Love in a Library 2 by Lilith-sama

Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: Introduction

I remember, in college, always looking at Inuyasha for help and support. He was my lifeline, my savoir, my God. I thought he would always be behind me in everything I did. How wrong I was. But, honestly, I guess that doesn't count now. I don't even know why I'm reminiscing about it!

I guess I do have a point, looking at my son right now. I would always imagine, back then, that I'd have Inuyasha's child. He would have my colored hair, Inuyasha's smooth tan skin, and his unruly type hair. My child, I had imagined, would have my lips and nose, and his golden eyes. Some of that is still true, looking at my child. But so different.

Smooth straight silver hair that was becoming wavier, like my own, sat atop his head. His nose was his father's, while he had my lips and smile. His eyes were golden and he his skin was pasty white, also like his father's.

Thank you, Inuyasha, for my son. If you had never happened, my Book Boy would have never happened to me. And if my Book Boy never happened to me, my son would have never been born. So I thank you, though this thanks remains in my motherly little head.

"Natsuo..." I called to the infant, hoping he would come to his mother. He had recently learned to walk, and I had been so ecstatic as of late. I would take his little hands in my own and help him trudge across the carpet of the living room. Then I would give him a big kiss on the cheek and compliment him, in my best baby talk voice, that he did wonderful for his mommy and that I would always be proud of him.

"Kagome..." I heard Sesshomaru groan, but I duly ignored it.

"Natsuo, baby, baby. Come to mama!" I smacked my lips, making the child giggle before crawling to where I sat on the floor. "That's my baby, baby!"

"Kagome..." I could hear his voice getting annoyed, but I paid no mind. How could Book Boy not tolerate baby talk! You should see him in the morning when he's about to go to school and I'm feeding the baby (Natsuo has erratic sleeping patterns, especially at 2 year of age, so I'm up at five in the morning when Book Boy wakes up.) "You are doing it again, love."

I sighed, "You really need to learn how to tolerate this. If we plan on having any more, we're going to go through the same thing over and over again. Don't give me that stare--it's true!" I paused. "Every baby needs a baby-talking mother."


"And ever mother has a father behind her, giving her the sneering 'Hn'," I said, smiling as I did so. "Besides, why have little Natsuo become so bitter? You don't want to be like Papa, do you, little boy? Giving any woman the 'Hn'?"

"You tease," Book Boy said, his voice hiding his smile.

"You love me!" I cooed. "You love me."

"I love you," he mocked, making me frown. But, yet again, I paid him no mind. His teasing remarks came regularly to me during the day, along with his kisses, smiles, and glares. He tends to glare at me a lot, especially during my baby talk. Perhaps he feels left out.

"Would you like me to talk baby talk to you instead?"

"I'd rather not have you talk," he bantered, smirking as he did so. "Except when you're moaning my name." I scowled at him, cupping Natsuo's ears.

"Don't listen to Papa, baby boy! He's a dirty, perverted man, and you shouldn't become like him. You should be a clean minded baby--talking about cleaning, I think you need a good one," I said, picking up the boy in my arms to change his diaper. He giggled as he clutched the shoulder of my blue dress.

"Hmm, how pleasant, my dear. Telling our son his father is a perverted nothing," Sesshomaru called as he leaned further into the couch, readjusting his newspaper. To get him back, I gave a very loud, obnoxious "Hn!"

Once Natsuo was clean and happy, I carried him back into the living room where his Papa was sitting. As I sat beside him, sinking into the couch, Sesshomaru flipped a page of the American printed-paper.

"How was school today?"

"The usual," he said simply. "Annoying brats who have no appreciation for literature." I giggled at this, though Book Boy did well keeping his face impassive. No doubt it was true.

"There had to be some who enjoy good literature," I told him simply. "I loved literature in high school."

"I have a handful," he admitted, "but only a handful. I expected so many bright minds in America..." He sighed softly. "It doesn't matter. Now, how has your day faired?"

"'s been okay. Natsuo and I went for a walk in the park, and we visited the library for my shift," I explained quickly. Book Boy nodded as the baby began to squirm in my arms. I allowed him out of my arms to crawl onto Sesshomaru's lap.

I smiled as he patted the little boy's head and adjust him into a comfortable position. Natsuo then began to point at the print of the paper, grasping the sheet at the end. Book Boy paid no I decided to watch the inevitable. Hey, if Sesshomaru didn't see what was coming, that was his problem. He should know his son well enough to predict what he would do with the paper.

On cue, the little hand reached out. Twitching little fingers flexed around the edge of the newspaper. Before he could pull and rip, Book Boy had his large hand over the one fifty times smaller than his own.

"No," he said sternly. "No." The toddler's lip quivered, and I went to pick him up. Book Boy stopped me with a look and bounced the boy on his leg. "You spoil this child, Kagome."

