The Little Mermaid by Luna Higurashi

Chapter One

Scene: An ocean, Birds are flying and porpoises are swimming happily, from the fog a ship appears crashing through the waves

Sailors: I'll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue and it's hey to the starboard, heave ho Look out, lad, a mermaid be waitin' for you In mysterious fathoms below.

Sesshomaru: Isn't this great? The salty sea air, the wind blowing in our face... A perfect day to be at sea!

Jaken: (Leaning over side.) Oh yes . . . delightful . . . .

Kouga: A fine strong wind and a following sea. King Miroku must be in a friendly-type mood.

Sesshomaru: King Miroku?

Jakotsu: Why, ruler of the Merpeople, lad. Thought every good sailor knew about him.

Jaken: Merpeople! Sesshomaru, pay no attention to this nautical nonsense.

Bankotsu: But it ain't nonsense, it's the truth! I'm tellin' you, down in the depths o' the ocean they live. (He gestures wildly, Fish in his hand flops away and lands back in the ocean, relieved.)

Sailors (Kouga, Bankotsu, Jakotsu): Heave. Ho. Heave, ho. in mysterious fathoms below. (Fish was drop into the water, he sigh and swim away.)


Scene :( Various fish swimming. Merpeople converge on a great undersea

Palace, everyone is getting ready for a concert inside the Concert Hall. Fanfare ensues.)

Kohaku: Ahem . . . His royal highness, King Miroku! (Miroku enters and presenting the distinguished court composer, InuYasha, Sota, Hojo, Mushin, Myoga! (Myoga enters to mild applause.)

Miroku: I'm really looking forward to this performance, Myoga.

Myoga: Oh, Your Majesty, this will be the finest concert I have ever conducted. Your daughters - they will be spectacular!

Miroku: Yes, and especially my little Kagome.

Myoga: Yes, yes, she has the most beautiful voice. . . . [Sotto] If only she'd show up for rehearsals once in a while. . . . (He proceeds to podium and begins to direct Orchestra.)

Miroku's daughters (Singing): Ah, we are the daughters of Miroku. Great father who loves us and named us well: Kikyo, Kaede, Kaguya, Kantana, Kanna, Kagura. And then there is the youngest in her musical debut, our seventh little sister, we're presenting her to you, To sing a song Myoga wrote, her voice is like a bell, she's our sister, Ka-g . . . (Shell opens to reveal that Kagome is absent.)

Miroku: (Very angry.) Kagome!!

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