Wanted Help by Mistress_of_Night

Goodbye father

"peopl dont know love... until they meet with that one person, that they were ment to be with forever, it like a deep resounding bell in your heart acke so painful and deep its good." These were the last word of kagomes father. they sounded in her head as she pass through the well to the fudal era. she sat on the well a moment, hiding her scent and presence with a chrm braclet miroku gave her for her birthday, she cried bitterlyabout the three years trapped in a promise to herself

she never got to finish school with the honors she knew she could of had, but she did finishher time was spent in the past literaly, thanks to inuyasha's constant, "come on kagome, jewel shards are waitin'." she spent her three years looking for someting she broke until... he was gone. she used to visit her father once a week, trying desperatly to continue the tradition, but to inuyasha the jewel shard were worth it.

'maybe he will help me.' kagome thought. 'he lost his father to, maybe he can help me deal with it. her heart lighten up consiterably with the thought of inuyasha, his long silve hair, golden eyes,and unsure smile, that warmed her heart...yeah he'll help... she stood up and decideingly adn stretched, looking at the well once more... "I am sorry daddy" she whispered solemly before rushing off to the god tree ...he would help her right?

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