Zoology 155: Human Sexuality by lady_myth

Chapter 1

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Zoology 155: Human Sexuality

Chapter 1

"It is agreed then. You shall return when ready." And with that, the meeting was over. The emotionless Taiyoukai relaxed his shoulders as the youkai bowed out and left his receiving chamber. He allowed himself a long sigh as he let his gaze drift, his mind contemplating his newest undertaking. It was time. He had to do it. It was true, he had barely touched the prime of his life--nowhere near the age that his father had been when he had decided the same course--but the future now was so uncertain. With the rise in the populace of the human race, and the noticeable decline of his own--and it was noticeable--and with his daft young sibling more occupied with swinging his sword around and chasing mikos in the brush, he truly couldn't wait any longer.

He reached out and lifted up the small porcelain flask that occupied the corner of his vast desk. He tipped the flask and poured its' golden hued contents into the small cup beside it. He briefly wondered why he bothered importing the sweet drink from nearly halfway across the world since he indulged in it very rarely. He brought the small cup to his lips and tilted it. He immediately remembered why. The heat coursed over his tongue and traveled down his throat, relaxing him instantly. He let out another sigh, a thing unheard of with the normally stoic youkai, but then again this situation wasn't that common.

He was placing a second cup of the drink against his lips when an inhuman shriek shattered the stillness of his palace. He soon heard the pattering of small feet and placed the cup down where it originally sat. No doubt his worthless--yet loyal--retainer was swiftly approaching to rant about the terrible injustice suffered upon his slimy person by one young, little, gentle, human girl.

He was surprised when the door swung open--with no knock--to reveal his young ward. He sat up straighter when he saw the quivering form of the girl, Rin, her bottom lip caught between her teeth, her wide brown eyes moist with unshed tears, and he was stunned to realize that the banshee-like howl must have come from her. She stepped inside his chamber and sucked in large gulps of air to hold back the sobs that she appeared to desperately want to release.

"Rin, you shall take control of your emotions at once, you--" Sesshoumaru caught himself as he breathed the air. His eyes widened for a millisecond, understanding flashing like lightning in the amber orbs of his eyes. His gaze fixed itself on his ward, his eyes taking her in as if seeing her for the first time. He knew what the matter was, and he could see the reason as to why she was so near hysterics.

He was amazed at the growth he saw in her. She was shooting up like a reed, her twig-like body of girlhood swiftly vanishing, her body transforming into a lithe specimen with the swell of her breasts and hips starting to bloom. Her eyes were wider, her face shape rounding into the distinct characteristic of womanhood. Her maturity was upon them both and he had completely missed it.

Time passed in spurts for immortals. Some centuries flew by without a blink of the eyes, while some years ticked away like eons...and how the Taiyoukai had missed the sudden transformation of his ward when he was in one of the "eon" years, was completely beyond him.

"Rin," he stated, calmly, "See to Megumi. You are fine, and she will explain."

I hope.

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"And that concludes our lesson. Got it, Miroku?" Kagome shut the book firmly, holding it tight against her lap as the monk stared with longing at it. The book, that is.

"I believe so. This education of yours has been most enlightening. I hope and pray to find myself reincarnated in your era, Lady Kagome." He sighed, his eyes losing focus, lost in his daydream.

"Kagome rolled her eyes, "Actually, Miroku, if you're praying for that you might want to ask for the time era of thirty years earlier, and in a country called America."

The monk's eyes snapped to attention, "Why that time and place specifically?"

"They call it the time of "the Sexual Revolution"."

Miroku's face took on its' dream-like quality, with the disturbing feature of his tell-tale lecherous smirk. He was suddenly launched away from the campfire, the sound of the wind being spilt by the boomerang of a certain taijiya.

The snort from the tree tops had Kagome looking up.

"Feh! You dirty hentai! I can smell your musk from here!"

Kagome again rolled her eyes, and let out a sharp gasp as the air from her lungs was robbed with the collision of a tiny ball of fur against her chest.

"Is it my turn?!" Shippo asked excitedly, his hands clutching Kagome's t-shirt as he gazed up at her with his wide, pleading eyes.

With a soft, fond smile gracing her face, Kagome replaced the book in her lap with an equally thick volume. Shippo bounced excitedly as Kagome leaned against the tree she was sitting under, getting herself comfortable for her next task. She opened the book of fairy tales to where they had left off the previous night, and moistened her lips in anticipation. Kagome was the only one who could read the fluid writing that graced the large pages. She had started teaching Shippo their native language, but the little kitsune could only take pleasure from the large and beautiful illustrations and the sound of his mother's voice. Miroku had tried mastering the foreign letters when Kagome had started her new assignments, but the fact alone that the letters ran in opposite directions and in a horizontal format sent his mind in a spin. The ritual of reading to them--more for Shippo, but honestly everyone listened in nowadays--out loud had begun when she was still in high school. She had had to master a second language, had she wished to continue on to a secondary education, but even though that plan fell to the wayside, she had kept up with it. She had greatly improved her understanding of the language by translating it. Often, when Shippo was nearly completely asleep, she would switch over to the language; its fluid sounds and soft consonants lulling her kit to the land of dreams. Whenever she managed to get home, and by coincidence meet with her old instructor, he always expressed his delight in her mastering of the language. He would often have a few corrections, particularly on her accent, but often told her that she should see a position in teaching or translation. She brushed it to the back of her mind, knowing full well that her future lay where it should: in the past. But it never hurt to have a back up plan.

Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

This small phrase had become her motto, her silent chant to keep her striving forward in all the new situations she found herself in. No one could accuse her of not being a creature of change. Little did she know how much more her life would change yet.

"Once upon a time..."

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Sesshoumaru could not believe his ears. Megumi sat up from her bow, but kept her eyes firmly fixed on the ground.

"It would be wise to have a human explain it to her. While we are both females, our species are different. Young Rin's personal cycle is much different from a youkai's."

"That is all." He dismissed his head servant with a flick of his wrist, and the low-born Inu quickly slipped from the chamber. Sesshoumaru stood, and turned so that he could walk out on his private balcony. He fixed his gaze to the diamond-like lights of the sky. To find someone to teach Rin of the changes she was undergoing was not going to be a simple task. His position, while unrivaled in all the land, placed his at a disadvantage. He would like to keep this as quiet as possible from other youkai courts. More because they would immediately point out his lack of planning, something he had prided himself on. Laughingly, he had thought he would have plenty of time to arrange this, forgetting that the maturity of a human happened in a span of years, and not decades.

His options were few. He could order for a scholar, but they were male--youkai or human--and would either not known anything of the female cycle, or take advantage of his young ward...should they even consider assisting a human female. He supposed he could fetch one of the females from the many villages of his empire, but the chance of them being uneducated ran high, and he did not want his ward exposed to indecent details at so tender an age. His ward was intelligent for her sex and species, and he felt he should continue instructing her at the same level she was accustomed to. So what he needed, was a human female. One who was intelligent, hygienic, and respected in her class. One who was discreet and sensitive to the age of his ward and her future station. And, now that he thought about it, one who could aid the young ward in her comfort and guide her in similar areas which would come up as she matured. All at once the answer came to him.

He needed a miko.

But what miko would aid a youkai? He blew out a sigh. He inhaled the sweet air as the wind brought up the scent of the vast garden beneath his balcony. The scent of jasmine struck a chord within him. His eyes turned their gaze to the distant east. He knew of such a miko.

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