Demon's Tears by MaiGreatDemon

Lonely Demon

Demon's Tears

Alright I combined both chapter one and two together.


Chapter One: Lonely demon


Trees flashed past and undergrowth was flatted by the swift feet of the two dog youkai that were currently escaping from some unknown enemy. One youkai had very light blue eyes, that usually sparkled, and silky, raven black hair that shimmered in the setting sun. On her very pretty face were the markings of her family and her Pack. She had one black stripe on each cheek that belongs to her family line and a dark green star that shown she belonged to the Hoshi Pack.

Her eyes flashed from side to side making sure that no one was following her and her companion. The raven haired youkai looked at her companion, who was at her side. Her long, silky snow white hair flowed behind her like a quite river. Her beautiful face was straight forward in the direction that they were headed. Her face was adorned with markings as well. She had a crescent blood, red moon that covered her left eye and a sliver four pointed star on her forehead showing that she was indeed the leader of the Hoshi Pack. The black headed youkai snapped her head forward as her leader's emerald colored eyes flashed in her direction.

They came to a stop at an old dried out well that seemed to be falling to pieces.

"I'm afraid our journey together must end now," the white haired youkai said before pushing the blue eyed one down the well. The youkai screamed as she face a look of shock graced her face as she tumble to the dark.


Kagome's dark blue eyes flashed open and she sat up quickly, gasping for air. Her heart was racing and her eyes were wide with fear. 'It's been along time since I've dreamed about that day,' she thought while rubbing her arms as if tiring to warm her up.

Kagome had never told the gang that she was a demon, but then again she didn't want to tell them. True they were her best friends, actually they were more like family now, but she had her own secrets just as they had their own. Not only that, but she was afraid they would only she as a blood driven youkai with only thoughts to kill. She feared that they would leave her in fear. If she showed her demon side it would scare them. She would kill without mercy on the one's that crossed the danger line with her.

Kagome looked up at the stars opening her senses. Her eyes lighted in color as some of youkai power was released from the seal she had placed on them in order in live in the future. If one would look at her face they would notice that an outline of her markings. Though one was awake at present time, in which she thanked the kamis for, if Inuyasha was here he would notice the slighted youkai aura in the area. But Inuyasha was with Kikyo again tonight, like he was most of the time. Not that she cared, she really only loved him as a bother, just like she loved her adopted family in the future. When they found at the bottom of the well they accepted her in to their small family, which consist of just the woman, her father, and her husband.

Kagome's eyes sadden at the thought of her mother's husband, he had taught her all she needed to known about her new world and now he was dead. Kagome stopped her train of thought before she went to deep and focused on the area.

Inuyasha was about a mile away with his clay woman and one else was in that range, though a few more miles down there was a small youkai village to the West and to the right five more miles down was a human village to the East. They would most likely be heading that way. She re-sealed her demonic powers and looked down at Shippou making sure that he had not awoken when she released her power, but he had not.

Kagome looked at his small face, in these past few years he had gotten bigger. His face had matured some and he was too tall to sit on her shoulder anymore, but he still sleeps in her sleeping bag with her at night when they couldn't fine an inn to stay at. He was still as cute though and Kagome found she sadden at the thought she would leave him one day, but she would have to she needed to fined her Pack. That is after her leader found her.

Kagome had known that her leader was leaving to be some where safe; Ruri cared for her like a sister. Ruri said that she would find her again and bring her back to her loved ones again. Though doubt clouded Kagome's mind if she was coming to get her when would it be and if she was coming at all, why would she push her down the well?

Had Ruri been the one to have sealed the well so that she could not come back, was she not going to come at all, had Ruri been the one to have sealed the well?

Kagome shook her head and stood gently and graceful as to not wake the sleeping kit. She walked over to her black bag that replaced her yellow one that a bear youkai had destroyed when it tired to get her jewel shards; she dug out her bathing supple bag, two towels, and a change of clothes. A bathe would settle her down. She trotted of to a hot spring that was only a hundred or so feet away from camp.

