One Must Now Act Like A Demon by firefly27

Chapter 1

One must now act like a Demon

By: firefly

Chapter 1

Kagome was scared beyond scared.

It all went so wrong and now she was the one going to pay for it.

Inuyasha was not himself, transformed into his demon self that was interested in one thing...


She ran away when she saw the red eyes plus the fact that it was Sesshoumaru who told her to leave quickly and that he would take care of Inuyasha.

Despite the fact that I probably should have thought twice about leaving Inuyasha in the hands of his brother I kept going not looking back or stopping to rest.

Then again it was Inuyasha who had jumped and knocked her to the ground tearing the buttons off on her outer shirt she was glad she had worn a tank top underneath or whoaahh she would've been flashin Sesshoumaru.

Now she just ran due south toward Kaede's village and finally the well which was a portal to her time a place safe for her to stay at until Inuyasha's new transformation subsided.

She stopped suddenly and started west instead. That was where Sesshoumaru would be if he wasn't victorious in his battle against Inuyasha.

Plus she couldn't possibly go home Inuyasha was the only one that was able to go there and there would be no Sesshoumaru in her time to save her from the inevitable then.

I ran for a long time then slowly started to slow down until I knew a.) I was lost and had no idea where I was going and b.) I was tired and dehydrated. The demon came out of nowhere he looked kind of like Sesshoumaru, but had softer green eyes.

He starred at me and smirked. Before I knew what happened I was blacking out.

"The idiot he made a terrible mistake," said a deep voice definitely male.

"Well it's too late now he already is gone and dead and she has already transformed," said a higher voice definitely a female, but it was so cold.

"Get her moved to one of the the main wings, the boy made his decision and now he is dead and she well we will see what really happened to her when she wakes up.


"Wake up girl," said a voice from above followed by a kick to the ribs.

Kagome opened her eyes to meet the eyes of the infamous Jaken. She sat up feeling a little dizzy and THIRSTY. The little imp offered her a cup of water and she swallowed it in one large gulp and licked her lips then stopped. That wasn't like her she rarely liked her lips and her tongue it felt rougher.

She looked down at her hands holding the cup and blinked, claws?

"What happened to me ?"she asked.

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