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By xthextellxtalexmassacrex

Just give me a chance!


Sesshoumaru sat and watched from the bushes there she was it was her. Little did he know she knew where he was and what he wanted the truth was she wanted it to. Kagome changed a lot and was now an 18-year-old rocker. She wore a blue plaid skirt with a blue shirt that matched her cute short skirt, why she was gorgeous. Her fish net leggings tied it all together so well.

While Sesshoumaru waited for just the right moment to come and tell her a long story of how InuYasha and his clay pot where planning to kill her, he had the whole thing planned out.

Kagome sat under a large Sakura tree the blossoms were in bloom and they fell freely, she sat with a book in her lap she read it with lots of enthusiasm. This girl was lost in the pages of the book this interested Sesshoumaru for what could you read about that was that good. Sesshoumaru watched her turn the pages until she stopped and put the book down.

As he watched he saw her stretch and lay on the soft ground full of Sakura blossoms. He watched as she drifted into a peaceful fun slumber. There she was this was his chance he must at least try. So as he approached he felt a demonic aura and her sent had changed it wasn't because of her being mated or anything it was a type of physical change. Once he had gotten close enough to see all of her features up close, he saw the change was she no longer a human, but a full bred demon. How he wondered.

Studying her markings they were a lot like his, but not really. She had one bright red pointed stripe an one cheek the other held a bunch of stars in the shape of a stipe in the same red. On her forehead was a black broken heart. "Why? Why dose she have these markings?" Kagome moved Sesshoumaru looked longingly at her. "She is so gorgeous" he thought. And was leaning down to kiss her lips when her eyes fluttered open. Her striking blue eyes looked at him not a hint of fear were in them.

"Hi milord she said sitting up.

"Hello" he said standing up. She did the same.

"Why must you leave?" she asked him starring into his deep golden eyes.

"InuYahsa would smell your sent with mine" making up an excuse for no reason he didn't care it would teach his brother not to fool around with women.

"I'll wash it off he will never know I...I promise" she said rethinking her action she took the she hugged him. He looked down at her small body next to him.

"Fine" he said sitting and as he sat down she sat in his lap. She fell asleep once more. He fell asleep leaning up against the tree with her in his arms. They sat down together for two hours and she awoke staring at his large frame. She ran her fingers over his markings causing him to awaken. She smiled at him and "I must go its getting late" she said standing up.

"why?" it was his turn to ask this question.

"InuYasha, he'll come looking for me." She said bidding him a farewell.

"well at least let me walk with you to the hot springs and I'll wait for you and make sure you make it back safe" he said.

"alright no peaking though" they walked for five minutes or so wait here I'll be right back" she was gone about ten or fifteen minutes when she returned her markings had disappeared.

"where are your markings?" he asked.

"oh, yeah about those well you see these earings she pointed to her ears you see these were made by my REAL mother to hide my demon when ever I wanted. And well you see they are just what I need for now or until I get the courage to tell everyone else what I really am." The earrings were just like her marking it was a broken heart and dangling down from them was a bunch of stars with a single stripe. He now under stood.

"why do you not tell InuYasha you should not be afraid to tell the hanyou...he can't hurt you"

"yes he can, you see I know this is ridiculous, but oddly enough I still have slight feelings for him so he could hurt he could hurt me emotionally." She said looking down looking even more dissatisfied with her self.

"well take those feelings and put them into some one more useful, and someone who won't take your heart and twist it then laugh at your pain..." he said.

"well I will then and you know who that would be?" she asked


"you...thank you so much Sesshoumaru" she said kind of quietly with a blush that was unmistakably red.

He looked at her "all right sounds just fine but you know I won't laugh at your pain alright?"

"alright" she said quietly.

The walked the rest of the way with SOME small talk until they heard InuYasha's voice yelling.

"I must go" said Kagome she wanted to hug him but it she did InuYasha would know what had happened while she was gone so she blew him a kiss and she disappeared into the camp.


"uh...I WAS BUSY!" she yelled back. She said sitting down in-between Sango and Shippo.

"Mr. Grouchy over there would not shut up for nothing since you left." Said Miroku.

"good he should be worried about me every once and a while you know plus he bugs I'm sorry about that. He doesn't care about me so it's funny to see he cares, but I KAGOME HIGURASHI DON'T CARE!" everyone looked at her. "what I thought it was one of those moments you know?" she shrugged

"what none of that made since" replied Sango after the awkward silence.

"yeah I know so Sango you wanna go take a bath or go do something I am bored?" asked Kagome.

Sango shrugged "sure but don't freak on me Kay?"

"Kay" said Kagome with a smile, she stood up and Sango fallowed her to the hot springs.

When they got there Kagome just sat down in the grass. "what did you want to talk about?" asked Sango.

"well you see I was gone for so long 'cause...'cause...'cause me and Sesshoumaru. Well we sat and we talked and we fell asleep together."

"You did WHAT?!" said Sango.

"we took a nap together...pervert!" said Kagome .

"Well you're the one who said it not me," said Sango.

"Well one thing is that's not all I have something to show you" she took of the earrings and her demon was unleashed.

"Wow what kind of demon are you?" asked Sango.

"Dragon" was all Kagome said.

Sango's eyes grew large as she starred at Kagome "know way that is way better then a hanyou puppy like Inu-baka" she said still starring at her in awe.

Sango starred at her markings more and more looking at ho unique they were.

"Who cares I only turn into a black dragon at least Sesshoumaru is cute." Said Kagome.

"You can transform?!" asked Sango. Her eyes wide with surprisment. "wow"

"who cares its not cool!" said Kagome.

"so you can scare the sh- stuff out of InuYasha you know?! We can do it now well you can transform and then I can fly in to the campsite on you then then we can yeah!" said Sango.

"Fine but I it's not that easy to just transform well actually it is, but I just don't feel like it you know, but...seeing InuYasha scared and in panic because of me would completely a new experience." She said smiling an evil grin.

"Kay show me!" said Sango.

"Kay" Kagome went into a fighting stance then she closed her eyes and her face became longer her small human like form disappeared into a large black dragon with the same markings and a strong fighting pose through-out her whole body. Kagome opened her eyes they flashed from a dark red to an electric blue then back to red they flashed back and forth for a minute and then and finally stopped and stayed the electric blue.

"Lets go!" said Sango

Kagome nodded and nudged Sango to get on her back. They flew over the Sakura tree then to the campsite they landed and Sango climbed down and smiled at Miroku, Shippo then just laughed at the shock on InuYasha's face.

"What do you want?" InuYasha asked in shock and horror taking out Tetsaiga as it transformed into the fang like sword.

"You know who I am! InuYasha" said Sango "and you know very well who that is! So maybe you should pay attention."

"I've never seen that demon in my life" said InuYasha.

"Yeah she use to live with you and she loved you, Kagome come on show them how you really look" said Sango.

Kagome's eyes closed and a red light shown brightly around her, and she became the size of the small framed human they all knew her by. As the light faded the all saw her clearly her markings shown bright and darkly.

"I'm back InuYasha" said Kagome.

"Kagome-mama!" yelled Shippo hugging her.

"see he recognizes me!" said Kagome.

With that Kagome picked up Shippo and ran off at the speed of light she ran around by the Sakura tree she ran further and ran back for. That was the safest place...

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