When she arrived she abounded her clothes at the edge of the spring and slipped in sighing as the water loosed her tense muscles.


Kagome awake as the sun shinned in her face, she had gotten back from her bath only a little while ago, but she was ready to go back to Keade's village that they were only five miles from. She could go back and get more supplies and rest in her nice comfy bed. She woke Shippou up and began to pick up her bedding. Shippou woke up Sango and Miroku they began their morning route of picking up. Kagome headed over to the middle of the camp and light a flame on the ashes of last night's fire, and then she added logs and sticks that were next to it.

She began to fix breakfast for everyone aware that Inuyasha had yet to show up from his late night trip.

"Oi, is the food done yet." Speak of the devil.

"Not yet, Inuyasha." Kagome said tiring not to angry him, for he had been touching the last few days now.

"Well hurry the hell up I'm tired of waiting." Inuyasha said before plopping down to stare at the cooking rice. Kagome's eye twitched, but she said nothing and continued to cook. When it was finished and everyone had eaten they lifted for the village that was not to far off. During the trip Kagome deiced that it was a fine time to tell Inuyasha that she was going home.

"Ano... Inuyasha," his ears twitched showing that he was listening, "I want to go home when we reach Keade's," she finished quietly. Inuyasha stopped walking.



"I said no and that's finally, you ain't goin' home!" Inuyasha voice grew louder as he got anger. This was not the time to have told him Kagome realized only too late. "You can't keep me here!" Kagome yelled back, her anger rising as well. Soon it they were yelling back and forth.

"You stupid wench, you can go home for all I care," Inuyasha screamed as he completely lost it," I don't give a fuck anymore."

Kagome was too shocked to notice the gasps of their companions. Inuyasha never had said anything this cruel before.

"Fine I'll go home, but I won't come back," she ignored the wail that came from Shippou as she said this, "You useless, no good fuck!" Kagome ran away toward the well, she never looked back and at this moment she knew she would never see them again. It was just a gut feeling but as an inuyoukai she knew to trust her instinct. Kagome released her fined form. Her hair grew longer and two dark blue flowers adorned either side of her head, her eyes grew light in color to where she almost looked blind and her markings reappeared. She grew a little taller but not much. She took off leaving everyone behind.

Kagome got closer and closer to her goal. She felt the tear leak down her striped cheeks, she closed her eyes and just as she entered the clearing, where the well lay, she ran right smack into something solid. She opened her eyes and found her self looking at demon armor.

It was black on the bottom as most armor was and it was a creamy green at the chest plate. A dark green and light green slash keep it tight at the waist. Kagome was afraid to look up, she was not scared of course, but she was embarrassed.

She backed away only to freeze when she saw the face of the youkai she had run into. This youkai had long, snow white hair and emerald eyes that twinkled with amusement.

"Ruri," Kagome whispered before her eyes blurred and she was crying again, but out of joy this time," you really did come back for me." She cried even harder and launched her self at Ruri.

"Of course I came. I would I leave you here? What put that silly thought in your head?" Ruri's quite voice whispered. Kagome lifted her head so her words would not be muffled, "You sealed the well," she mumbled. She left a rumble in Ruri chest and looked back at her face and saw that she was laughing at her.

"Kagome you really are a baka, I sealed the well to keep anyone from getting you. I did not seal to keep you from coming home." Ruri sighed and grabbed Kagome's shoulders. She moved back and looked at her attire. "What are you wearing? Do not tell that you have been running around in that little thing?" at Kagome's nod she let out another sigh.

"When we get to the youkai village not far from here we will get you proper clothing," she told Kagome firmly making sure that she understood she was not going to be able to fight back on this. "Good. Now let us head toward home." Ruri let go of her shoulders and began to head west. Kagome gave one last look at the well before she ran after Ruri, a pleasant smile on her face.

