Chapter 1

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Starring out of the window to the moon was all she could do, all she did, to remind herself who she was falling for since the day she seen 'him' in the snow. Inuyasha was being his stubborn self and not letting Kagome leave without him or someone else with her. He didn't trust her since the day she left when she saw him with 'her'. At first it hurt like hell that he went to 'her' after she just helped him get over being sick and him calling her Kikyou.

Then 'he' came and made her feel like all the pain just disappeared, as if she never felt the pain Inuyasha caused her, like she never felt the pain in her bleeding heart. 'He' made her feel like she was free from her duties. But the time she got to see him was short, all she did was hand him a small blanket and tell him to keep it since it was so cold outside. He refused at first, but eventually took it when she told him that she would rather him have it then leave with feeling bad she didn't give him it.

Sesshomaru had asked her why she would give it to him and she told him that she just did. He had raised an elegant brow to her and she smiled her best then went back to her group. That was the night she started dreaming of him, her white knight. It had been about three weeks since then and she had figured out her feelings for him. Sesshomaru may have been cold, emotionless, but deep down Kagome knew that he wasn't what everyone said he was. He didn't attack humans for fun or out of hatred, only when they attacked him, he didn't just murder anyone without a good reason. He- Sesshomaru was totally different from what she once believed.

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Sesshomaru was out looking for an herb for Rin, she had fallen ill hat day for running around in the snow. He looked up at the moon to see it was in the crescent shape like his marking. He walked passed a large ancient tree that he had sat by when the miko had came by and made him take her weird cloak like thing. Now when he looked at the snow at dusk all he seen was her smiling like she did before leaving him to return to her companions.

She had insisted that he take the cover, even though as a demon the cold didn't affect him. He still had what she had given him in his chamber on the foot of his gigantic futon at him Japanese style palace. Sometimes even in his dreams he saw her face and hears her soft voice. It was all he could think about, what was worse was he knew he smelt her tears, and was curious on what she was crying about.

What had his half- brother done to make her look the way she did when she stumbled upon him, another thing was when she first approached him he could sense that everything, her pain, her anger, everything went away. She acted like nothing was wrong. What could Inuyasha have done that would make her act like that.

He- Sesshomaru wanted to know but he didn't dare to just approach her, it would show weakness. At least to his eyes. He stopped at the tree just remembering what had happened to him it felt like forever since he had seen her. He just could not understand what was happening to him, what were these things he was feeling, it was like nothing he had felt before. She was something he was amazed by, she was unbelievably strong willed, and smart, and it didn't stop there.

~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~

Kagome took her chance to get away and spend some time on her own for a bit. Since sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kilala were asleep and Inuyasha was out with kikyou again. She didn't care what he would do when she returned even though Totosai had told them that since Inuyasha had been transforming he was losing pieces of his soul, and not to let him transform anymore or he would lose himself and wouldn't be able to return to normal.

So what if Inuyasha got mad, he couldn't keep her locked away forever. She wanted to sit him till he reached the other side of earth. He was being more arrogant then usual. Ever since Naraku was destroyed and the jewel shattered again Inuyasha had been picking on her about being stupid, weak, and pathetic. It made her want to beat his head in with Sango's giant boomerang. If he didn't love her or like her as a friend then he should just let her do what she wanted, and be with who she wanted to be with.

Kagome walked through the woods and to a calm stream, she knelt down to put her hand in it, the water was way to cold. The snow surrounding her really didn't help at all. She thought back to how calm and beautiful the water was.

It reminded her of Sesshomaru, he could be calm and beautiful like the water, or be cold like it was, another was he could be terrifying and deadly, like a hurricane in the sea. Yes water was a good way to explain Sesshomaru, more like the sea. Yes he was the sea, the one thing she loved, she loved the sea like nothing else, it always made her calm and peaceful.

She sat on the shore, ignoring the fact she was in her thin pajamas. She thought of the song that was for 'him.' Her new love, even though she had no idea why she loved the cold TaiYoukai, she just did. She really didn't know when she actually started having feeling for him, either when they defeated Naraku or the night she found him in the snow, she didn't know. Now the only sound in the dark woods was her starting her song. Song is by Trina feat. Keyshia Cole- I gotta thang for you.

I gotta thang for you baby you know

Don't wanna take it slow

I wanna get to know ya

Don't wanna play no games, listen to what I'm saying

I gotta thang for you

(For you)

I gotta thang for you baby you know

Don't wanna take it slow

I wanna get to know ya

Don't wanna play no games, listen to what I'm saying

I gotta thang for you,

Baby you know

I gotta thang for you and it hurts me

Cause I'm holding back I'm so thirsty

When I open wide, you better work inside

But promise that you wont hurt me wit

(Here we go, here we go again)

Cause I aint got time for lies

This time aint looking (for a friend)

I need a man that's gon' wine & dine me

Every time you look you find me

Bellhoppin he buying me

And plus he all mine see

He Brad Pitt, I'm Jolie

When we together we always sing


I gotta thang for you so how you feel bout me?


