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By Princess Zelda

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Chapter 1 - Meeting

"The rain poured down helplessly, unable to stop itself. The desolate lowland plains were drenched in water. The grass was soppy and saturated. The Monsoon that happened earlier is the cause of it, she thought wryly. Looking down to her blistered hands, she took a deep breath. She knew what was coming her way. She knew the dangers she was to face. She didn't want to turn around, but her feet acted on their own accord.

Facing the large demon, she sighed. The monster did not stop walking, knowing it was her last day of breathing.

The demon was a large Behemoth. It's horns were the size of cars, with his talons being the size of small bicycles. It lusted for the blood in the small, petite girl.

The hundred of demons were his, being deprecatingly followers of his evil rein over the large continent. Not only weak demons, either, she noted.

The demon's footsteps halted to a stop, and she felt a ray of hope hit her heart.

It was crushed the moment Behemoth opened its mouth to attack.

I'm only human, she thought. Sighing inwardly, she glowed a light pink. Focusing the Spiritual Energy into her feet, she prepared to jump at the releasing of Behemoths attack.

Behemoth's mouth was the color of dark red, near black, shining with a tint of silver in it. Like a Dragon breathes fire, the Behemoth's energy released onto the girl.

With instinct, she rose a weak barrier to block the aftermath, soon after she jumped. Seeming weightless, she floated to the ground and landed on the soft, black soil.

Why was she reluctant to attack? Simply because it was a Holy creature meant nothing. It was a savage beast, feasting on anything that got in its small path to rein over the world.

Musing will help nothing, she commented to herself. Focusing her eyes on the large demon, she realized he was coming straight for her. Only having time to raise a strong barrier, she only held him off for a moment. Thinking of her training in Sorcery and Spiritual powers, she jumped backwards.

I will die anyway, she thought hopelessly, I might as well take him with me. Sighing to calm her racked nerves, she looked at the large demon in front of her. It stared at her callously.

"Young miko, you will die tonight," He snared at her.

"I shall, yes," She said, defeated, "But so will you."

"A simple ningen? Hah," he replied.

"You think so, demon?" She said, simply distracting him for the remaining life force she was going to put into the spell.

"Do not distract me."

He can read my mind?!

"Indeed. Foolish miko."

Complementing, mainly onto the spell, she ignored his new-found ability. For now, she would use her powers to block him. The moment she did so, he growled loudly. So, it angered him he was unable to do something?

Finally feeling ready, she focused her brown - chocolate colored eyes onto the annoying creature that irked her so badly. Charging for him, unsheathing her katana, she muttered,

"May my soul find peace, when finally the girl comes who's power are weak and insignificant, that her pure soul shall be rewarded when she finds where she belongs. A mark will be planted in her features."

Gasping at the sudden pain, she slew the demon with her Miko-induced katana, her feet began to turn to a cold, rough stone. The demon did, as well. Howling with the loss of control, his voice died out with the sudden stiffening of his jaw and head.

The last thoughts of the Miko were simply of the human child she was so fervently protecting."

Closing the book, she sighed and looked to the small kitsune in her arms. The book she was reading had come to an end.

"Many years later, the statue was found. Today, we now know it as the Kibou Zou. Want to go see it? I'm sure InuYasha wouldn't mind."

The kistune smiled at his adoptive mother and nodded happily. Kagome instantly cheered, and InuYasha's ears perked up, expecting something.

The tree moved ever so little as InuYasha jumped off, walking with his arms crossed towards the girl and kitsune.

"InuYasha," Kagome began, "We want to go see the Kibou Zou. Could we?"

"No. There's no point." He said stubbornly.

"InuYasha!" she bellowed angrily.

"Kagome, we need to go soon." InuYasha said brashly.

"Whatever!" Kagome said, inwardly grinning mischievously.

InuYasha's eyes were wide, surprised she even gave up so quickly.

Kagome sensed his unease, and added roughly, "I don't feel good."

"Nani?" Shippou said, worried about his mother.

Kagome smiled and walked over to her bag, and set the kitsune down. Kagome winked and grinned mischievously.

Sighing, she looked at the clear opening in the forest. They had been here for two days due to Sango's hurt leg.

A Lizard demon got lucky enough to pierce her leg before Miroku furiously sucked it up in his Kazanna.