Kagome and Ruri made their way to the youkai village slowly for Ruri wanted to save energy in case they were attack by other inuyoukai in the neighboring territory. Inuyoukai were a different race from all the others besides wolves. They lived in packs and set territory over certain areas. There were often wars over the territories for others wish to expand their lands and their profits they would get from the youkai villages dotted all over these territories. Though the one who was in battle the most was probably Sesshoumaru for he owned most of the land in the West.

The Hoshi Pack lived in the Northeast, and owned most of it to; well that is how it was when Kagome had lived in the Pack. She was very happy to be going home to be able to see all her friends and her all of her sisters. She had four and an older brother. Her sisters names were Kenshi, who was her twin, Harinshi, the oldest, Choko, her younger sister, and Miu, the youngest of all. She had missed them much since she left, but soon she would see their faces. Kagome's stomach began to fill with butterflies at the thought of seeing them. Though she would not be happy to see Harinshi as much, they had never gotten along well.

"I can not believe I am going back." Kagome smiled brightly at her companion.

"Yes I know your family has missed you much the period of time that you have not been with them." Kagome listened to Ruri's quite voice that never really came above a whisper, but that was how she was. She was not shy she was just born with a quite tone of voice. Though when she was angry it became a scary, deadly whisper that would even put Sesshoumaru in his place and it usually sent lesser youkai running. Kagome was brought out this train of thought when she notice Ruri had stopped. They had arrived at the village.

"It's not that big," Kagome said looking at the crowded market streets. There were paper lanterns hanging outside every door and youkai children ran through the streets squealing when their okaa- sans caught them. Kagome looked for any signs of an inuyoukai, but that was a baka thing to do. Inuyoukai live in the castle, for only Inuyoukai ruled the Japanese lands and no other demon did.

"Come, you still need clothing weather or not this village is small." Ruri walked toward the village and Kagome followed. She knew her outfit would most likely be close to the same as Ruri. Kagome looked over at Ruri's attire it consist of a kimono with dark green patterns and white hakama. She unlike Sesshoumaru did not wear a fur pelt on her shoulder or a pelt at all. She had black taped over the hakama that ended just below her knees. Kagome knew that these clothes were durable and pack leaders wore them because of that reason. At and they were comfy.

They walked through the streets looking for a seamstress that would make clothing for Kagome, which would take a few days she was sure. Youkai moved out of their way staring at them all the awhile, for it was uncommon to see a richly dressed inuyoukai walk in such a tiny village. Though Kagome could feel that must of the stares were on her not only was she an inuyoukai, she was also wearing very short and weird clothing. She just blushed slightly and continued forward.

Ruri stared to walk faster when she spotted a seamstress work area. She step through the doorway, Kagome came in after her and was assaulted by the thick heavy sent of ink that was used to make the color in the fabric. As Kagome looked around she saw fabric of all colors, she walked over to and area that held lots of blues and purple.

"We need a kimono and hakama made." Kagome heard Ruri's soft voice say to the wrinkly youkai sitting on the floor next to fabrics and needles. Kagome walked over to the two demons and knelt on her knees next Ruri.

"Alright, let me take the measures then you may pick the fabric of your choice." The old youkai said her voice dry and hoarse. Kagome stood and the demon measured her out and Kagome pick out a kimono with blue petals falling all over and white hakama. Her slash was a light sliver with thin swirls of a pretty blue color. They left the kimono maker holding on to the promise that tomorrow Kagome would have new clothing for the trip back home. The headed to an inn not far away and paid for one room.

"I'm hungry, when do you think dinner will come?" Kagome asked as they drank the tea that the maid had given them.

"I am unsure of when they sure dinner, though I am certain that it will be soon. Just relax Kagome everything will be fine we shall be home in all good time." Ruri finished her tea.

"Ruri," she looked at Kagome, "tell me about our home. Has it changed at all?" Kagome had been gone so long that she was unsure of what had happened there.

"Nothing has really changed. Our lands are a little larger not but not by much and as to be expected we have lost the lives of dear ones." Ruri's voice showed no signs that any else was up only that not much had changed, but Kagome felt sad at the thought of the lost lives of her Pack.