I gotta thang for you baby you know

Don't wanna take it slow

I wanna get to know ya

Don't wanna play no games, listen to what I'm saying

I gotta thang for you

I gotta thang for you baby you know

Don't wanna take it slow

I wanna get to know ya

Don't wanna play no games, listen to what I'm saying

I gotta thang for you,

Baby you know

Damn you got me wide open

And I know you saying that I'm joking

Cause the boys in the past, they just couldn't last

But for some reason I think u been chosen

(Heaven sent, don't wanna walk away)

Just hold me tightly up in you arms

And tell me (everyday)

That you aint never gon' leave me heart broke

Promise to give a good long stroke

Boy this for real and this aint no joke

Thought I was dreaming but I know I'm woke

What you done did that got me so gone

Feels so right that this cant be wrong

Hangin' up and right back calling your phone

Cause I go crazy when I hear ya voice tone...


And you know...

I can't wait to see your face again

(Again boy)

And you know...

I'm hoping we can work this thing out

Every time that I'm alone

I'm thinking bout us and where we could be

That's how I know I gotta a thang

For you baby, yeah you know

I gotta thang for you baby you know

Don't wanna take it slow

I wanna get to know ya

Don't wanna play no games, listen to what I'm saying (boy listen to what I'm saying)

I gotta thang for you (Hey)

I gotta thang for you baby you know

Don't wanna take it slow (yeah)

I wanna get to know ya

Don't wanna play no games, listen to what I'm saying

I gotta thang for you,

Baby you know

Kagome finished and stood up looking at the moon again, she heard crunching of snow, she spun around she lost her balance. She screamed as she fell towards the freezing stream. Before she could fall something warm went around her waist, she opened her eyes she had tightly closed. When she opened them she felt her stomach do flips. Sesshomaru was holding her and looking down at her with his memorizing eyes.

"Sessho...Sesshomaru?" She stuttered in shock.

He released her when she got her balance, he simply watched her blush under his gaze. He had heard her voice singing in the wind, so he followed it, not able to turning away, even if he had wanted to. Kagome looked into his eyes and noticed his looking around the area.

"Sesshomaru, are you looking for something?" She asked in her soft voice.

"My ward has become sick, I seek an herb that seems to be dead." Sesshomaru replied.

Kagome's eyes widen at the mention of Rin, she dug into the pocket of her pajama bottoms. Pulling out a container with some chewable medicine she used for when Shippo or the others when they would get sick. Taking two of the pills out, she closed the container and put it in her pocket again.

"Here give her this and she will be better soon, I like Rin so you better give this to her." She said in a playful voice, as if she could really threaten the feared TaiYoukai.

"Hn." Was all he said taking it from her and putting it in his haori.

"Well before Inuyasha gets back and gets pissed because I left I should go." She bowed slightly then turned away from him.

Before she could even get three feet away she felt his warm hand grab her own and stop her from leaving. She turned to him, he looked at her with his emotionless mask like always.

"Why would the hanyou care?" He asked with a raised brow.

"I don't know, he has been losing himself to his demon blood and next time he gets mad at me he will change, and won't be able to be saved." She sighed as he released her hand.

"Very well." He watched tears come to her eyes.

"G-good bye Sesshomaru-Sama." She turned and ran, not wanting to appear weak to him.

He watched her form disappear into the shadows of the dark woods. How could he let the one that has been haunting his every thought, and dreams run to his brother, where Inuyasha could lose himself any second, and maybe end up hurting her, or worse, kill her.

He was going to go give this thing Kagome gave him to Rin, then come back as soon as possible, maybe he could have her travel with him, maybe she would stay with him, maybe she could be his. Yes he would see her tomorrow when Inuyasha was gone off with the undead miko.

~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~@ ~

Kagome quietly entered the hut the group was in and went to her sleeping bag, she lay down next to shippo and closed her eyes hoping to see her white knight.

In the morning Kagome was woken up by Inuyasha screaming at the top of him lungs and trying to push Sango and Miroku out of his way to get to Kagome. She asked what was wrong and he told her he smelt her and Sesshomaru's scent nearby a stream not to far from there.

Before Kagome could even answer Inuyasha's eyes went red as he threw Sango and Miroku into a wall knocking them unconscious. He grabbed Kagome by the hair then smacked her across the face hard enough to make it instantly red and leaving three bloody claw marks. She screamed as loud as she could but was hit again. Shippo and Kilala tried to pull Inuyasha off only resulting in getting injured and unconscious, Kagome ran from him when he turned back to her, she ran outside the hut where he knocked her feet from under her.

