War Of The Gods by Lady Kiarara

The Chosen

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Chapter One: The Chosen

The days were warm as summer turned to winter. The leaves and flowers were losing there life just to begin anew in the spring. She was sitting in the garden as her two older sisters got her things around. She was to go to the west and train under Inutashio with his son Sesshoumaru. She hated being a demon to be exactly an angel demon. 'Why am I going to be trained by a dog and not another angel. I do not get the purpose of this at all. Why would father want me to train with dogs instead of my own kind. I am thinking on this to much. Maybe I should talk to mother about this and figure out why father wants this.' Kagome looked down in the water before her and smiled softly. She heard rumors about the heir of the west but did not believe them. She was still wondering about the mark on her right hip. It had been there since she was born. A heart with a sword beneath it and a halo above them. Her parents did not know about it either which worried her more. She was the only one in her family to have the mark. She was the middle child out of eleven children and was told she was the intended for one of the future lords but she did not know which one just yet. She w as to meet him today. "Has every one forgotten what today is. I guess they have......"

"I have not forgotten even though this is the first time we have meet little one." She turned to a handsome male behind her. 'He looks like he could be a god.' "My name is Sesshoumaru and it is a pleasure to finally meet you lady Kagome." She blushed when he bowed to her and rose from her spot were she was sitting. "It is also a pleasure to meet you. May I ask how you know my name my lord."

"So you have not been told who I am yet. We must fix that mistake so lets go see our fathers then." He gave her his arm to hold while they walked to the study and when she finally put her arm through his she blushed a dark shade of red. Even though she was only five summers she looked like she was ten at least in human years. He looked to be about sixteen summers but she doubted that. "My lord if I may how old are you." He smirked at her then chuckled. "I am ten summers but you should understand how us demons age with the body faster then humans. If I remember right you turn five summers this day." She blushed even more if possible but she noticed the look of being pleased in his eyes. She really liked his golden eyes and even the emotions that shown in them. "You are beautiful when you blush like that." She hung her head and blushed a gain. 'Dogs are strange and I still wonder why father wants me to train with them.' "What are you thinking about little one?"

"I am thinking about why my father wishes for me to train with you and your father my lord. I do not understand why he would wish for this. I am not of your kind but if my father wants this I will obey him."

"You will understand soon little one why it was arranged for you to train with me and all will be clear to you then." Kagome just nodded her head and knew he spoke the truth by his scent. She also knew that he was hiding something from her and she didn't like that. :{: Master she looks like a goddess. Is she our future mate because I wish for her to be. :}:

'Yes she is but she does not know that though.'

:{: Master I don't like t hat. She should know that we are her mate. :}:

'Future mate' She was smiling and knew that he didn't know why. :{: Mistress is he mate? :}:

'I don't know, Tears, he might be. I know I would like it to be him but he is a dog so I don't think so.'

15 years earlier with the gods......

"Hades hold your tongue. You will not speak to Zeus like that." spoke a young woman next to him. He just smiled and what he said next surprised every one. "Zeus let us have a little contest. We will have two people of earth be our pawns."

"We will not......."

"Let me finish. I will chose a male and you chose a female. If my male wins the bet then I will be able to rule hell any way I choose. If the female can get the male to fall in love, without Aphrodite interfering, with her then I will obey but if he kills her before she can make him fall in love then you will leave hell alone." Whispers started all around them. Once again heaven and hell were in conflict and could find no even ground. This bet would be the even ground between the two gods if it was done. They all knew he was thinking about it and knew who Hades was going to choose to be his chosen. "Fine and there will be no one to stop them when the time comes. While they are young and untrained they will not be unprotected from us because they will be our chosen. After so long I will allow it to start but it will not start before I say." They all agreed and left.

5 years after....

Hades walked up to a young pregnant inu and bowed. "My lady I was sent by the gods to bless your child."

"My pup is not yet born so why would they...."

"He is chosen for something you would never understand so please don't ask." She nodded her silver haired head and stood up. He walked up to her then kissed her forehead were the mark of the west was. He dropt to one knee and kissed her stomach then spoke in a language she couldn't understand. "You pup are the chosen male for hell. You will be the one to end the conflict between heaven and hell. You will bare the mark of hell on your left hip." He then stood up and bowed then disappeared.

