True Story by Ametistie.Chiera

The Begining


True Stories

By Ametistie.Chiera


Chapter One: The Beginning

My name is Kioku and I shall be the first to start this story...


It begins in the Palace of the Moon, home to the Western Lord...

"Jaken, send for Inuyasha's miko."

"Hai, milord!" The green kappa-youkai scurried to fetch the miko for his master. The only reason she's here is to restore Sesshoumaru-sama's arm, The green kappa chuckled evilly, Perhaps she'll take Rin with her when she leaves!

Jaken traveled down many passage ways and staircases before entering the courtyard. There stood the inu-tachi: the houshi Miroku, the taija Sango and her nekomata Kilala, the hanyou Inuyasha, and the miko Kagome. The young miko stood out amongst the group in a light blue kimono with a dark blue obi. The long sleaves were covered in dark blue sakura blossoms and the complete Shikon no Tama hung on a silver chain around her neck.

"Come with me, miko," Jaken ordered roughly, "The inutaisho wishes to see you alone."

"No way is that bastard ganna be alone with Kagome!" Inuyasha made to grab his sword.

"Sit boy!" the breathy whisper sent Inuyasha into the ground, "Lead the way, Jaken-san."

"This way," he led her through the Palace of the Moon until they reached the study. He knocked and opened the door after Sesshoumaru said enter.

Kagome walked in and bowed as Jaken closed the door behind her, "Sesshoumaru-sama, I..."

"Can you regenerate this Sesshoumaru's arm or not, miko?"

The miko's aura spiked in anger, "My name is Kagome not miko."

"You are on my lands. I can call you what I wish." Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes.

"Then get another miko to grow your arm back!"

Before Kagome could move, the inu-youkai had her by the throat, "Wench, will you go back on your word?"


"Please, Sesshoumaru-sama, we can't defeat Naraku without you!" Kagome was bowing in front of Sesshoumaru, begging.

"Tell me why I should."

"Kagome, what the fuck do you think you're doing?!" Inuyasha burst into the clearing where the two stood. "We don't need this bastard!"

"Sit!" Kagome never moved from her position, "I'll heal your arm for you."

"Why should I trust you, miko?"

Kagome looked him in the eye, "Because I give you my word as a miko."


The young miko sighed, "Gomen nasi, I let my anger best me. It won't happen again."

"See that it doesn't," was his curt reply.

Why that pompous jerk! she bit the inside of her cheek to keep from angering the taiyoukai again, "You'll have to remove your haori for me to regenerate it."

Sesshoumaru raised a single brow before doing what she asked. I bet he thinks I'm enjoying that a six pack? Oh! It is! Inuyasha is scrawny compared to this... the inu-taiyoukai raised his brow again as the onna's face began to turn red. He called her title firmly to which she muttered a quick apology. Her left hand moved to rest on his shoulder and her right held the stump of a left arm. She closed her eyes and began to concentrate.

The bright blue light of her reiki filled the room, growing brighter until it matched the intensity of the sun. Then the light flared in a soundless explosion. Everything in a one mile radius was blown backwards by the after shock. After that, the light began to recede back into the semi-conscious miko wrapped in the taiyoukai's arms. The onna muttered something before cuddling closer to him and falling into the darkness of sleep. Suddenly, the door burst open.

"Bastard, what did you do to her!?" Inuyasha yelled with tetsuiga held in his hand.

"I did nothing, hanyou," Sesshoumaru cradled Kagome bridal style and walked out of the study, "Leave my lands."

"I ain't leaving Kagome here! You must be fucking crazy!"

"Cease your wailing and leave," Two guards grabbed Inuyasha, "Take him and his group away. Make sure they stay off the Western Lands."

"Hai, milord," the two inu-guards said. They then saluted before walking away, dragging a struggling Inuyasha.

The taiyoukai carried the woman-child to a guest room in the Western Wing. The room was of moderate size done in different shades of blue and white. A huge bed sat in a corner and two French doors stood in the middle of the back wall. This room as directly linked to the palace garden. An empty wardrobe sat against the wall to their left next to a door leading to an indoor hot spring that was shared with all residents of the Western Wing.

Sesshoumaru carefully set the onna on the bed then left the room. He stationed a guard, the only female guard, outside her door. With the thought of more paper work in his head, he headed back to his study. A high pitched squeal and a pressure on his leg stopped him. Attached to his leg was a little onna named Rin. He gently patted her head and continued the trek to his study.


Kagome woke as the full moon shone through the open door, the one that lead to the garden. She slowly stood, her limbs still weak from the over excursion of regenerating Sesshoumaru's arm. She finally made it to the door then stepped out. I wonder where Inuyasha and the gang are, she thought as she sat upon a white marble bench. The statue beside the bench looked remarkably like the one Shippou used to hold down Inuyasha. That thought made her smile and let out a small giggle.

