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Prologue: The End To A Journey Long Expired

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To defeat the evil hanyou sacrifices had to be made. Never meant for the past Kagome lives out her life where she was always meant to be, the present, but the gods are not cruel to those that eradicate evil selfishly.


The End to A Journey Long Expired

The world was on fire

No one could save me but you

It's strange what desire

will make foolish people do

-Chris Isaak

The final battle was upon them, however cliché that sounded.

The Inu-tachi, minus one little kitsune for Kagome's safety reasons, where running after Naraku whom had suddenly disappeared after saying today would be the day this would all end between them.

They knew he would appear, and once they had reached a clearing they decided this was the best place to wait.

"It would do well to stay out of the way little brother," spoke a cold voice from the behind.

The group turned to Sesshoumaru who stood there to their right his hand resting on Tokijin. Sesshoumaru was an unexpected but welcomed ally, well at least to Kagome.

She smiled and waved to him to much of Inuyasha's protests.

"He's coming," Sesshoumaru said as he looked at the young miko with dull interest.

"Keh, don't get in my way," Inuyasha glared at Sesshoumaru,

"Must you repeat this Sesshoumaru?"

Inuyasha growled as the stench of Naraku approached them fast.

The Inu-tachi and allies were now face to face with a heart holding Naraku happenings of great importance would definitely take place here.

Naraku had his heart? Why yes, he certainly did, after attaining the remaining shards, minus Kagome's and the two within Kouga's leg, Naraku felt the Inu-tachi was truly no longer a threat to his massive new power and merged his heart once again into his body

"Kuku, you fools you shall all die here today, and with the completed Shikon, not even you Sesshoumaru will be able to kill me,"

"Seize your constant rambles and fight filthy hanyou," Sesshoumaru as well as the others assumed a fighting position, Kagome took her bow and notched an arrow.

"Kongōsōha!" Inuyasha screamed loudly as he unleashed a wave of diamond spears at Naraku.

Smirking Naraku avoided Inuyasha's attack with ease, only to face Sesshoumaru.


While Naraku blocked Sesshoumaru's attacks he suddenly gasped out in pain as two arrows stuck within each side of his ribcage. Growling menacingly Naraku looks to his left to see Kikyo in the distance holding her bow and to the right seeing Kagome in nearly the same exact stance.

"Vile wenches!" He hisses with pure hatred. Before he could make his way to either women Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru together as one charged towards Naraku with full force. Kagome and Kikyo continued to fire arrows simultaneously.

Swarms of lower youkai began to litter the fields, seeking to aide their master. Sango and Miroku began to take out the youkai in stunning movements and choreography.

Realizing Naraku was failing this battle he unleashed his powerful miasma in order to push the persistent dogs away. His planned work, both Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha leapt back. Kikyo fired an arrow into the smog to clear a view for Kagome. She took her chance and fired at him, landing right in his abdomen. He snarled in pain, his read eyes looking towards Kagome in hatred. Without a sound he charged at her, Kikyo ran to her fellow Miko's aide and before anyone could processes what was occurring Kikyo had one of Naraku's tentacles protruding from her back with Kagome behind her in utter shock.

"KIKYO!" Inuyasha yelled in horror.

"Kukukuku, not so powerful now undead miko?" Naraku leaped away extracting his tentacle from Kikyo. She fell and Kagome caught her, watching in horror as her skin cracked.

Sesshoumaru quickly disposed a group of weak youkai and charged once more at Naraku seeking to pull his attention towards him so he could finally kill the vile hanyou.

Inuyasha ran towards Kikyo barely hearing the words exchanged between the two.

"Why? Kikyo, why would you do that?" She asked in bewilderment. Didn't this woman despise her existence?

"Kagome, I never realized until now. With part of your soul I was more powerful than living. You gave our soul more power. No one can fully complete Shikon No Tama except for you. My existence here was merely a way to torture Inuyasha..."

"No you where never here for that! I love you Kikyo! This was our chance for me to go with you to hell. To spend eternity together..." his words trailed off as his heart constricted in pain to see his love die.

"Inuyasha, I am sorry for the pain I caused you. I revoke my tie to you if only you can ensure Naraku dies today," She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes. Inuyasha took her body from Kagome and held it tightly as her body broke into pieces just like a clay pot.