5 years after.......

Athena walked up to the woman that Zeus told her carried the woman who was his chosen. She bowed to her. "My lady my I bless your child."

"So it is this child that the gods have chosen for there little game is it not."

"How do...."

"I have been informed by Michael since he was to be my brother but did not live."

"Yes she is Zeus's chosen female."

"Yes I will allow you to bless her then." Athena walked up to her and kissed the mark of the south. She then knelt on one knee and kissed her stomach then spoke in a language she could not understand. "You child are the chosen female for heaven. You will be the one to end the conflict between heaven and hell. You will bare the mark of heaven on your right hip."

"Don't worry I will never tell her about this. Only that she was blessed by the gods before she was born." Athena nodded then disappeared.

Back to the present in the study........

"Kano why have you not told her. She has the right to know that she is my sons intended."

"I know Inutashio and she will be told when they get here."

"How would you know if they were going to come here?"

"Because mate Sesshoumaru went to get her from her chambers already." Inutashio looked at his mate and smiled. "Sakura, Kagome is not in her chambers." All four jumped when they heard a male and female laughing then felt their aura's spike and pulse. "How many times do I HAVE TO TELL YOU NO RUNNING INSIDE OR DO I HAVE TO TEACH YOU BOTH A LESSON YOU WONT FORGOT EVER." They slid to a stop right in front of her. 'Oh no mother is upset what should I do now?'

:{: Just tell her we play with mate and she understand. S he will think we want to get along with mate instead of train with him. Mistress she will understand.:}: She started to giggle at her beast then noticed that they were all looking at her. "Father why do you want me to train with them and I want to know the truth. Should I not be training with my own kind......"

"Please take a seat my daughter and all will be told." Kagome sat down close to Sesshoumaru by the fire. "Now where to start..... Aw yes how about the night you were born five summers ago. Well Inutashio and his family had come to visit. For some reason you were born two moons to early and we don't know why. Sesshoumaru had a gift for you which you will be wearing soon. Well he was not allowed to see you after your birth but from what I have heard he still has it." She looked at him and he nodded his head yes. "Well Inutashio and me decided that you two would be perfect together and decided to have you become mates." Kagome's jaw fell to the floor when she heard the last part. "That is why you two will be training together since you are Sesshoumaru's intend." She could see her beast jumping up and down in joy of the news. :{: Yes he is mate. I told you he was mate. :}: She shook her head in defeat. "It seems that she does not....."

"It's not that my lord. It's just that.... Um........ My beast is....." She looked towards Sesshoumaru for help. "Excited beyond anything you can remember." Sesshoumaru finished for her. She turned a deep cherry red and nodded her head in agreement. "Mine is the same way it seems. I guess our beasts agree that we should be mates then but we still have time to get to know each other before we are allowed to mate."

"Well I am five summers and that means we still have about one hundred and forty-five years left. So I guess we have a long time to get to know each other. Well I am going to go help my sisters with the rest of my clothes so I will be ready to go when you are ready. So may I please be excused to finish packing."

"It is ok my dear."

"Thank you my lady. Oh and mother Athena is going to be coming today to teach me some other things." Kagome turned and left have three people looking very confused. "What does she mean by this my friend."

"Sakura my daughter learns things not even I know of from Athena. It has been like this since she was one summers old. Only she knows what happens when Athena comes."

"Well I am sorry but we must leave by sun rise tomorrow since the ball we are holding is in three moons and I must start their training soon."

With Kagome and her sisters....

"So have you meet him yet little sister?" Was the first thing she heard as she walked into her chambers. "Why are you being so curious sister?" She didn't like to be asked questions since they always asked her stuff like this. "We just want to know what he looks like Kagome."

"You two will find out at dinner since I do not know when we will be heading to the west." Kagome hoped that it would satisfy them but she was wrong once again. "Are you going to go with them when they leave?"

"Of course I am going with them." Kagome was about ready to scream from all the questions they were asking her. "So is your intended cute little sister?"