She snuck a glance over to InuYasha and saw his sleeping form. Guessing it was a good time to descend, she got up with Shippou in her arms.

She knew where to go, since she went there so many times. Somehow, she felt connected and close with it. Sometimes, she swore she even saw a small glow in it. Most times she just shrugged it off as nothing, or her imagination.

Automatically stopping as she saw the statue in view, she stared in awe. Shippou, as well, stared in complete surprise.

Staring up at the statue was Sesshoumaru.

As if sensing Kagome and Shippou, his silver hair turned and exposed his back a little as his head moved to the side, just to observe the two. Her golden eyes piercing them so observantly.

Kagome smiled and walked hesitantly, unsure if it was the right idea.

Finally reaching his unmoving form, she smiled timidly, and shuffled to the side to observe the statue.

"What are you doing here?" Wondering if it was alright to ask. A Little to late to wonder now, she added wryly to herself.

"It does not concern you, ningen."

A small tinge of anger rose in her. Why was he always so rude to humans?

A small shaking kitsune squeaked as Kagome set him near the statue.

Unnerved at the fact he was a Taiyoukai, she prodded a finger to his chest and feverishly stated, "Look, buddy, just because you're Sesshoumaru doesn't mean I'll take crap from y-" she cut off, whining involuntarily as his hand closed around her hand roughly.

"Do not touch this Sesshoumaru, filthy ningen," composing his face into a one of mild disinterest again.

"I'm not filthy, jerk!" She shrieked. Squeaking at the meaning behind her words, her eyes widened.

God, what was so scary about him? Why was he not like InuYasha, whereas she could yell at him and not be scared to death? It wasn't fair!


How dare she?

Wasn't this the wench InuYasha accompanied? Why was she near this statue?

Pushing his wayward thoughts to the back of his mind, he looked intently on the girl. Her short kimono exposed her bare legs, and she looked well kempt. Not that it mattered, seeing as she was a lowly ningen.

A miko, he surmised, feeling her spiritual powers. They were weak and untrained, not unleashing their true potential. Also, from past experiences, such as nearly getting hit with one of her spiritual arrows, he had the information to prove she was a miko.

He sat there, staring at the young miko, and his eyes traveled down to the fox demon she cared for. His skills were pitiful, though he is still a pup. With proper training, he could become a great warrior.

His senses picked up on a mid-strong demon coming fast.

"Are you going to say something, Sesshoumaru? And can I have my hand back!?" She said, struggling to free her hand. Just as she pulled with all her might, he let go, watching her fall to the ground and make an involuntary groan.

"Do not touch this Sesshoumaru's person," he calmly stated.

His eyes automatically darted to the oncoming demon, who was now in view.

Narrowing his eyes, Sesshoumaru cracked his knuckles on his only arm, and just as the demon headed for the Miko, realization dawned on him.

She had three shards of the jewel with her.

He made no movement, even as the demon was a mere few feet from her.


Her stomach churned as the demon struck towards her and she rolled to avoid it. Succeeding, she ran to Sesshoumaru with Shippou in her arms. "Do something!"

He did not move.

If not for the enemy, she would be irate at Sesshoumaru. Why would he not protect her? If he was weaker, and she was stronger, she'd defend him!

Would she?

Her musings were cut short as the demon headed for them again.

Sesshoumaru automatically struck it with his whips of light.

Letting out the breath she did not realize she was holding, she looked at Sesshoumaru angrily. "Why didn't you kill it earlier!?"

"Why do I care for a ningen life?"

He growled loudly at something she couldn't see.

Forgetting his growling, Kagome fumed. He was even worse then InuYasha in this manner.

"Mommy," Shippou said worriedly, staring behind her.

Automatically, she realized she sensed the dark aura a little too late.

Naraku was immediately behind her.

"Why do you show yourself now, Naraku?" Sesshoumaru asked calmly, though still on high alert.

It did not make sense; we searched for him non-stop, and yet, he shows himself now?

"Naraku! Wh-" She was cut short by Naraku grabbing her waist roughly. "Let go of me, monster!"

She rapidly punched his spiky extended arms, but resulted in bloodying her hands.

She looked to Sesshoumaru for some kind of help, but she found that he was not there; in fact, everything turned black and blurry. Her consciousness flew by her as the dizziness took over, enveloping her into a nightmarish, and unwanted sleep.


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