Forgiving the Past by Sesshy's Rose


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Author's Note: Okay, this is a story that came to me after finding a very good book of my middle school years titled "Remnant of Forgiveness," by Sally Laity...while preparing for a garage sale. I know I have several fanfics running at this time, but this idea wouldn't leave me.

Forgiving the Past

Chapter 1: Prologue

Kagome's eyes popped open, revealing the shadowed darkness that told her it was still nighttime. Slowly, she sat up, shaking and disorientated and tears threatening to spill from her sleep laden eyes. Without even looking up, she flipped on the lamp that sat on the nightstand next to her bed, the soft glow gracing her with the image of her meagerly decorated apartment. With a sigh, she hung her feet over the edge of the bed and threw on the robe that was thrown over a chair across the room. Slowly, she trudged over to the adjourned bathroom.

I've traveled thousands of miles away from there to erase these memories...but it seems they are as fresh as ever in my mind. Kagome thought with a shaky sigh as she ran her fingers through her sleep-mussed hair. For the first time that night, she stared into the mirror; her deep brown eyes showing the mental anguish that rested so thoroughly within her mind. She was beautiful. Her thick, black hair fell in curls past her shoulders, ending in tousled wisps at the small of her slender back. Her alabaster skin was flawless and warm to the touch despite the cold she felt inside. She turned away from her reflection in shame. She would never be loved after what had occurred in the past. What kind of man could love someone like her...she was used and impure.

As if to ward away the thoughts that still haunted her, she wrapped her arms around her waist and flipped off the light as she reentered her bedroom and sat on the edge of the small, twin sized bed, bringing her knees up to rest her chin on them. I've been in the U.S. for three years and still can't forget them. Mom, Dad, Souta...would any of them still be alive? The pain is still so fresh. She thought with a shiver as she laid to rest and pulled the blanket to her chin before flipping the lamp off. I should try to get some sleep before work. It would do me no good to turn up to my first day of work late. She thought as she began to drift off, burrowing into her pillow as she made the transition into sleep. Besides, she thought as sleep took complete hold of her body and her taunt muscles loosened in its hold. After all the Morgan's have done for me, I wouldn't want to disappoint them.

Author's Note: Okay, this is just a taste of the story. A very small taste...following chapters will be a lot longer. Here are some key facts if you haven't picked them up yet...and they are all I'm telling you at this point.

-The story's setting is in the U.S.

-Kagome is a refugee of sorts

-The names of the characters, despite the countries they are from in the story, will remain the same as in the anime...

-Sesshoumaru will not show up for a couple of chapters...

Please tell me what you think of the chapter! I'll warn you now...there will be scenes of torture and rape in the upcoming read at your own risk! I don't want anyone messaging me saying I didn't warn them of the upcoming abuse...notes will be posted at the beginning of any chapters with any of this content. Thank you and please review!

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