"Miko," the cold voice of the inutaisho sent a shiver down her back, "you should not be out here. The yukata you wear is not enough for the cold."

"Aww, you care about me!"

"Do not speak of what you do not know, ningen wench."

Kagome laughed, "Sesshoumaru-sama, we've already been through this. Me and you are friends now."

"You described friends as being allies. Our alliance ended with the restoration of my arm."

"Sesshoumaru-sama, friends are allies in a way. They have an alliance that never ends unless one friend betrays the other. It's called 'back-stabbing' where I come from."

"Do you still insist upon saying that your place of birth is 500 years in the future?"

Kagome nodded and moved over on the bench, inviting him to sit. When he was comfortable, she began, "I was born 500 years in the future. I would show you but I'm afraid that if I go through the portal, it won't let me come back. I would miss my friends to much, but I miss my family just as much."

"Family is more important that allies. The pack always comes first."

"It's a lot more complicated than that. To me, my friends including you are part of my pack just as much as my okaasan, ototo, and jiisan. It's hard to choose between my pack here and my pack in the future."

"Then do not choose. Stay here with me, Kagome, and become Lady of the Western Lands." Sesshoumaru got down on one knee and opened a velvet covered box.

Inside the box was a...cup of ramen?


"Kagome, wake up! Breakfast is ready." Sango's gentle prodding woke the young miko from her sleep.

"Huh...?" She sat up and looked around. The inu-tachi sat in a clearing with the Inutaisho of the West, Sesshoumaru. It was all a dream? Kagome asked herself when she saw the empty sleeve of the inu-youkai's haori. With a sigh, the woman-child stood and dusted herself off. "I'm going to take a bath. Sango, care to join me?"


The two onnas left after asking Shippou and Rin, who was also there, to stop Miroku from coming to spy on them. After undressing, they slid into the hotspring with content sighs. They wasted several minutes just relaxing before starting their bathing ritual. Lavender filled the air as the two washed in Kagome's lavender bath wash, shampoo, and conditioner, relaxing the two girls even more. They didn't waste a breath to disturb the comfortable silence that had settle over them.


"I take it Inuyasha has finally returned from Kikyou," Kagome sighed, her normally azure eyes turning grey in sadness.

"Kagome..." Sango's own eyes turned a dark shade of brown as she looked as the hurting miko. The taija and the houshi had hoped Kagome didn't know of where Inuyasha went at night but there hopes were in vain for Kagome knew all along where he went. She wasn't blind, she saw the soul stealers that followed the undead miko.

"I'm going to stay here, Sango. You go ahead and tell Inuyasha that he can return to Kikyou for a little while longer. I want to stay and relax."

"Hai..." Sango whispered before getting dressed and leaving. She returned to camp to find Sesshoumaru had sent Inuyasha through a couple trees. "Houshi-san, what happened?"

"When Inuyasha returned and shouted for our dear Kagome-san, Sesshoumaru-sama punched him through a couple trees for "his inane yelling."" Miroku's voice held laughter as his violet eyes crinkled a little in a hidden smile.

"He deserves it since Kagome knows where he goes at night."

"She found out?"

"She knew all along, ningen." Sesshoumaru's cold and calculating voice entered the conversation, "You have underestimated your miko's knowledge of certain things."

"Gomen nasi, Sesshoumaru-sama, you are correct. We should've though higher of Kagome-chan but she's just so innocent and young that..."

" guys though I would be to nave to know where he went at night." The woman-child's voice was soft as she entered the clearing. "It's okay though because I'm over it now. You guys don't have to worry about it anymore." Her smile was warm and not forced at all. She was finally over Inuyasha.

"I'm glad for you, Kagome-san" Miroku and Sango smiled back at her.



At the base of Mt. Fuji, Sesshoumaru and his generals stood in an ornate tent speaking of battle strategies. The past two days were full of arguments back and forth between the generals on what should better. The Inutaisho had sat through this inane arguing all while nursing a growing headache. The headache turned into a full blown migraine when he heard the annoying voice of his younger sibling. Will I ever be rid of this nuisance? Inuyasha was shouting at the top of his lungs that they should just barge in and forgo all this "strategic bullshit".

"Sit," the whispered word brought silence to the tent. "The Hammer and Anvil will work just fine. I see you haven't even suggested that yet."

"We do not have enough men for that move, wench," one of the generals, a kitsune by the name of Hitome, growled.

