All We Have Left by Define-Naughty

Chapter One

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"Die Naraku," InuYasha yelled as he charged the giant, black, hairy spider. Tetsusaiga raised and ready to slash the rival into bits and pieces.

Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kagome were killing every youkai that tried to get in InuYasha's way. Sango's hiraikotsu sliced throught the mass of demonic bodies. Miroku's kazaana was restricted from his injury so he was left with his sutras and staff to take the on coming attacks. Kagome sent purifying arrows toward the groups of youkai in her way. Shippo and Kirarr helped guard their little miko friend from unsuspected attacks.

Naraku stood back smirking as he watched his nearing opponents. This would be the last time they ever took a breath here on earth. Kagura had died weeks ago thanks to his tentacles. The slayer's younger brother lay dead on the battle field before them with the blood of the fallen victims.

His plan was to pick them off one by one. The monk would be the first to go then soon followed by the slayer. It would pain the poor taijiya that death would be a welcoming darkness. He would end the miserable lives that he had given them. The pain from all the past relation would be an added bonus to watch them fall.

The next target would be the little kitsune and the fire-neko. This would send the miko into turmoil. She would break and fall as his next victim rendering InuYasha helpless. Then the battle would be his as well as the Shikon no Tama.

The whole thing was just one huge disaster of pain waiting to happen. It was like dominos, knock one over and they all went with no way to stop them. It was all too simply use their love against them and watch them fall in anguish. This was all so delicious.

Naraku at once set his plan into action as he allowed his golem to be destroyed by the Kaze-no-Kizu. He came from his hiding palace right behind the monk as he sent a tentacle through Miroku's chest.

Naraku chuckled as he watched the blood drip from the monk's lips as he slumped forward.

Miroku used all his strength to turn his head around to see his attacker. He looked upon crimson eyes as shock, pain, and anger crossed his face. The tentacle was soon jerked from his body allowing the monk to fall into the blood and dirt that laced the ground that created a sticky like mud.

Yells were heard from the Inu-tachi as Sango rushed to her fallen love. She never made it as a tentacle was sent through her left side only to emerge on her right side. It was right below her rib cage and just above her hip. Just like the monk, Naraku jerked the tentacle out rashly causing it to make the wound larger.

Naraku was sent into a fit of laughter as he watched the taijiya crawl to the now dead monk. Raising the same tentacle that had first penetrated the slayer, he slammed it down into her exposed back.

Sango's head shot up as her body tried to get away from the attack. Blood dripped from her mouth like Miroku's had as it stained her lips. She looked at Miroku as a smile raised her lips and lightened her features and face. She would be reunited with everyone she had lost to this outrageous escalade.

She turned to Kagome as she whispered, "I am... sorry," as her eyes finally closed and head fell to the ground.

A cry was ushered from the little miko as she fell to her knees. Those two had been through so much. She didn't know if she should be happy that at least they would be with each other or sad. She would miss both of them dearly, but the pain wouldn't fade as she looked at her two fallen comrades.

InuYasha at once charged the real enemy that stood before him. The hanyou could fell the pull in his heart for his now lost friends. Unknown tears streamed down his face as he ready Tetsusaiga for another attack.

Narku smirked as he looked for his next pawn that would die. He spotted the kitsune and fire-neko making their way to the fallen miko. His smirk widened as he allowed two tentacles to fly in their direction.

Kagome raised her head as she heard Shippo call. She was greeted with blood splattering her face as the little kitsune and fire-neko was both killed before her. The sight almost made the miko faint, but was soon over whelmed with anger.

Naraku watched as the miko's head dropped and began to shake. He thought he had made the miko cry for her life, but he watched as she began to stand with bow in hand. Her face was still looking at the ground as tears fell to the ground.

"Die," was the only word he heard before she stood to her full height. Allowing the arrow she had place so quickly to the string fly toward him with a burst of new and unbelievable powers. At the same time InuYasha unleashed the Kaze-no-Kizu, the two forces combined creating a never before seen attack.

Naraku watched in complete disbelief as he couldn't escape it and his shiled couldn't hold it off. 'How, he thought. 'How could my plan fell? It was complete fool proof. She should have been rendered unmovable.'

InuYasha and Kagome watched as the powers crashed into Naraku destroying his body as he screamed. The clash was tremendous as an explosion ensued. It threw both the miko and hanyou back, each going in a separate direction.

Kagome's last thought as she flew through the air was she would die as she drifted into unconscious. She awoke later just a little ways from the battle field. There was also blood and that weird type of mud made from blood and dirt.

The area looked disserted except for the figure that slowly made its way toward her. The image became clear as it neared her. Fearing it was a demon the little miko tried to move away, but found it hard to move from some unknown force that now held her down.

She looked up into golden eyes. It was InuYasha! She didn't understand what was going on until she saw Kikyo standing in front of her smirking.

"Well my love," she said as she looked over at InuYasha. "What do we have here?"

"What are you talking about," Kagome screamed as she struggled against InuYasha's hold. "Get off me InuYasha!"

"No," was his gruff reply as he shoved her face into the blood and dirt.

"Inu," cooed Kikyo sweetly. "Why don't you let her up and tell her? It would only be fair."

InuYasha let go of Kagome as he went and stood behind Kikyo. He nipped her ear gently as he wrapped his arms around Kikyo's waist. He looked over at Kagome with disgust evident in his golden eyes.

"Listen here you good for nothing bitch, I love Kikyo and not your ugly face," InuYasha said this as he toke a step away from Kikyo and toward Kagome. "I want you to give her back what rightly belongs to her. Hand over the Shikon no Tama along with her soul."

"I...I don't have the jewel," Kagome stuttered as tears filled her eyes as she took a step back.

"Don't lie bitch. I saw it enter your body purified and all," InuYasha snapped at her.

Kagome at once found courage as she yelled, "Well if it is in my body then she doesn't deserve it!"

"Don't you dare speak to me like that bitch," InuYasha yelled back as he backhanded her to the ground. "I'll just rip it out of your dumb ass as I kill you."

A stirring of miko power came from Kagome as InuYasha jumped at her. Kikyo took in a quick breath as unknown power fled from the younger miko in front of her. It slammed into InuYasha not killing him, but sending him flying into a tree.

Kagome realized what had just happened and at once seized the opportunity to escape. An arrow missed her by centimeters as she dodged to the right and onto the battle field that she had once fought on. Another came her way, but this time it didn't miss and caught her upper left arm.

Still she ran on. An unknown destination that could give her safety from her attackers that had once been her friends. Well, one any way.

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