She tried to get up, but was pushed back down then turned to face him. He snarled in her face before dragging his claws down her arms, he stood up kicking her in the side. Kagome clenched her teeth as he beat her. He kicked her then must have thought she was dead or unconscious for he chuckled in a dark way then ran into the woods.

She tried to stand but only collapsed to the ground. She felt her body cry out to her not to move, she hurt so badly, right now she wished it was Naraku she was being beaten but not someone she thought of as a friend. Someone she thought she once loved. She breathed heavily and coughed a couple times, Shippo ran out to her being to only one conscious. He sobbed and she lay on her side pulling him to her the best she could.

~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~

Sesshomaru ran through the forest when the scent of blood hit his sensitive nose, it was Kagome's blood. He jumped to the sky and flew. He couldn't let the woman he could stop thinking of and felt for die, he had to hurry.

When he arrived he saw her on her side bleeding yet holding the kitsune to her for comfort. He landed and walked over to them Shippo jumped up and yelped in surprise as he saw Sesshomaru. Kagome's eyes went wide as she saw him. But was more surprised as he knelt down and looked her over.

"Sessho..." She somewhat said.

"Do not speak, you need to rest." He told her receiving a nod.

He picked her up when she fell into a slumber with a still surprised shippo following him into the hut. Sesshomaru looked at what Inuyasha had done to his companions with distaste. How could one hurt their own pack? He remembered Kagome's words from that night. Inuyasha had lost control and now would be a mindless demon.

First he would tend to Kagome's wounds then Inuyasha. He would have this young woman come along in his group for now on, and if need be the others she traveled with as well. Shippo grabbed the first aid kit from Kagome's bag, getting her wrap for her arms he handed it to Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru looked from the wrapping in his hand to her really deep cut that was on her right arm. Once the kit was out of the hut he bent down licking her bleeding cut, he beast purred at the taste of her. He mentally shook his head and focused on his task. His saliva should heal this cut easily, and not leave a scar.

When Shippo returned with some water he seen Sesshomaru finishing wrapping up his subrogate mother. Seeing Sesshomaru tend to her made him feel like he was watching his hero save people dear to him. Inuyasha used to be his hero, but since he transformed and harmed Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Miroku, and himself, he just could not look at him the same.

Kagome's voice brought shippo out of his daze, he watched hiding himself as Sesshomaru looked down on her, Kagome's hand reached out touching the stripes on Sesshomaru's face. It nearly made him pass out when he seen Sesshomaru bend down to her then laid his lips on hers. What was going on, Shippo never thought Sesshomaru would EVER kiss a human, this was a real shock, he heard Sesshomaru tell Kagome that if he did not go after Inuyasha, the now demon would kill without care. Kagome of course cried to hear her friend had to be put down as if a dog with a taste for human blood.

Kagome hesitantly nodded and watched Sesshomaru stand walking to the mat covered door, he opened it to revel a stunned kitsune with wide eyes.

"Shippo were you there the whole time?" Kagome asked in a weak voice, and received a nod from him.

"Kit you are to watch over her and the others till this-Sesshomaru returns." Sesshomaru saw the kit nod then walked out of the hut taking to the sky.

Kagome felt a flutter in her heart thinking of the kiss Sesshomaru had given her. Then cried at the thought of Inuyasha being killed if he did not come to his senses. She knew he wouldn't be able to, for each time he had transformed he lost a piece of his soul. Now his soul was completely lost, they would not be able to reach him again. Not even she would be able to. Inuyasha had his sword but was still in his demon state, he was now a killer, a cold hearted killer, but she knew it wasn't Inuyasha, no Inuyasha would never do anything like that beast did. She said a silent prayer in hopes for Inuyasha's soul to finally rest, and now she could get her whole soul back.

~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~ @~

Sesshomaru follow his half brothers scent and destruction to him, Inuyasha sat in a field covered in all types of blood. Inuyasha turned to Sesshomaru with slightly golden eyes, he was fighting but was too far gone. Sesshomaru felt a slight pity on his younger sibling.

"Sesshomaru, you have to kill me, I have killed Kikyou, next will be Kagome, kill me please." Inuyasha begged for once in his life to Sesshomaru.

"Get a hold of yourself Inuyasha!" Sesshomaru snarled.

"I am dead inside Sesshomaru, before the beast returns kill- kill me." Inuyasha's eyes got redder as the gold faded.

Before Sesshomaru had the chance to attack the beats returned and charged at the TaiYoukai. Gracefully Sesshomaru dodged, Inuyasha kept swinging wildly trying to cause harm to him. Sesshomaru felt his arm get cut opened, that was enough to make Sesshomaru attack. He sliced Inuyasha across the chest only getting a cut on his right cheek. Growling Sesshomaru decided to give Inuyasha a quick death, taking his poison whip he hit him a few time to distract him as he went in a silver flash behind the beast of Inuyasha, he dug his claws into Inuyasha's back by his heart and released his poison.

