly, her voice holding a softness, which he had only heard when she offered him the flower.

Looking at it, he also told her his name, fingering the small flower between his fingers.

,,Sesshoumaru, since we’re going by half names.”

,,Why would we need the other.” She replied casually, bitterness evident in her voice.

,,What a cute couple.” A voice suddenly resonated from the park. An elderly couple, both of them wearing giant smiles on their faces.

,,We’re just …” Kagome started only to bite her lips nervously, thinking about it, what were they…

strangers, who had a casual chat, but yet…

Sesshoumaru waited to hear her reply, but he realized the difficulty of it. Not even he knew what they were.

,,We’re just friends.” Kagome’s voice reached out, braking his thoughts, and for the first time he didn’t mind, to have someone say it.

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