"Stop asking me so many different questions you two." Kagome started to laugh when they looked at her with hurt in there eyes. 'Why are angle demons so curious?' "You little Kagome are only five and have to answer your older sisters."

"Yes Kagome you have to answer us when we ask you something since we are older." Kagome remembered what her parents had told her. "Mother and father told me I didn't have to answer you. So why don't we ask them about this?"

"Fine but lets walk since mom is in a bad mood. I think she is with child again."

"I think that too Kags but how are we going to prove it this time since we could not last time."

"I know how but you just have to leave it to me."

"My lady Kagome how are you this beautiful day?" Kagome turned around to see her best friend standing there smiling at her.

With Sesshoumaru....

:{: Mate where is mate master. Why is mate not near.:}:

'She is not our mate yet we still have one hundred and forty-five years like she said.' That's when three different scents hit his nose. One of water lilies, which was the oldest one, Jasmine, belonged to the third oldest, and then strawberry and roses. 'So our little angel is coming this way maybe we should surprise her. When he heard the fourth voice but smelt no scent he took off not knowing what was going to happen to her and he didn't want any thing to happen to her. :{: Who is that close to mate. I don't like it that close to mate. I will rip its head off if it stays close to our mate.:}: by the time he got close to them he had started to growl. He didn't like the fact that someone else was that close to her even if the person was female. What he saw he didn't like at all. She was hugging the person that he did not know. :{: Master mate will be fine. Person cannot hurt mate.:}: He just nodded his head and walked up to her. "My lady will you join me for a walk in the garden?" He noticed that she smiled before she answered. "I am sorry but I cannot right now but maybe be after dinner. I must go do something with her right now but I will be back." She turned around and left with her. He headed to the garden and heard a low growl not far away. "Cerberus where are you at?" He didn't like the fact that the three headed dog came to him yet once again. He was told he would help him train but he did not mention to Hades about his future mate to keep her safe from him. He heard the growl once again but then he heard a female scream and knew it was Kagome. He ran towards her and saw that the adults were there and the woman that had hugged Kagome had drawn a sword. "Cerberus why have you come here you stupid mutt. Hades should have a shorter leash on you but that will change soon." He knew he had to get there before she killed him. He was here for him and he knew why. For some odd reason his body stopped and a sharp pain came from his birth mark. His eyes started to bleed red when he heard. "Athena just get my daughter out of here. She needs to be safe. We will take care of this thing." He watched the woman grab her then disappear right before his eyes. The lord and lady of the south fought with Cerberus but were injured badly when his mother came onto the scene. She joined but was quickly killed by the dog. It was finally his father who got Cerberus to run away. That's when he figured it out. 'Why was Cerberus here for my future mate and not me?"

In the study three hours later.....

"The lord and lady didn't make it and Athena stopped by and said that she will hide Kagome till she is safe from all dangers. I do not know where she has taken her but I now she will be safe wherever she is at." Marks looked at the lord of the west and bowed his head. "My sister is in good hands and I am now the lord of the south. I will rule just like my father did and when I find my mate you will be the first to know."

"I hope to see you again and we must change the plans we had for the ball. We may not even hold it now. I will see you again Lord Marks of the south."

900 years in the future......

A young woman was standing in the back yard near a well house when she felt a strange power come from it. A woman holding a small child walked out and bowed to her. "I must ask you to keep this child safe from all danger. Treat her like your own child and please make sure she does not remember anything till it is time for her to return home. This is by the wish of the gods that she has been brought here to you." The woman nodded and walked over to take the child from her. "Her name is Kagome and she turned five years old today. Don't worry about anything everyone will believe that she is your real daughter." The woman watched the person disappear from right before her. "Kagome is it. Welcome to your new home and family little one."

Back with Sesshoumaru...........

"I am sorry my son about your mother. She shouldn't have died but she wanted to help protect you children."

"I don't want to hear your excuses old man. Now leave me alone." Sesshoumaru said with ice in his voice. He had lost both women t hat he wanted to live forever with him. He blamed every one for it. The only thing he had left of his mate was the necklace that was to be hers.


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