"This is the time when I can spoil him..." I frowned, "besides, my baby is my baby and I don't like when my baby cries. He gives me headaches when he does." Natsuo began to bawl, causing me to give a tired sigh. "He's a happy kid, Sess-kun. I like my baby happy."

Book Boy sighed as he sat down the paper to deal with the child. He took the boy in his arms and rubbed his back softly. The boy hushed after a few moments, now enthralled by the largeness of his father's hands.

One little finger drew a circle in Book Boy's palm. Natsuo liked to marvel at the plush flesh, and often took Sesshomaru's hands. It made me smile. He was going to look up to his father one day, and want to become like him. Even at this early stage, I know he'll want to. The adoration for his papa is all ready shining in his eyes.

"Are you calm?" Book Boy asked softly as the boy sniffled.

"No," Natsuo said. I grinned. That was his favorite word. No.

"That's wonderful," Sesshomaru said softly. "Now don't bite my finger like last time."

"No," Natsuo said again, this time louder. I sighed.

"You're a sap when it comes to children," I said simply as I leaned back in the couch with a smile. "It adds onto your character."

"Hmm," was all he mumbled before he watched the child take his two little hands to try and grip his father's. Once the grip was strong, he began to shake his hand. "Where are Rin and Shippou?"

"At the tutor's next door. They should be here for dinner soon. I have Kare Raisu cooking in the kitchen. I decided something simple tonight," I mumbled, closing my eyes leisurely.

"When do we pay Mr. Kemura for this month's lessons?" He asked. I heard my baby's giggle, so I suppose Book Boy did something to make him smile.

"I think on the 24th of September. The kids are starting school soon..." I sighed happily. "I'll have more time on my hands now that they know more English."

My children, Rin and Shippou, have been learning English since the time they've arrived in the United States. They attend an English public school, but there is still so much English to learn (this year had been pushed back an extra month for them to learn the proper English they need in order to build their vocabulary and have less lessons during the school period). But they are learning. Sometimes they surprise me with the knowledge they know--from hanging with American friends, they've grown a newer accent. I like that they can speak both English and Japanese--I know they'll always honor a part of their culture that way. But America is a place with better choices and opportunities.

I wish for Japan almost every other day. I feel home sick sometimes. Book Boy comforts me when it becomes to overbearing, but I'm sickened that we had to move from our country to another, just because of his father. I hate his father. I have always given people a try, a little chance, but with this man I found no exception. He was evil. He made me leave my home.

Some days I do like this suburb. It's quiet and soothing, and allows me to relax. But I miss the busy Tokyo streets. It seems like everything is a quiet place now--I only needed one quiet haven in Japan. I just needed my library. But now two libraries, parks, and homes surround me. I can hear children laughing once I open the window in our bedroom. It's different.

"Mama! We're home!" Rin cried from the front door, a loud slam echoing after her. I sighed.

"Rin, darling, don't slam the door!" I reminded loudly. The knob jiggled and another opening squeak and slam followed.

"Mama, Papa, I'm back!" Shippou called, running after his sister. I heard soft childish footsteps run upstairs.

"You have quite a handful while I'm at work," Sesshomaru mused with a smile. "But Rin and Shippou will be starting school very soon, darling. Less than a week away..." I smiled as he raised an eyebrow at me, asking me silently, what do you say? I can take a sick day, we can drop Natsuo off with a babysitter and we'll have some us time. Tempting, hmm?

"Sess-kun, no!"

"You're the one who keeps reminding me of children. We might as well expand the family?" He smiled. "One more mouth to feed won't be too painful."

"So you say!" I snorted. "You weren't the one who blew up the size of a whale and had raging hormones. And you also weren't the one who popped a baby out of your uterus!"

He laughed softly as Natsuo took the newspaper and crumpled it in his hands. Ha! Book Boy, you were caught off guard. Your newspaper is now in the mouth of a one-year-old.

"Natsuo, I said no," Sesshomaru scolded the child softly as he pulled the newspaper out of his mouth. I sighed.

"I wonder if babies are like doggies. Just tap them on the nose and they'll be good..." I sighed. "That sounds too good to be true."

What if babies were like dogs? I guess that they do have similar characteristics, but are babies like puppies? Hmm, they might as well be. But babies get baths every other day, and get fed good meals. I think I'd rather be a baby than a puppy...not like this really has much to do with anything, though.

"But, love, though you were bloated like a whale and had raging hormones, you also cherished the child inside you. Do you remember the excitement we had when we found out the sex of Natsuo?" I pouted. He did bring up a good point. I was so excited when I carried Natsuo...a new motherly instinct was kicking in then. And I do remember the little kicking he'd do...but with that, I also remember pain and the ghastly morning sickness (and morning sickness is an understatement--you're not only sick in the morning. Afternoons count too!)