Light busted from her body, souls flying away to great distances but the most important one flew straight into Kagome's chest sending her flying back into a tree rendering her unconscious.

Inuyasha looked up toward Naraku his eyes red as he howled out in anguish. Sesshoumaru looked towards his brother while attacking Naraku, what he saw threatened his chances to rid Naraku himself. Taking the chance of Sesshoumaru's side glance towards his brother Naraku released an abundant amount of miasma into his face. Sesshoumaru snarled violently as he rushed backyards, momentarily blinded by the poisonous fumes.

Naraku took the emotional state of Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru into his advantage. The bumbling enraged hanyou ran at Naraku with bloody claws. Quickly knocking Inuyasha to the ground with his tentacles Naraku laughed menacingly. He pinned the hanyou turned youkai to the bloodied battle field.

Just as Naraku pulled back one tentacle reading to shoot the hanyou straight in the heart time seemed to stop.

A pulse was felt through out the field. Then another pulse, the pulses came like a stead heartbeat. The heartbeat quickened as did the pulse and then...

Time stopped.

Then it began once more.

There they stood, rendered useless as their bright eyed smiling girl from the future took on the purest form of evil this Feudal Era had ever witnessed.

Inuyasha stood motionless, him being the closest to the present show; it was unclear what would happen.

The fatal blow was coming towards the miko and yet the tentacles did not pierce the miko, instead it sizzled and fried off causing Naraku to scream in pain.

Her skin was glowing slightly pink and her hair had begun to rise around her, she had enough!

Enough of the running, the searching, the killing, the crying and oh yes the betrayal.

The betrayal caused by this lowly hanyou in front of her. Kagome began to walk towards Naraku, ignoring the cries of her companions and an annoyed taiyoukai; she would put an end to this.

Bile began to rise in the back of Kagome's throat as she stood in front of the hanyou that had terrorized the past 3 and half years of her life. She grabbed one of his arms and he began to pull away while attempting to attack her person. However at every attempt an appendage was fried and the burning sensation around his arm began to grow closer and closer to his shoulder.

Kagome looked behind her towards Inuyasha. The purification powers radiating off of her seemed to sedate Inuyasha beast as he was once more a hanyou. The power emitting from Kagome could mean only one thing Kagome had a full soul and soon a full Shikon No Tama. Her mind was hazy but she had an idea as to what she was doing, she was ending this nightmare. In hopes to wake up to prince charming whisking her away, however that prince charming would certainly not be a dog eared hanyou. No that hanyou had made his intentions clear, to be only friends.

Suddenly Kagome's attention was brought back to the present Naraku whom was being purified quite slowly and painfully. It wasn't her nature to be cruel but even this little amount of pain was not even a fraction of what he truly deserved. Naraku raggedly used his other hand and with a dagger Kagome had not previously seen, he in some way managed to jab the dagger into Kagome's upper chest.

Naraku was sent ablaze and purified instantly; the Shikon fell to the ground but by some unknown force rolled to Kagome as she fell to her knees.

The blood began to soak her clothes as she felt nothing, not even a twinge of pain. The Shikon began to sink into her body, and the shards around her neck seemed to melt out of the glass container and into her skin as well.

Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku ran to Kagome as she pulled the dagger out of her chest causing a large gush of blood to rush out.

"Gomen mina," Kagome spoke hoarsely as she looked onto her friends with remorseful eyes.

Suddenly Kagome's body began to glow brighter than one's eyes could handle. Everyone quickly turned their head and shielded their eyes from the light, unsure of what was occurring.

However once the light had left and they had turned back to their wounded companion she was not there.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha screamed out sniffing and looking around franticly.

Perhaps she ran off? Yes that could be it! However his eyes and nose told him differently. She had just disappeared.


He fell to his knees and slammed his fists into the ground while Sango cried out softly and Miroku pulled her to him in order to soothe her.

Sesshoumaru stared on with a deadpan gaze; he pitied her short life but would shed no tears for a mere ningen especially one that had taken away his chance to destroy the filthy hanyou however at least he was dead and never to return. But with this came the death of another.

Their Miko was dead and gone from existence.


Did I just really kill Kagome?! Well stick around and find out! I mean this can't just be the end right? We'll see. Just 4 pages, terribly sorry but it was the beginning neh? Until further notice, goodbye!

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