Through the Smoke by Meitenshi

Chapter one

Yes, this story has content pertaining to drugs and sex hence the reason it is NC-17 please do not message me about the dangers of pot and drugs. I am not saying that anyone should or should not smoke pot it is completely up to the person, all I am trying to do is write an entertaining and interesting story. Now then on with the show!


"Oh man," young raven haired woman coughed as she passed the bowl she was holding to the young woman next to her.

"Ha ha, I told ya!" the girl laughed, "This guy I met Miroku, he has some real stellar connections," she said before taking a hit and passing it back.

"Yeah, no shit, I bet this stuff is from Hawaii" the other replied taking the bowl back from the girl and lighting it up.

This is a normal late night, early morning for Kagome and her best friend Sango. They both worked the hottest night club in Tokyo as bartenders. It was high stress job that had unfortunate hours, but it paid extremely well so the girls couldn't complain that much, plus they would get some very hardcore connections, be it by costumers or management. Now if you were to ask these girls if they were drug addicts they would say no, however if you asked if they were potheads, well one would have to wait until they stopped laughing to give you a straight answer.

Sango exhaled, "yeah that's where he said it was from, good guess."

"Guess, fuck that, I just know my herb," Kagome laughed.

"Oh come on Kags, even you aren't that good," Sango said leaning back against the sofa and draping her arm over her eyes.

Kagome looked at her with a dead pan expression, "Not that good? Come on Sango, you know I know my shit."

Sango raised her hand slightly, "Eh I guess that's true I mean, when did we start doing this, first year of high school?"


"Ah that's right, it was at Yumi's house."

"Well her brother was a grade- A druggie."

"Ha, isn't that the truth! Didn't he go into rehab like last year so something?"

"Yeah, for what, the tenth time?"

"See, that is the reason I won't do anything other then alcohol and pot. Other drugs well, they are just bad mojo."

Kagome raised the bowl in agreement, "Here here," she said before lighting up. Kagome exhaled before passing the bowl, "there is like, one more hit in that then it's cashed."

"Well that's good because I am as high as a kite right now," Sango replied in between giggles.

"Oh man," Kagome laughed, "you totally are, I mean, look at your eyes!"

Sango got up and wobbled slightly to the mirror by the front door of Kagome's apartment.

"Holy shit! Look at them! Haha, they are so bloodshot right now."

Kagome was on the floor laughing holding her sides, "That's it," she breathed, "you can't go home until you come down a little."

Sango wobbled back over and fell onto an overstuffed armchair, "Fuck that, I might as well stay here, I mean, I'm already exhausted from work and you know when I start coming down I get all sleepy."

"Okay girly," Kagome said as she ran her hands over her soft carpet, "oh man, my carpet feels so good," she giggled.

Sango flipped over clumsily so that she could see her friend, "So what do you want to do now?"

Kagome stared at the ceiling, "Ummm," she continued to stare at the ceiling for a couple of minutes.

"Kagome...yoo to Kagome come in Kagome we need you back in Japan."

Kagome blinked rapidly, "Dude! Let's ummm...let's....uh, shit I dunno."

Sango laughed as Kagome sat up and tried to get onto the couch.

"I dunno let's just put something on the TV and I'll go get that popcorn you like so much it's somewhere in my kitchen."

"Good deal" Sango said jumping up and going over to Kagome's DVD collection. She looked through the rack rubbing her hands together.

"Ummm, do you want something funny, trippy, or scary," yelled over her shoulder only to see that Kagome was still on the couch staring at her coffee table in amusement.

"Sweetie, you are so stoned right now."

"Uh, I was...just, thinking..."

"Uh huh, alright then space cadet, go get me my damned popcorn and I'll pick something."

Kagome jumped up and saluted Sango, "aye, savvy," she replied before scurrying off into the kitchen. Sango yelled after her, "'aye savvy?' I thought we were astronauts."

"Astronauts are boring, now pirates, that's exciting," she replied walking back into the living room with a bag of cheese flavored popcorn. She flopped down onto her couch and threw the bag onto her coffee table.

"I hope you pick something funny, I feel all bubbly right now. Oh Kami, my face is tingling that's so weird!"

"At least it's only your face! I can't feel my legs!" Sango laughed loudly as she put a DVD into the player and onto the other side of the couch and grabbing the bag of popcorn.

They both stared at the blank TV screen as Sango munched away happily, "Oh Kami this stuff taste so good!"

Kagome took some and popped the snack food into her mouth, "Wow it really does," she laughed. They sat there for a couple of minutes staring at the blank TV screen, because they were so distracted by how good the popcorn tasted.

"Hey, wait a minute, Sango? Did you press play?"

Sango shrugged, "Maybe... I dunno, I don't remember."

Kagome smacked her lightly, "You baka," she got up and went to go put the movie on.

An hour later found the girls passed out on the couch as the movie kept going, and this is how their friend Rin found them at three in the afternoon.


Hey everyone, because of my writer's block on my other fanfic I decide to start another one. Anyway I know this might be a bit edgy for some people and for others well, they probably just don't care. But I've never read a fanfic about potheads so I thought it would be funny.

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