A Dream Deferred by Jarakuheart

Dreaming of You

Chapter 1- Dreaming of You

Have you ever had the feeling that you were not the only one in the room? The creepy feeling that if you turned around, you would come face to face with something from your worse nightmares?

Have you ever had this feeling while you were dreaming?

It's a terrible sensation, because even though it's not real, you know that there is no way out, that this could possibly be the last time that you could ever see your friends and family, and you can only hope that whatever is behind you will decide to be merciful, and let you live, so that you can dream another day.

These thoughts flew through my mind faster than I could comprehend, which is at an amazing speed, because I had heard once that we can understand over five-hundred words a minuet, which we only speak about one-hundred and twenty. I was in a place that I had no business being, but somehow my mind had decided that I needed to visit a darkened chamber filled with slime and other things that I dare not mention, or else I would feel the need to throw up.

The strangest and probably most disturbing part of this dream where I felt someone watching me was how real it felt. It did not have that cloudy sense to it that all my other dreams did, and I could feel the water lapping at my bare feet, the smell of death that was attached to the walls, drifting to my nose.

It was more overwhelming than real life.

I could hear whoever was behind me breathing; the gentle rhythm that signified that something living was there. There was a large part of me that did not want to find out who was there, but there was an even larger part that did, telling me that whatever had decided to watch me, was going to change my life forever.

Maybe I was just being paranoid, but until you have had this sensation, you have no clue what hypersensitivity is. At some points I could swear that I could feel the breath on my back, the slime gripping my ankles, trying to pull me down under the shallow water.

I did not like this feeling, and I knew that it would take hold of me, like a true phobia takes hold of its victims, compelling them to do things that were not normal by human standards.

It was then that I decided that I would not suffer from Oneirophobia like countless thousands of other people. If I was going to take hold of this unusually strong fear that somehow had only affected me in this dream, and not the others that had freaked me out as a child, making me rely on my mother for comfort, then, like in real life, I had to face it.

My body shook in ways that I had never known it could shake before. I guess I was nervous about actually looking at someone who was looking at me. I already had a hard time meeting eyes with someone, and I was never one for conflict, and this, unfortunately was going to be a combination of both of them.

Why was I always the one to end up in situations like this? Even my dreams seemed to realize that I needed to toughen up, or I would never get as far as I want in life- which currently is as far away from this strange dream as possible.

Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, I shut my eyes, and spun around so that I could face whoever-or whatever- was behind me, without actually looking.

When I just felt the same stare as before, neither more or less intense than before, I slowly opened my eyes, one at a time, not expecting the sight that was laid out before me.

Amongst the humid, mold covered walls, covered in rusting chains that entangled his body, sat probably the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

He seemed almost albino, with his bone-white skin (that thought made me squirm quite visibly) and his bleached colored hair that had a slightly green tint, probably because of the slime that covered everything.

It was his eyes, his golden eyes that seemed to glow, even though there was no light in the dark chamber where we were. They reminded me of the sun setting, or could it possibly be the sun rising? Either way, his beautiful eyes were as close to the sun that I could ever get, without getting burned.

What was a total turn-off for me, and probably every other girl out there, was the cold look that he gave me. His slender white eyebrows furrowed, and his thin, yet still masculine jaw was set, and the muscles around his nose were lifted in a silent snarl.

The look he was giving me wasn't full of hatred, rather, contempt, as if I had done something wrong to this guy, even though I had never seen him in my life. Somehow, I always got these kinds of looks, especially from one of my class mates, Inuyasha, who thought I was stalking him for a while, trying to replace his girlfriend, who just happened to look very close to me. Luckily he stopped giving me those looks when he found out that I already had a boyfriend of my own.

This stranger, who was apparently naked behind all the chains that littered his body, and thankfully covered his 'special' areas, continued to look at me, as if sizing me up, trying to determine why I was there.

His stare was intense, and was started to get on my nerves more than it probably should have. Something inside of me just snapped, and before I could stop myself, I blurted out, "It's rude to stare."

As I grabbed for my mouth to take back the words I said, my mind decided to be forgiving, and woke me up in a rather uncomfortable cold sweat.

My alarm was sounding off in the ill-lighted dorm room, and I could hear my roommate, Sango, walking around, searching for her things. It was nothing unusual for a Monday morning in our room, but I could not help the feeling that today was going to be very weird.

"What a weird dream," I mumbled as I sat up and turned off the high-pitched ring of my clock. I was strangely wide-awake, and it seemed to surprise Sango, as she stopped and looked at me, while she turned on the overhead light in our room.

"Wow," she whistled. "You were up fast."

Not really in the mood to listen to her, I quietly grabbed some clothes that I was going to wear today, as well as my bathing supplies. I left the room without a word to Sango, and headed to the public bathroom, two floors below us.

