The Life of a Preppy Girl by Angel_of_Darkness

Chapter: 1 Welcome to My Life

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Chapter: 1 Welcome to My Life

Good Morning Tokyo, it is now 6:45, for your first song of the morning it's My Humps from Black Eye Peas.

Kagome jumps out of bed, and quickly slipped on her suede and silk slippers and quickly slipped into the shower. Kagome emerged from the shower 15 minutes later and strides into her walk-in closet where different expensive designs brands and cloths types were neatly hanged. She reached for the outfit she had chosen last night and rapidly slipped herself into them.

The closet doors opened and Kagome walk out wearing a Abercrombie and Fitch jean mini skirt that easily reached mid-thigh and a button up yellow Tristan shirt (you can go to and look up the shirt it's a Tristan shirt/ if you don't know they look like polo's but long sleeved and a different material) her extra large framed Dolce and Cabana glasses placed softly on the broke of her nose, and her long black tresses was tied in a high pony tail and her bangs were swooped to the side. She walked over to her mirror and applied some clear red lip-gloss from Victoria secret. If you haven't really been reading about this morning in Kagome's life then here's is a heads up; she is rich, preppy, and the most popular and beautiful girl at Tokyo High.

As Kagome walked out of her room she slipped on her flip-flops and grabbed her large Prada bag which contained her cell phone, mascara, lip-gloss, binder, keys, and began to descend down the long stair way.

Just as she was reaching the last steps Kagome heard her mother call out to her, "Kagome breakfast!"

Kagome waltzed into the large granite and stainless steel kitchen where her mother put a plate with two waffles on the counter top.

"Good morning darling" Ms. Higurashi joyfully said to kagome

"Morning Mom" Kagome replied joyfully to her mother while taking a fork full of waffle into her mouth.

'Kami I love waffles!!!!' Kagome though as she stuffed her face...

Kagome hastily took her leave with a chaste kiss on the cheek to her mother and a quick grab hi to her younger brother who was now descending in his silk pajamas from his room.

Kagome strolled out the door and into her white BMW.

Slowly sitting into the soft beige leather, Kagome turned on the engine and sped off towards school.

"Inuyasha get up and get dress we're going to be late of school", Sesshomaru told Inuyasha.

"Fuck Off" screamed Inuyasha pissed off that Sesshomaru for waking him up.

"Baka, get up and changed or I'll leave you..." Sesshomaru said as he walked out of Inuyasha's room.

Sesshomaru walked down his stair and into his large living room.

Looking into the mirror Sesshomaru gave himself a one look over and grabbed the keys to his black corvette.

Just as he was about to step out of the house Inuyasha came sprinting down the stair and past him.

"Hurry up Sesshomaru, want to catch Kikyou before school." Inuyasha yelled walking towards the car.

Inuyasha was wearing a red shirt that was kind of tight, show off all his muscles, and a pair of blue jeans hanging a little off his hips.

Sesshomaru on the other hand was wearing a black Tee that's even though it wasn't tight it fit him VERY nicely the shirt had white print across his chest that read (what doesn't I mean ummm its Sesshomaru :D ...) 'I'm talking with Stupid' and a pair of black jeans with silver chains hanging off the sides and black converse.

'Disgusting...' though Sesshomaru as he got into his car of course he was thinking about what Kikyou and Inuyasha do when they get to school early.

Kagome was 4 blocks away from school.

Her phone rang.

And the ringtone Only One by Yellow card blasted through her Juicy Couture pink sidekick speakers.

It was Sango's ringtone.

Kagome used her right hand to grab her phone which was conveniently placed in a small pocket inside her bag.

"Hey Sango!"

"Hey Gome! Where are you?"

"I am about to turn into the schools parking lot wait for me in the front k?"

"Gotcha. Toddles"


Kagome giggled as she clicked her phone....

That word always made her laugh..... (Toddles)

As Kagome arrived to school she swiftly and easily got into her parking space and headed towards her best friends Sango and Ayame.

"Hey girlies!" Kagome said as she reached her friends.

"Hey Gome!" they Chorused

Kagome smiled as she headed to walk around the school with her friends.

Sesshomaru pulled into the parking lot when.

He stepped out of his car and after locking it he began to walked towards the tree on the side of the school where his friends Kouga, and bankotsu were waiting for him...

He nodded his head in greeting after sitting down near the trees trunk.

He listened in to the conversation the other 2 were having and would sometimes opinionate about something.

After a few minutes the bell rang and they headed inside...

Towards his first period Science ...

"Ok class, let's get started." the said over the students loud voices.

The classroom quieted and she started,

"Finals are coming up and I have decided to make your finals exam a 2 pair project"

There were groans in the class

'Great just great I'm probably going to get paired up with some imbecile (sp?)", thought Sesshomaru

'I hope I got paired up with Sango or Ayame', thought Kagome

Neither Sesshomaru or Kagome knew that this one Science Project/Finals is going to change their lives forever.

This was my First fanfiction. I hope you like it and if you don't tell me what I can change about it. I have to say Thank you to Frooker_Scene for giving me the idea for this fanfiction. I have to give a big thank to my Beta Reader celestial youkai.

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