Chapter 1

It had been a week since Sesshomaru had brought the group to his palace. All Kagome did was sit in the room Sesshomaru had given to her. She would sit in there alone, once in a while sango would come in, they would talk, or sango would take her to the gardens. She would put on a fake smile, for she did not wish for them to see her upset. She had been upset for Inuyasha's death, he was her first love, best friend, first person she met in this era. She loved him like a brother. It was hard to believe that someone like Inuyasha had died.

She felt like it was her fault that Inuyasha had lost control over his demon self. Even after know that Inuyasha could lose control she went out alone. Even after Inuyasha told her not to she did. She acted so selfishly. She hated that she did such a thing to him. Now she loved Sesshomaru and feared getting close to him. Once Sesshomaru came in, telling her that Inuyasha's death was not her fault, but she just cried as he put his arm around her. She didn't want to get hurt by Sesshomaru or hurt him in any way.

In all truth she would rather be alone and unhappy, just to see Sesshomaru happy. She felt like a terrible person at the moment that words could not describe it. She had killed her best friend, her brother. She went out and angered him, then had him killed like a dog which had a taste for human blood. Even when Totosi had warned them that next time Inuyasha lost control that would be the end. That since ha had been losing himself to his demon, that he had been losing his soul. So in reality Inuyasha was dead inside when he transformed.

Even so if she hadn't went out, for her own purposes then stayed for a few seconds with Sesshomaru, Inuyasha would be alive, so would Kikyou. In all truths it felt good to be whole again, just not the cause of it, now that she thought of it she killed Kikyou and Inuyasha. She killed Kikyou by making Inuyasha go mad and go after her.

She laid on her side on her bed just thinking everything over. Now she worried that when the Shikon was finished she would have to choose one or the other era's. she wanted it to be both, but it scared her to think that she would be sucked back into the future when the jewel was finished, and being away from her new found love would kill her. She wanted to be near him, not 500 years apart. Then she was afraid that she wouldn't see her mother, gramps, and little brother. She had people in both times she love. There was Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Rin, Sesshomaru, Kilala, Kaede, gramps, Souta, and her mother. What could she do?

A light knock on the shojin door brought her out of her thoughts, she sat up against the wall as the door opened slowly. When it was opened Miroku came in to see her. He carried a tray of food in, he walked over to her. He sat the tray on her lap then sat on the floor next to her low bed. After taking a few bits of her rice and noodles, Miroku coughed to get her attention.

"Kagome you know that Inuyasha's death is not your fault, he would not hold a grudge against you. Sango and I both knew it would happen that he would lose control, we thought even you knew, Inuyasha knew though, that is why he wanted you around us, he feared hurting you. And being around you and Kikyou were calming to him. We can not continue to mourn for his death or we will never move forward in our own life. And think of it as this, Inuyasha is probably resting in the afterlife peacefully with his first lover, Kikyou." Miroku finished, he saw an understanding flash in her eyes.

"Your right Miroku... Inuyasha died because I pushed it with him, but we knew he would lose himself eventually. And that we couldn't control something like that forever, his demon blood would have taken over. And now he and Kikyou are together in the after life." She looked at him with a true smile then hugged him.

Miroku told her to finish her meal she did then stood, he took the plate then exited the room. Kagome got dressed in a proper kimono for the day wanting to go see Sango. She felt a big wave of relief hit her. All her guilt was taken off her shoulders. All she could do is pray for Inuyasha, and hope he watches over them all.

~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~

Miroku took the try to the kitchen then up to Sesshomaru's study, he knocked and received the right to enter. He walked in then shut the door behind him before sitting on a mat before Sesshomaru himself. Sesshomaru sat on a mat behind a low desk, he looked at the monk with a raised brow, he wanted to know what happened with Kagome. He sent the monk knowing he had a way with words, he had a higher chance of helping her.

"Well she seems to be over it, she will still have sadness in her heart, we all will. But she does not blame herself. She knows that Inuyasha would have lost control of the demon blood and that Inuyasha is resting with Kikyou his first love. She feels better as you wanted." Miroku told the feared lord in front of him honestly.

"So she is not mourning over him any longer?" Sesshomaru looked away out of his balcony to his right.

"We will always mourn, but she dose not blame herself like she was." He said in a matter-of-fact.

"Hn. Monk does she possess any feelings of love towards my half-brother?" He looked back at the monk before him.

"Not the type of love you think Sesshomaru-Sama." Miroku replied.

"Then what type of love?" Sesshomaru felt himself growing tired of this having to ask questions.

"She loves him like a sibling, a brother if you will. She used to love him, till she seen him more of a brother." Miroku decided to just tell him.

"Very well." He looked down to the scroll on his desk.

"Sesshomaru I know you have feeling for my dear friend Kagome. So if you do not tell anyone that I told you I will tell you something that will help.

"What is that monk. I- Sesshomaru will not say a thing."

"Well at many nights I would stay up watching the group when Inuyasha was gone, and I would listen as Kagome would say things in her sleep about you, like how you are not who she once thought you were. She would stay up and look a the moon I asked her about it she simply said the moon reminds her of someone she had fallen in love with. You need to make the first move to show or tell her your feelings. She is scared to be hurt again, therefore its up to you Sesshomaru." Miroku stood, bowed then left.

So Kagome could be his- Sesshomaru's, all he needed was to show or tell her, like the monk said. If he could have her he would do anything for her, he could hear it now, Inuyasha and his father laughing at him for falling hard for a human woman, after vowing never to do it. He looked out the balcony to the blue sky, thinking of Kagome.

~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~

Kagome went to see Sango in the library, she sat next her with a smile as Sango noticed it wasn't a sad smile but her actual happy one. Kagome noticed no one else so she decide Sango needed to know about Miroku helping her realize everything. Kagome spent a while telling her what happened, Sango got a suspicious look in her eyes about it.

"I know and you know Miroku isn't a saint. So I wonder what he is up to."

"Yeah, after seeing the children lets go find him." Kagome suggested.

"Sounds great to me... well force it out of him." Sango smiled.

"Okay." Kagome nodded.

They stood together then went to the gardens to find Shippo and Rin. This was going to be very interesting to do, and finding out what the monk was planning was better. Next was to get info from Miroku then the jewel shards.

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