When I finished taking my shower, I went back to the room, and grabbed my technical writing textbook, and headed to the kitchen after passing Miroku, Sango's boyfriend and the person in charge of both the girl and the boy dorms.

Several of us had put our money together to buy a refrigerator so that the whole dorm could use it, as well as a steam-cooker, that would have rice for us whenever we needed it.

Grabbing a bowl for myself, I started to eat the rice and study for an upcoming test that I had later that day. I really had tried to study for my essay, but the dream that I had was really starting to bother me.

I was never really one to look into dreams, but somehow, I had this strange feeling that this was more than a dream. It sounded odd for me to think, but the dream seemed more like destiny to me, and as soon as those thoughts drifted into my brain, I had decided that I really needed a vacation soon. I was going crazy for sure.

"Kagome," I turned at my name to see Sango walking into the kitchen. "What's wrong? You seem off today."

When I was about to answer her, I saw Miroku walk into the room, trying to sneak up on his girlfriend.

They made a cute couple. They had flirted to obviously before they got together, and it surprised everybody that both of them were not sure that the other liked them. After some yelling by both their friends, they started going out, which was probably the best thing to happen at the dorms.

Apparently Miroku was a big pervert, but he quit all that, and now only had eyes for Sango. All the older girls sighed in relief, knowing that there was one less person to molest them.

"Miroku!" Sango screeched, when she felt his hand grab and area that should not have been grabbed in public. He was still a pervert, but at least in was only with Sango and she fought back, normally hitting him upside the head.

"Good morning," the man said sheepishly. He looked over to me, a thoughtful look on his face. "You alright?" He asked, rubbing his cheek that had just been slapped, and using his other hand to bring Sango closer to him.

I wished I had that. All Kouga would do was say that I belonged to him, and then he would try to get in my pants, whether I wanted to or not. Thankfully, I was always saved- by the phone ringing, or someone walking in on us- and hopefully we wouldn't have to do anything.

Don't get me wrong. I care for Kouga; I just really don't like him like I should. When he had asked me out, I only said yes because I thought that maybe I could learn to like him, but with his advancements on me, I was having a hard time even thinking him as a friend. I would break up with him, but, again, I'm not one for conflict.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I said, as I rinsed out my bowl, another thing that everybody had put their money together for, and placed it back with the others in the cabinets. "I just had a strange dream is all."

"You know," Miroku started. I had a feeling I know where he was going, and I really did not want to hear those kinds of comments from him, because it put me in the weirdest positions. "If you start dreaming about me, you wouldn't have strange dreams anymore. In fact they would probably be the best dreams of your life."

Sango got out of his grasp, and hit him on the arm. "That was lame," she said. "Even for you."

Both of us laughed at the crestfallen face that Miroku gave us, before walking out to go to our classes.


The rest of my day was fairly normal, even though I expected there to be something off. I did see Kouga, but he ended up going off with his friends before long, doing something that I really did not want to know.

When I got back to my room, I wasn't really that tired, so I decided that I would study for my World History class. Thankfully I was just two years away from getting my degree that would state that I could teach history, but I still had to study so I would not fail.

It took me a while before I realized I had started to drift off, when I heard the door slam shut. Jumping up, I saw Sango storm into the room, and plop down on her bed.

We had been friends long enough for me to know that it had something to do with Miroku.

"What's up," I asked, not sure if I was really ready to deal with the crying that I knew would come.

Sango yelled quickly into her pillow before turning her head to look at me. "You know how Miroku would ask women to 'bear his child'?" she asked after a few seconds of blindly staring at me.

I nodded my head. I had never witnessed it before, but it was another thing that I had heard from the older girls.

"Well apparently, he had gone as far as to ask some middle school girl it." I had never known that Miroku would go as far as that. It kind of made me sick, but I had a feeling that there was more to it than just that. "The same girl ended up running into us today, and told him yes."

That was very odd.

I did not know what to think or do, or even say to Sango. This was her boyfriend! They guy that she was supposed to marry! The man she had told me she had given her virginity to!

"What are you going to do?" It was the only thing that seemed at least halfway decent to say to her.

"I dunno," she started. "I'll deal with this tomorrow." She looked around the room real quickly. "Can I turn off the lights? I wanna go to sleep." I nodded and she changed into some clothes that she could sleep in, and turning off the lights, we both went to bed, hoping that she would have a better tomorrow.

I ended up falling asleep after a while. I realized this after I came face to face with the same guy that was in my dream the previous night, and even in the same location. I was not in the mood to really talk to him, so instead I just stared at him, seeing what he would do.

He smirked slightly, and at least it was better than the cold look that he had been giving me.

"Hello, Kagome."


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