Something Special by Master Akane

Something Special

Something Special

Master Akane

A one shot fan fic about Kagome and Sesshoumaru. "talking" 'thinking' ^_^ Enjoy!



But Kagome didn't respond as she kept running. How could they be so mean to her? Even Sango had gone against her. "Why wont you let me fight!" Kagome remembered the even that took place only minutes before. "I can handle my bow perfectly"

"We don't want you to get hurt," Miroku began, "we care about you."

"You may be able to handle the bow, but you sure as hell wont kill anyone!" Inuyasha had yelled.

"Kagome please, for your own safety, do you what you do best...find the shards and we'll fight," Sango said in a soft voice, trying not to wake a sleeping Shippo.

"I can fight! If my friends are in danger I would kill someone for them...don't they get that!" Kagome yelled out to no one in particular. Of course, she would eventually go back like always, she just needed time to cool off. She walked toward the well...or at least where the well should have been. Looking around she realized she ran into a part of the forest she had never seen before. In fact, she wasn't even sure if she was still in Inuyasha's forest. "Stupid Kagome, always getting your self into these positions where you call for someone to help you."

As she was about to yell for help she stopped herself. This would only prove her friends right. Despite her fear, her stubbornness took over. She would prove to her friends, and herself, that she was independent and could take care of herself. Now to figure out where she was.

After walking around for about an hour trying to figure out where she was, she stumbled upon a small, very small, stream. She realized it was fresh water and drank greedily. In her hissy fit, she had forgotten to grab her pack when she ran. Leaning against a rock, she thought about her situation. It was hopeless; she really was useless. Unless of course, you count shard detecting, but that only caused her problems. Thinking these sad thoughts she eventually drifted into a restless sleep.


She was in her room...but it wasn't hers. She went out the door and walked downstairs. There she saw her mom, grandpa, and brother all sitting happily together around the kitchen table. All three were laughing. She looked to the fridge and saw pictures of the family, nothing new there. Yet, when she looked closer, she realized something was different in these pictures then the ones she was use to looking at. She wasn't in any of them.

She ran out of the house and toward her school. There she saw her friends all laughing and talking while looking at a teen magazine. Hojo was annoying another poor girl about health products while trying to ask her out on a date. She ran to where her locker was only to see another student using her locker.

She reached home and jumped through the well. Inuyasha and Kikyo, with the Shikon Jewel, were together. Miroku was staring lovingly at and obviously pregnant Sango. Walking further into the forest, she saw Shippo playing with other youkai children.

This was life without her. Everyone was happy. No sick kid from school. No daughter who left home to travel to another world. No shards to be detected. Nobody missed her.


Kagome woke with a start. She was sweating, and tears were streaming down her cheeks. If she had the strength, she would kill herself. But she was even to weak to do that. She was so depressed; she didn't notice someone else sit by the stream. After a while she looked up...and into golden eyes. Scurrying back, she saw Sesshoumaru standing before her. 'Perhaps he will kill me'

"Up girl."

Kagome blinked in surprise, not expecting this. However she complied to his demand.


As he turned Kagome used all the courage in her to ask, "Where are you taking me, Sesshoumaru-sama?" 'What the heck, if I give him enough respect he might actually be civil'

"To my half-brother."

"NO!" It was Sesshoumaru's turn to blink in surprise. "Please Sesshoumaru, I can't go back to him...I just cant..." Kagome couldn't stop the tears that leaked from her eyes. It was too much for her. Not only the whole fighting issue, she was tired of being second to Kikyo. Tired of being called names. Tired of being pushed aside. Tired of living two lives. She just wanted someone to hold onto, to cry on, and to talk with.

"What is your name?"


"Kagome..." he repeated the name slowly. His eyes surveyed her, as if deciding what to do with her. Their eyes locked. It was in that split second that something happened. Love at first sight...defiantly not. However, something happened, a mutual understanding one could say.

"Don't stress over my brother, he is stupid and doesn't understand much besides killing. He will come to appreciate you sooner of later." Maybe he didn't know it, but these words comforted her in some odd twisted way.

"Thank you Sesshoumaru, but I think I realize I can't be with him. I would still like to be friends with him, but I wish I could make him feel the same way I did when I ran into him kissing Kikyo," Kagome said quietly as a lone tear rolled down her face.

Sesshoumaru wiped away the tear with his soft had. "He loves you, you know."

"Then he should have proven it earlier, because I no longer hold those type of feelings for him." Kagome said. Her heart was pounding. She liked Inuyasha and thought he was cute with his doggy ears, but when his brother wasn't trying to kill you...damn was he sexy. Kagome swore she saw the lord smirk, and she blushed at the thought.

"What type of revenge did you have in mind, Kagome?" Sesshoumaru whispered in her ear. He was teasing her, but mad was she loving it.

"Well, I dunno, something similar to my situation, I guess."

"How about him walking in on you kissing his brother? I'm sure you know how much I love annoying my dear brother, and I'm sure he would feel the pain you must have felt."

Kagome had no idea why he was doing this. She couldn't even answer him. "I must be under some spell.'

"He's coming, and he's by himself," Sesshoumaru whispered seductively in her ear. Kagome couldn't do anything but lean into the tai-youkai. The kiss started out slow and timid, but soon grew into a greedy kiss. She never quite new what her first kiss would be like, but she was enjoying every minute of this bliss. Sesshoumaru was the only thing on her mind at the time. Damn he was good. Kagome didn't even notice Inuyasha standing just a few feet away, she was too wrapped up in her current...situation.

Sesshoumaru however, took the opportunity to stare at his half brother triumphantly. He would never admit it, but if youkai woman tasted as good as this human girl did, he would not be single. It wasn't until a minute after Inuyasha had left that Sesshoumaru broke the kiss.

"Did he come?"

"Yes he did."

"So, I suppose I have to leave now, huh?"

"Disappointed that kiss didn't turn into something more are we?"

"No! I...just...I really meant...ohhhh," Kagome was blushing like mad now. You see, Sesshoumaru had spoken her exact thoughts.

"Don't worry Kagome, I'll be looking out for you, and we'll see each other again, I can assure you of that," Sesshoumaru whispered to her before giving her another soft kiss upon her lips. And with that, the youkai lord was gone.

Staring into the sky, Kagome turned in direction in which she heard Inuyasha yelling. She wasn't sure how true Sesshoumaru's words were, yet it made her feel at peace with herself, something she'd been missing for a long time.


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