"Yeah...I remember..." I mumbled, looking as Natsuo began to tug Sesshomaru's hair. He had recently gotten it cut (you think you're surprised? You have no clue how scared I was when he came home with shoulder length hair, like a normal human being! I was so surprised I think I hid behind a couch), but now it was growing out a little bit more. It came to his elbows, almost like mine.

My husband and I have the same haircut...that is just slightly creepy.

"Kagome, I wish for a large family. I never had one when I was a child...I wish to experience one..." He leaned over and placed a kiss on my cheek. "With you."

"You just want some sex, that's what you want," I teased, taking Natsuo as he began to fuss. "But I'll consider it. You've been nagging me for a while...maybe."

"Maybe?" He asked. "You give me a 'maybe'?"

"Yes!" I cried. "A 'maybe'! Be content with that, Book Boy, or I'll just say flat out no." He smiled as he stood up. I waited as he bent down and pressed his lips to mine.

"I'm content," he told me, a barely noticeable smile on his lips. I grinned.

"So you are, love. So you are. Now set the table. I need to get Natsuo fed," I told him before giving him another kiss. "And I'll consider popping out another brat, okay?"

Before he could even reply, the phone rang, and there was a loud, "WAAAAAAAA!!!" Seeing as it was a girly squeal, I assumed it was Rin. Either that, or Shippou has become more feminine throughout our stay in the U.S.

"Rin!" Sesshomaru called. "Quiet!"

I sighed. My life is so full of noise and commotion nowadays (though this town seems so quiet and simple). "I'll get the phone really quick." I scampered off, baby in tow, to the kitchen where the cordless base rest. I grabbed it in one fluid motion, pressed the on button and balanced it between my shoulder and my ear. "Hello?" The line was silent for a moment as I placed the baby in the high chair I had gotten for him. It had little blue giraffes on the cushion seat and little toys for Natsuo to play with around the edges. "Hello?" I asked again.

" this the"

"Yes," I said pleasantly upon hearing the meek little voice. "And who is calling?"

"My name is John," the boy replied, although a little loud. I smiled at the bluntness of the child.

"O, hello John. Who are you calling for?" I asked. Before he could answer, Rin came rushing into the kitchen shaking her hands. Those two little feet of hers bounced from the tile of the kitchen floor to the air, and then back again.

"Mama!" She cried. "Mama, Mama! It's for me! Give it to me!" I smiled.

"John, here's Rin," I said, giving Rin the phone. I gave her a smile. "John, huh? Good luck, kid." The little girl grinned, took the phone, said a giggly hello, and rushed off to her room.

My smile grew. My Rin is all ready getting calls from boys!

"Whom was that?" Sesshomaru asked, entering the kitchen to start to set the table. He reached up into one of the cabinets to grab glasses and plates. My smile fell. What would Sesshomaru say when he heard his little daughter was getting a phone call from a boy? Would he be the protective type?

Hmm, I don't think so. He's too gentle to be overprotective. least I hope so.

" was...."

"Don't lie to me," he said simply. "When you lie, your lies are usually unbelievable."

"Okay..." My smile softened. "That was just a boy." His shoulders were still relaxed. reaction?

"For whom? Shippou? Has he made a new playmate?"

"Rin!" I patted his back as I went to stir the curry. "Isn't it cute?" He was silent for a few moments. When he didn't reply, even after his short pause, I became worried. "Darling, you aren't one of those over protective..." I frowned at the saddened look on his face. "What's wrong?"

"She's getting a call from a boy, Kagome. A boy," he emphasized. "I won't allow it." Natsuo slapped the plastic of his high chair, meaning he wanted food. Before I thought of dealing with Natsuo, I placed my arms around Sesshomaru's waist.

"Darling, she's going into first grade. Don't get so excited. It's a boy, yes, but you remember childish crushes." I sighed. "I remember a boy in my second grade. He took me into the bushes to practice kissing."

"Kagome!" Sesshomaru growled. "Your teasing must end at some point!"

"O, Maru-kun, don't worry so much. It's not like she's going to contract an STD in first grade. It's not even possible," I said, trying to calm his frazzled nerves. "But seriously, darling, you're going to have to get used to this. They're going to grow up and get older, but you're always going to be their father. Just don't make it too difficult for them."

"Hn," was all he said, letting me know I had gotten through to him. I smiled and kissed the closest skin I could get to (which happened to be his elbow). I traced the purple stripe on his arm.

"You're showing, darling. If you don't want to let the children see, roll down your sleeve a bit," I whispered. Natsuo began to whine and I heard the clink of dishes clacking against wood. Seems one boy is off somewhere, my other is whining for food, and the big boy is setting the table to try to ignore my teasing.

...Thank God for Rin.


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