For Love or Money? by Rinu007

Day One

Day One

A man wearing a low small ponytail on the back of his head and was wearing a black tux welcomes a girl with long black hair, brown warm eyes and was wearing a white strapless dress and the man introduces himself as Miroku to the girl and tells her to go wait on the patio...

Once the first girl disappeared from sight another girl with black hair but had cold brown eyes and wore a black spaghetti strap dress was welcomed in and Miroku introduces himself to her also and he told her to go the patio and wait there...

Once Kagome sees Kikyo they give each other a cold icy glare..

Girl 1: What is Kikyo doing here?! I thought I was the star!!!

Kikyo: Grr that Kagome girl is here... What is she doing here?!?!

Kagome and Kikyo stand there to wait for the fifteen men and learn the rules while glaring at each other with the uttermost hate...


Miroku is talking to the fifteen men who wanted to join in on the game and he says "all right people... These checks hold how much money you get if you're the final man and you chose money... but guess what?" You can hear replies of what?! Coming from the men.. "these checks... are blank..." Miroku says while holding one up.. You can hear gasps coming from the 15 men except two silver haired people and one black hair tied up into a high ponytail...

"You guys will have to pick one that would eiher have one dollar up to one million dollars.." The man sighs. "I Miroku your host will call you up two by two to pick up a check... first two are.. Sesshomaru and InuYasha.." Two silver haired figures stand up one of them had two crimson stripes on each cheek and wore a black tux and had cold gold eyes. The other had puppy dog ears cold gold eyes and wore a black tux. Both raced up there the one with the stripes got there first and swiftly took a check and the other grabbed a check and they both raced back all in a matter of seconds...

"Hiten and Bankotsu.." Miroku said calmly as two people with long braided black hair stand up. One of them has dark blue eyes and is wearing a white tux. The other one has brown eyes and wears a black tux (this is Hiten but I forgot what color his eyes are *sigh* U_U) They both walk up to the checks at the same speed and each grab one and walk back....

"Alright... Koga and Naraku!!" Miroku says boredly.

Miroku: This is boring.... When will I get to see Sango?

Two black haired figures stand up one with ice blue eyes and was wearing a white tux. The other with cold red eyes and is wearing a black tux. They both walk swiftly to the checks and grab one and walk to sit back down..

"ok... Genta and Hakkaku" Miroku says.. Two figures stand up one with a blonde hair in a mohawk and the other one had a weird haircut.. a black patch of hair surronded by gray hair (sorry if I make Genta sound kinda weird) they both were wearing black tuxes walk up to the checks and grab them they were also followed by Koga's icy glare and they walk back to their seats and sit back down..

Koga: What the Hell are Genta and Hakkaku doing here?!?!?!?!?!?!

Miroku says "Jaken and Shinjitsu." Two figures stand up one of a toad and a human. The human looks down at Jaken and sweatdrops. (I'm not explaining what Jaken looks like..) The human had black hair and blue eyes and was wearing a white tux. The two walk up but the toad had cold golden eyes on him.. They both grab the checks and walk to their seats and sit down...

"Ok all most done... I hope... Hojou and Onigumo " Miroku calls out. Two figures stand up. One of them had brown hair and dark blue eyes and wore a black tux and the other had bandages covering his face but wore a black tux. And they walk up to the checks and they both grab one and go back to sit down.

"Alright the last three.... Areku... Ryu and Aku" All three stand up... One had black hair and brown eyes and wore a black tux another one had Dark blue hair and blue eyes and wore a black tux and the last one had brown hair and green eyes and wore a black tux. They all walk up and grab the last three checks.. and sit back down in their seats "alright men you will get to find out how much your checks are worth....." Miroku walks in front of a door.

Bankotsu: Finally that's over!!!

InuYasha: I was about to fall asleep

Naraku: money....

