The Spell of Change by FangedBeasty

The Old Book

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The Spell of Change

The Old Book

In a place far away there was a girl whose parents were so absorbed in there own affairs, that they ignored her. One day the girl, Kagome, was going to her parents library to read, when she came across this old book. Curious as to what it contained she opened the book and as she read, she was getting ever more curious. For it was a book of magical incantations, she decided to try out an easy one so she picked a light making spell. It said that the color of the light you made determined what you were. She tried it out and suddenly her hand glowed a brilliant blueish pink. When she looked up the meaning of the colors, it said that blue was for human, pink for light mikos, black for dark mikos, and red for demons. She flipped to the back of the book and found spells that could transform people into things. They were basically spells to turn humans into varying animals, but as she turned the page she saw a picture of a male with wondrous looks. Kagome read the spell and it was one that turned the caster into a demon.

Kagome was only six at that time, but she knew of the fear that demons caused. She had never actually met one, but she had heard rumors about them. They were supposed to be cold ruthless killers, Kagome was not sure if this was true for all demons or just the ones that had ownership over her land. Kagome was curious about demons, and yet there was no where for her to learn about them. She was curious about them, and so she took the book and headed out to the woods adjacent to her home. These woods she did not know, for she was forbade to go in there as her parents said that demons lived there.

As she walked into the forest, she felt a sense of foreboding overwhelm her. Something was not right about this forest, she could feel it. She found a tree a few feet in front of her, and decided that this would be a wonderful place to read and so she did, she found out that the spell was not one to be taken lightly for there were so many things that could go wrong. The human could die from not being used to all the power that turning into a demon would give them. They are also more likely then demons by birth to lose control over their beast. There is no real ideal situation with this spell, there are to many things that could go wrong. The best possibility for the human to survive would be if it was a child, and had a demon that was willing to watch over it. For when the child is done changing the beast will almost always take over it. Killing anything that posses the tiniest threat to it.

Kagome became very curious as to the words that were written down for the spell, it was in a beautiful language she had never before heard of. She was so enamored by the beauty of the words that as she read them she did not realize that she was reading them out loud. 'U jeria, hy sec neri das yurtie, daro jui ker kio hure wef gertyon, hure wef i herju qwea deri saif gertyon, daro jui feri U nio geain hy oin i herju jurioe hy i yuonto.' She did not know what she had just done before the last word had left her mouth and it was to late to do anything about it. She began to feel a great pain, as though she was being ripped apart, she could not move, could not make a sound. The transformation continuing no matter how much Kagome wanted it to stop.

Her bones and makeup were changing into that of a demon-child, and she was getting scared. When the change was finally complete, she ran back to the town that she called her own, and was met by her own mother, who was the village miko, telling her to leave. Kagome felt her heart break as her mother looked at her with such disgust reverberating in her eyes. "Mother." she called out weakly. "You demon, are not my child leave now before you meet the same end as so many other demons did by my hand." Kagome stood there for a few seconds to late and was shot at, from out of no where a young boy pushed Kagome out of the way. Kagome looked back and saw a young boy with silver hair glaring at her mother. When several more mikos appeared the boy ran away calling out to Kagome to follow, or to die. Kagome listened, now that she knew that her mother would never believe the truth of the situation.

"Why did you go there, my father said that it is not safe, do you not know about the powers that those humans contain? They will kill us without regret even though we are pups." The boy said looking at her closely. "I have never seen you before, as prince of these lands, it is my place to know all who are under my rule. What is your name?" The boy asked. Kagome was shocked, this was the prince that her mother told her about? He did not seem to be very deadly, he looked to be barely six, how could he be as cruel as her mother claimed. She realized that he had asked a question, and she was obligated to answer. "Kagome, Sesshoumaru-sama." Kagome said with her head bowed low.

Sesshoumaru was still trying to understand how he did not know of her when she answered his question, so she does know of me. She treats me with the respect that I deserve, I hate it! I am just as young as she, and I would like a friend nobody will play with me because I am the prince. "Will you play with me?" Sesshoumaru asked, with puppy eyes. Kagome was taken aback, the prince wanted to play? She thought that demon children never played. "Okay, what do you want to play?" Kagome asked shyly. "Chase." Sesshoumaru said right before he came charging at her.

Kagome knew this game, she hated this game, she never won. Kagome began to run, and Sesshoumaru continued to follow her. Kagome ran amazed at her newfound speed and reflexes, normally she would have tripped by now, but she was still up and running. She glanced back, when she did not see Sesshoumaru she continued to look for him. If she had turned back around she might not have ran right into somebody's legs and then fallen on the ground. Sesshoumaru came up right next to her with his head bowed in respect. Kagome seeing this bowed her head too "I am sorry for running into you like that, I was not paying attention to were I was going." Sesshoumaru continued to look at the ground not looking up. "Son, you shirked your studies once again, to go and play. I know that you rarely get to play, but you are not to run off from your tutors again, understood?" The male now known as Sesshoumaru's father said. "Father, I do know what I did was wrong but when Jurio-sama was explaining about a plant that would help to heal, I saw her being threatened by humans. I had to go save her, and then I could not find Jurio-sama, so I asked her to play."

Inu-no-Taisho looked at the girl for the first time asking, "Pup, why were you in that village? And where are your parents?" Kagome replied still looking at the ground "I was once a human sir, I read a spell out loud that changed me into this, my mother was the one that had attacked me. I am no longer welcome at my home." Both demons were surprised very few humans could do the spell that she spoke of, and even less not be immediately taken over by their beast. "In that case pup I shall take you in, unless you would rather stay out here?" Inu-no-Taisho said walking away with both pups following.

Author note: I am pretty new at this and would love your input, so that way I can help to make this story great. I do have some trouble finishing my stories, but I will really try to get at least one new chapter up each month. I hope that you guys enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this!

Oh and for the translation of the spell to English if you are interested in learning what it means, the language is not a real one, just one that I happened to have come up with.

'U jeria, hy sec neri das yurtie, daro jui ker kio hure wef gertyon, hure wef i herju qwea deri saif gertyon, daro jui feri U nio geain hy oin i herju jurioe hy i yuonto.'-- I wish, to no longer be human, stop my age and give me forever, give me a life that could last forever, stop my death I will sacrifice to live a life equivalent to a demon.

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