"Have you forgotten your allies so soon, General Hitome?" Kagome stood to where she was at the entrance of the tent, "Milord Takeda and Milady Sakura, please join us."

Two youkai entered the room. The first, Lord Takeda, was tall and thick as was his bear heritage. His long, mangy brown hair was held back my black band with the symbol of his house on it. Black armor inlaid with gold stood out against his blood red haori and hakamas. In contrast to the southern lord, the Northern lady was petite in stature but had a commanding presence about her. Her long blue hair was held in a braid the just brushed the curve of her lower back and bright blue eyes were framed by long lashes. She had on armor similar to Sesshoumaru's but it was blue and silver and held the symbol of her house on it. Unlike the might inu taiyoukai, these two taiyoukai only had one strip on their right cheeks.

"Hitome-san, Sakura-san, nice of you to finally join us," Sesshoumaru nodded his head from his end of the table.

The two bowed and spoke as one, "Forgive us for the delay."

"Now, about the Hammer and Anvil: It's a basic strategy that Naraku isn't expecting. By its nature it's very simple. One-third of the army will attack Naraku and his horde of demons. The two-thirds left will be waiting behind Naraku and will be there to crush him from behind as soon as the first section of the army brings them closer." Kagome had traced her finger along the map to show where the armies should be. "The two-thirds army should form a bowl, just incase they try to escape along the sides. All soldiers with the ability to fly, preferably the bird youkai, will fly above the regular army to drop "bombs" which I will show you how to make, over Naraku's army."

All the occupants of the tent stared at the young miko in awe. This tiny slip of a girl was able to come up with a strategy that was so simple that Naraku wouldn't be expecting it from Sesshoumaru. The Lords and Lady of the three lands present just stared at her as she studied the map, muttering to herself about positions and pointing to different sections of the map. Suddenly, the woman-child's head snapped up and turned toward the tent door. Soon after, Kouga entered with the two shards in his hand.

Instead of his usual furs, Kouga was dressed in brown silk hakamas and a hoari. His usual armor was still there but polished and showing the symbol of the east on it. "So why wasn't the east invited to this little party?"

Sesshoumaru stood and grabbed Inuyasha by his neck, "Did you not deliver the message to the lord of the east?"

"I got sidetracked by..." Inuyasha looked at Kagome, his ears laid back guiltily, "...Kikyou."

"You disgust me, half-breed," the inu-taiyoukai snarled and tossed Inuyasha to the side.

Kouga glared at the inu-hanyou while handing over the shards to Kagome, who, with grey eyes, fused them with the half jewel that hung around her neck. Kagome then spoke up, "Is everyone clear on how the Hammer and Anvil will work?"

"I take it mine and Sakura-san's armies, along with Kouga-san's, will be the Anvil in this little battle plan?" Takeda leaned on his oaken quarterstaff.

"If you don't mind. Naraku believes that Sesshoumaru is to proud to call upon his allies so he'll expect us to face him with only the Army of the West and the Inu-tachi." Her soft smile brought a smile to Takeda's lips.

"No offense, Kagome-san, but how do you not know that Naraku is watching us now?" Sakura's warm voice betrayed her ice-youkai nature.

"Because I've place a barrier over all the armies, one that will stop Naraku from using his poison insects and Kanna's mirror to watch us."

"And you're still standing? You must be one powerful miko, Kagome-san." Another general, Kokoro a female squirrel youkai, spoke up.

"I was trained by the best there ever was." Kagome's mind traveled back to a time before they allied themselves with Sesshoumaru. She had been greatly injured in a battle with Kagura and Kanna and was unconscious for a month. During that month, Midoriko had visited her, saying that her soul would not reside in a helpless miko. Thus, the training began.

"Let's begin the preparations," Sesshoumaru interrupted and they began the to ready their armies.


The wind blew ominously and danced with the tresses of the Army of the West. Their liege lord stood before them, pristine white clothes standing out against the black of the army's armor. Beside him stood Kagome to his right in an outfit similar to Sango's expect purple where Sango's was pink. A crossing bow and sword stood against her chest her symbol of her house. Inuyasha stood on the other side of Kagome with Miroku standing next to him in their usual style of dress. Sango stood on the other side of Sesshoumaru.

"Sango-chan, you know Naraku is going to use your brother against you?"

"Hai, Kagome-chan, but that is not my brother but simply his body that Naraku is controlling."

"Sango, you must realize he lessen his control to let the real Kohaku show through," Miroku's words of wisdom cause the taiji's eyes to harden.

"I know."

"Silence." Sesshoumaru's cold voice turned everyone's attention on him. "Naraku comes."


I will now allow my sister to take over in the telling of this story. Remember though, this is what really happened to the Shikon Miko. This is the true story...


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