When Inuyasha fell to the ground in a bloody heap Sesshomaru cleaned himself of Inuyasha's blood. Now that Inuyasha was dead he felt pity on the hanyou who had a hard life. He turned intending on leaving when he felt a pulse inside his body. It wasn't Tenseiga no it was Tetsuiga. He turn to see the sword rattling, like it was calling him. Bending down he picked up the sword slightly surprised that it didn't refuse his touch. He heard Inuyasha's voice in his head which made him almost drop the sword.

'Sesshomaru, protect Kagome with this sword, and to wield it properly, I give you what had been taken from you, your arm, protect her Sesshomaru.' Inuyasha's voice faded.

"Hn." Sesshomaru turn after putting the sword in his sash next to Tenseiga and Tokijin. With his demon light orb Sesshomaru flew to Kagome and her companions.

Kagome was sitting with a now awake Sango holding onto her even when she stopped crying. Miroku had barely woken up and Kagome told him what was going to happen, the whole group sat in silence waiting to see if Sesshomaru came back with the news of what happen to their friend.

Sango and Kagome jumped slightly as the mat flapped open behind them. Kagome turned to see Sesshomaru standing the with Tetsuiga and cuts on him. She stood shakily only to feel an arm encircle her waist. Kagome looked at the left arm of Sesshomaru's, wait left arm , he didn't have that before.

"I told you to rest, you shouldn't be standing." His voice sent shivers up and down her spine.

"Excuse me for being worried about you , what happen to Inuyasha." Kagome growled, hearing a small rumble in the chest she was currently against.

"You need to calm down I will heal, and Inuyasha had asked this-Sesshomaru to let him rest, he feared coming back to kill you after killing the undead priestess." He watched her eyes soften, then sadden, and finally fill with understanding.

"Wait no wonder I feel better, my soul is complete again." She looked up at him and smiled sadly.

Kagome pulled away from him and sat on her mat. He sat next to her listening to them ask about what was to happen next, that they still had shard to find. Kagome looked lost and confused as Miroku talked about how it was going to be harder to fight demons without their friends help.

"You will join This-Sesshomaru's group, if so you will be included as my pack." Sesshomaru said in his usual voice, Kagome smiled brightly at it and resisted the urge to jump on him, and cover him in kisses.

"I want to, Sango , Miroku, Kilala, Shippo, its up to you if you want to, I will understand if you do no..." She was cut off.

"I will go with you where ever you go Kagome." Sango smiled softly at her best friend.

"And I, for I follow you beautiful women where you lead me." Miroku said and Kilala followed with a 'meow.'

"I go with Kagome no matter where she goes." Shippo jumped up into her lap and receiving a hug.

"Very well." Sesshomaru stood, offering Kagome his hand.

Kagome took his hand and was pulled up gently. Sango Miroku and Kilala followed as they walked outside. All were shocked when Sesshomaru knelt down offering Kagome his back to ride. She asked if he was sure and he simply nodded. Kagome got on him with Shippo on her shoulder. Sesshomaru stood holding her legs around his waist, while jumping into the sky flying towards the west. Sango and Miroku quickly followed on Kilala after getting Kagome's bag.

'I love Sesshomaru, but the pain of Inuyasha's death will always linger in my heart.' Kagome thought resting her forehead on Sesshomaru's pelt. Sesshomaru wouldn't admit it but he liked having Kagome on his back and having her legs around him, it was no wonder Inuyasha never minded carrying her around all the time.

In time, Sesshomaru hoped the woman on his back would become his mate. He could only hope she would accept him. He would take her to his palace, even if he didn't like staying there long, he would stand it for her. She needed rest, then when she wanted they would start the search for the Shikon shards.

Glancing out of the side of his eyes he watched her fall into a light slumber. The kitsune kit held onto her gently and nuzzled her neck. The kit really loved her, after all she was the only mother he had left. When he looked away he could feel Shippo's eyes on him. Shippo looked at Sesshomaru, to tell the truth Sesshomaru reminded him of his father, he was strong, even stronger than his father, and had honor. While Kagome was like his mother, kind hearted and forgiving.

Sesshomaru could tell kit was feeling, he felt happiness, and wanting, what did the kit want though. He shook it off while continuing towards his palace. 'Inuyasha I will protect Kagome, as you have... but I- Sesshomaru will not be a fool and let her go as you did.' Sesshomaru thought then heard a loud, 'Henti' followed by a slapping sound. Sesshomaru had a feeling he had taking in a lot more then he had expected.

As long as 'she' was happy, he could handle it.

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