Night Walk, and the Meeting by Mistress_of_Night

Chapter One

She looked around at her group, she stood after making sure every one was asleep then she walk away until she came to a stream they passed by. She looked down at her slightly swollen belly, it had been two months since she had seen her TaiYoukai. Kagome looked at the kimono she wore, now that she was 19 years old and a mother- to- be, it wasn't right to wear he short school uniform anymore.

She sat at the base of a white willow tree near the stream, she felt a small pain inside her knowing her baby- pup was searching for his father. "Shh, my little one... its alright, calm down." she rubbed her abdomen lightly.

"So you have finally come out alone, koi." a smooth, calm, deep voice made her jump, she turned to see the TaiYoukai she fell in love with. "Sesshomaru?" she whispered scared he would vanish. "how is my pup?" he stepped closer. "the baby- pup is fine... why did you leave... why?" She asked with tears in her eyes. " I had to take Rin back to the palace... and meet with the other lords." he explained to her, before he could move or say another word she lunged into his arms. "Koi, you are not in pain?" he seen her shake her head. "Not really, even though you gave me that potion to make him a full-fleage demon."

"Hn." Was his only reply. "sessh, we have to tell my group about... Us." she told him and he slightly sighed . "Very well. We will tell them in the morning... for now we have more important things to 'attend' to." he nuzzled and kissed her neck. "Mmmm... Sessho...maru." she moaned and ran her hands up his arms. "Kagome do you love me?" he asked. "with all my heart." she told him softly. "Good." he then kissed her lips.

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