"Sesshomaru follow me.." Miroku motions to Sesshomaru and watches as he rises and follows him into the room silently. "Ok Sesshomaru place your check in front of that spot under your picture and see your check... Sesshomaru places his check on the spot as it lights up and it showed $1,000,000.. Sesshomaru's eyes widened but then returned to his usual unemotional face.. (The rest are listed below cause I'm to lazy to type this down it'll be too long...)















Sesshomaru: .....


Koga: Awesome

Narau: Damn....

Hiten: that's pretty good...

Bankotsu: What the Hell?!

Genta: *sigh* I thought so

Shinjitsu: it's ok... I guess

Hakkaku: oh well

Hojou: Wow that's a lot

Jaken: Look mommy I got some good money!!!

Areku: WWWHHHAAAA?!?!?!

Ryu: COOL!!!

Aku: Shit

Onigumo: Damn

Miroku walks in and says "are you ready to meet the ladies... then follow this lovely lady Sango.." Miroku gropes Sango and she bops him on the head.. "Pervert!!!" Sango yells furiously.. "I guess I'll go check on them" Miroku says while rubbing his now hurting head as Sango nods. Miroku walks away and goes into a hidden door while Sango is being followed by the fifteen men...

Miroku walks in through the door to see two girls one with long black hair and red eyes and a red stripe on each cheek and she was staring coldly at everything it looks like she was mad... and she wore a red kimono with dogs on it but you could see some white pants under it.. The other girl had Dark blue hair and blue yes and she had a blue star on her forehead and she was looking around boredly.. She was wearing a dark blue Kimono with wolves on it and she also wore white pants under it "Hello lovely ladies" he says and is about to grope one of them.. Until his hand is grabbed by the one next to her and she says "I wouldn't do that if I were you she's in a bad mood and will chop your head off and she won't regret it..." Miroku looks at the girl he was about to grope and she glares down at him coldly.. "right" he says reaching his hand back. "Well Rinu I see you're in a bad mood" Miroku looks at the other girl "Thanks for saving my life there Akari.." He says and then grabs her hands "Will you bear my child Akari?" Miroku says.. Akair gets mad and slaps him and says "you wish!!! We're here to interfere ok Miroku!!! So what do you want us to do?" Miroku rubs his cheek and is about to ask Rinu but gets second thoughts.. "Ok girls you're supposed to get some of the boy's attention directed towards you instead of the winning girl who doesn't get voted off and killed if someone wants them to die..." Rinu and Akari nod and walk away heading towards their own rooms...


Kagome and Kikyo are standing in front of a small table awaiting the men.. "All right boys these are the two girls.." Sango says as she moves out of the way for the boys to see and says "all right the rules are you guys are gonna have to win the heart of one of these girls before it's time to leave and you're last.. you get to choose the girl or your money but you can't reveal that you are also playing for money or you will be kicked off..." The boys nod Sango says "Alright first up is Sesshomaru!!" Sesshomaru walks to the girls as they introduce themselves and he says his name is Sesshomaru and then shakes their hands and walks away swiftly..

Kagome: That guy's a jerk..

Kikyo: That guy was so handsome

InuYasha was then called up and they all introduce themselves and InuYasha walks away...

Kagome: I hope he picks me!!!

Kikyo: He's mine!!!

Koga is next and the girls introduce themselves he gives Kagome a hug and leaves Kikyo saying his name is Koga.. All the boys come up introducing themselves but Kagome and Kikyo backed away from Jaken (yeah he looks gross)After meeting the ladies all the boys retire to their rooms awaiting tomorrow hoping for a good day... The girls also left but instead went home to wait for tomorrow...


Miroku and Sango are talking to the cheerful people who were supposed to interfere with the boys and girls relationships..

"Rinu it seems you are not in a bad mood anymore.." Miroku says calmly and walks up to her and grabs her hands "Will you bear my child?" Miroku asks. Rinu just glares at Miroku and starts to whack him with the dull side of her now visible sword "He's gonna regret ever asking" Akari says to Sango as she nods...

*~*~*END DAY ONE*~*~*

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