The door slid open and two girls with trays shuffled on their knees in to the room. They placed the dinner in front of Kagome and Ruri before shuffling back out and sliding the door shut. Kagome dug in, the thoughts of the lost lives push into the back of her mind until she reached their home and could grieve for them. Ruri smiled before she picked up her chop sticks and ate her meal as well. Their beds where laid out for them and they went to sleep after they had talked about how their lives had been in the time they were apart.


Kagome and Ruri waited till the afternoon before going to pick up her outfit and heading home, much to Kagome's irritation. They bought supplies and other things needed for the trip ahead. Kagome dragged her self behind Ruri, she really wanted to go home now, but she knew she had to follow Ruri's orders or suffer. They may be close but Ruri was still leader and that was that.

When the sun reached the middle of the sky they headed toward the old seamstresses work area. Kagome was fitted into her new clothing then they set of toward the North. Kagome skipped in front of Ruri ready to go home. She could help herself, she knew that Ruri should be in front but she had said nothing so far.

Kagome hummed a tune and she heard Ruri start to sing to it. They all ways did this, Ruri would sing in the loveliest voices and Kagome would hum a tune that could not be matched. They continued this way until the sunset and they rested for the night so that in the morning they could run home with no problems.

Ruri sat above Kagome in a tree, she would not sleep tonight. Not that she ever slept anyway. Being that her father was a god, sleep never would come to her. She hated him for it to, she wished to dream of sweet things or even dream of terrible things that would never leave her minds eye. But that was fantasy, she could only have the dreams that you dream while awake. Daydreams.

Ruri hated who she was, she had to have tight hold on her emotions or she would lose control, and nothing good would come of that. She would probably kill every one in her castle and the town that surrounded it. She could not have that, that would be that last thing she needed right now. She felt sorrow for Kagome though. Kagome was a special being, something that she and her father had come up with. These being were called 'Gifts', they had powers that no other youkai and humans have. Such as being able to See into the future or some other trifle thing. But she only said trifle because there was payment for owning such powers. One who could See into the future would one day go blind to live in darkness never to see the light of the sun or the brightness of the moon, or the would lose themselves in their visions forever living in the Sights of the future. Though Kagome could not See the future. She Saw something even more terrifying, something that should not have been given. But Ruri given it anyway, in her time of angry she had given Kagome the ability to See how one would die. As to say if you were going to die a painful death, Kagome would See it. Though she could not tell when this person died.

Ruri was grateful to her father who had taken pity on Kagome and had made it so that she could only See ones death if they touched her. Ruri had felt so guilty for the 'gift' she had given she befriended Kagome when she was a pup and had been with her ever since. Kagome was often sought out by demons who wished to know who would kill them or how they would die. But that were the money came in, most of the Hoshi Pack were Gifts thus they used these gifts of theirs, female youkai often wanted to know what future their pups would hold or some such thing. Other inuyoukai wanted to hire skilled assassins, they had that covered as well.

Ruri scanned the area before she began to sing to herself quietly, Kagome knew all about that though she even knew that Ruri had given her, her horrible power, but Kagome had forgiven her. Just like that she said, "It's alright, I don't to mind much. I can use these powers to help our Pack." She then smiled at her as though she had never blamed her for it.


Kagome washed her face in the nearby river. She glance at the trees, she didn't need to be attacked while washing her face. She sat up and closed her eyes. She was listing to the gentle sound of the river. It sounded as if it were talking to her, telling her its secrets. Even as a youkai Kagome loved nature, but why couldn't she? She was apart of it after all. Nature was beautiful, though the nature and plant life in the future was quite poor. This was one of her secret pleasures in this time period.

Kagome looked back as she smelled Ruri approaching, she knew she would never be able to hear her footsteps.

"Is it time to go?" Kagome asked standing up. At her nod they headed off toward the North, toward home.


Alright the names I used for Kagome's sister do not belong to me. Someone else had these names and I took them. Only the names though. Well I hope you liked it. Till next time


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