Home Sick by Mistress_of_Night

Chapter 1

It was hard to be back to the place where she knew she belonged, but for some odd reason she felt out of place in even her own time, she felt out of place. Naraku was defeated and the jewel was complete, so her old friends should be able to find some miko to purify it. She couldn't, because she unable to return, the well had completely disappeared when Naraku died. She would never see them again. Sango, Miroku, Kilala, Shippo, Inuyasha, Kaede, Rin, even Jaken, and also Sesshomaru. They had for once talked and got to know one another, she knew now that deep inside the TaiYoukai he was not an evil, heartless man.. Um... demon. She was starting to like him. Inuyasha may have pushed her to the edge when he called her kikyou and pledging to never let 'her' go. She 'loved' him at one point but could no longer, and now she liked Sesshomaru she shook her head, it was better being home, she didn't have to suffer a heart break with him now.

Walking up the stairs to her family shrine she let out a sad sigh, she loved him, she couldn't hide it any longer, it couldn't be denied. She had fallen for Sesshomaru, TaiYoukai of the western lands, her dreams of him and the smile he gave her the night before the battle, before she was sent back here. She unconsciously walked to the well house and slide open the door, Kami, she knew she was slowly killing herself. She felt like she was homesick, and the only way to feel better is being in the past.

Turing away from the well house after shutting the door he walked into her house. When she opened the door, she didn't notice her mom on the couch with a woman with long black hair that was as black as Kagome's.

"Kagome dear, there is some one very important here for you." Kagome's mom said softly almost in a sad tone.

"Okay, I'm coming right now." Kagome put on her fake smile and walked into the living room.

When she got there she looked at the woman, she looked like Midoriko in flesh. Kagome's mouth fell pen as she looked upon the woman she even had a small diamond shape on her forehead like Midoriko. The woman smiled sadly to Kagome and stood up, she bowed slightly and Kagome recovered to bow as well.

"Kagome, you know who I am... I am Midoriko, the gods sent me in flesh and bone to tell you what has happen." she told Kagome with soft eyes.

"Midoriko-Sama... please what has happened?" She looked fearful of what the creator of the jewel would say.

"When you left Sango had become pregnant, but is suffering from depression when you left, Inuyasha is sad you left and had been hunting down any bandits. Shippo cries every day and might become unhealthy, Miroku is sick but refuses any thing to help him, Sesshomaru-Sama has stopped caring for his lands, Rin is like Shippo, even Jaken is in bad shape since you left... the point I am trying to make is that once you left everything is becoming difficult and the jewel, Sesshomaru has it inside his castle walls for protection, since you were its protector, and they wont let another purify it. Kagome if you are not there then everything that is happening might affect this world, the Shikon evil side feared you, for you could purify it, that is why you were sent back here by Naraku's wish, so it could make you suffer... they need you Kagome." Midoriko Said in her soft yet strong voice.

"But how would I go back, the well it gone and I am stuck here." Kagome held back tears that threatened to come out of her eyes.

"Kagome I have talked to your dear mother and she has agreed to let you go to the past since the heavens are letting me use their powers to revive the bone eaters well. But you will have to live in the feudal era with your intended." She said with a smile.

"Intended?" Kagome was shocked, who was her intended?

"You love the feared TaiYoukai, and only you can help him, he noticed you 'did' mean something to him, but realized it to late. You and him were supposed to meet first, but Inuyasha was the best I could help make your companion at the time. Please go back and help them Kagome." Midoriko sounded like she was pleading.

"Mama...are you sure its okay?" Kagome looked at her mother hopingly.

"Yes Kagome. Only you can do this." She told her daughter.

"Thank you mama." she hugged her.

"Kagome say your good byes to your family and pack for your trip. I will be in the well house waiting... thank you Mrs. Higurashi." Midoriko exited the house.

Kagome and her mother had her gramps and brother join them in the living room, they told them what was happening and so forth. Kagome cried as she hugged each of her family members, it was hard leaving them behind. It was hard knowing they would be sad without her, but she knew deep in her very soul she would see them all again. She ran to her room and threw a lot pictures in her bag and some things she and her friends and family had given her, she packed gifts for her 'other' family in the feudal era. Then said a one last good bye before going to the well house where the well now stood as it used to.

"Kagome you must understand that the future here depends on you over there, and that the well will once again disappear once you are threw." She explained.

"Yes I understand... thank you Midoriko." She hugged the older woman then jumped in with her eyes closed not wanting it to suddenly fail.

Once her feet softly touched the ground she opened them and looked up. No roof stood above her, tears sprang to her eyes as she realized her dreams were coming true. She climbed up in a hurry and turned to the well. It slowly faded into nothing like it was never there. She rubbed the tears away then ran to the village.

Once she was at Kaede's old hut she walked in to see her friends sitting there without noticing. Tear uncontrollably came from her eyes and Inuyasha who sat with his back to her noticed. He turned and looked like he was seeing a ghost, Sango and the rest noticed, and Rin was there with Jaken to her surprise. Shippo stood and flew at her Kagome dropped her bag and caught him.

"KAGOME!" Everyone seemed to yell at once.

"I am back." She cried and was pulled into a hug one at a time, she held both Shippo and Rin tightly to her then to every ones surprise even hugged Jaken and cried.

Sango pulled Kagome from Jaken and held her, they both cried as they silently held onto one another. 'I am back, I am home.' she thought over and over again. She turned to each of them and told her how she came back, and what shocked them to no end was Inuyasha actually stared crying on her shoulder. They settled down after a moment and Inuyasha spoke first.

"Kagome we missed you dearly... but you might want to know when Sesshomaru is back in a little you might see something that will surprise you." He said with a slight smile.

"What- what will surprise me?" Before they could reply the western lord himself walked in the hut. He looked at Kagome with wide eyes, and the pink she could see in them left his eyes.

Before she could move or say anything, arms swept her up in an embrace. She noticed it was Sesshomaru that held her but could not really understand what her was doing it was, weird for 'him' to be doing this and in front of people. They all just watched as Sesshomaru, their once enemy hold onto their dearest friend gently. But everyone was able to see Kagome cling to him and cry, Inuyasha knew she had some feelings for him and set aside his jealousy when he noticed that they would be better together but it was too late she was taken from them, at least this time he could help them be happy. Kagome pulled away to look into Sesshomaru's eyes and seen them soften.

"Never leave this-Sesshomaru." He said in his usual voice.

"If you do one thing for me I wont leave you." At this point everyone wanted to know what.

"And that is?" He raised a brow.

"Make me your... um ... mate." She Startled everyone as they listened even closer to Sesshomaru's answer.

"As you wish." His lips claimed her and Sango covered both young pair of eyes in the room.

'I wont have to feel out of place, I wont suffer any longer, and I wont be home sick.... I am home.' Kagome thought as she returned the soft yet firm kiss from Sesshomaru, so Midoriko was right about everything, all she needed to do was make sure everyone was healthy then purify the Shikon no Tama. She was home, with no more feeling of home sick.

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