Running Out of Time by dixiepixie

Chapter One

Author's Note: I really wanted to see what would happen if I just wrote this like one of those Goosebumps Books- the ones where you get to make a decision at the bottom of each page that decides how the story ends. So- I own nothing, not even the idea of the format, and at the bottom of this chapter, I need somebody to make the decision as to how the story goes. Majority rules, and, after I have already posted the next chapter, I won't change how the story is. I only will write the next one based upon the decision made from the previous chapter. Okay. Here goes- my first fic, you guys!

* * * * * *

The sticky heat made Kagome lazy. Really lazy. She was so lazy she didn't even want to wipe the sweat off her brows. She wasn't wearing her usual school uniform- that wasn't smart, in the feudal era. Besides- school had let out about a month ago- and she had graduated. Granted, not the top of her class, but hell, she made it didn't she? On time, with the rest of her class. So why should she wear something that was considered inappropriate for this time period?

Although, she thought, pulling up the fallen strap of her tank top, she wouldn't wear a kimono- the heavy silks would suffocate anyone in this weather. This tank and jeans outfit was okay- you could only see her breasts if you were above her, looking down, or, if she wanted you to. That last category included nobody.

Of course, this outfit was still scandalous. But she refused to don the heavy silks and many layers befitting a lady- and she refused to be confused with Kikyo. Let dead mikos wear what they will, and let Kaede wear her station's clothing- but Kagome would wear Kagome' clothes.

So, laying beneath a tree, in middle of Inuyasha's forest, Kagome considered for a moment bathing. Then she discarded the thought. It was too hot to move. Why should she? Inuyasha was dozing in the tree above her, in the branches, as always. Sango and Miroku were looking out into a small clearing filled with flowers, talking quietly. Kirara and Shippo had been playing in the woods- until they too gave into the midday heat, collapsing about twenty feet off, dozing in a patch of shade.

Kagome decided she too wanted to nap- it was so hot! How she missed air conditioning...

Inuyasha, however, was not napping, as Kagome had thought. In fact, he was lazily watching the beads of sweat trickle between her breasts... But he had made up his mind.

When the jewel was complete, nobody knew what would happen. Kagome said she might be forced home, never to come back. Or she might be stuck here. She didn't know. Kaede didn't, and Kikyo wouldn't tell him. What Inuyasha knew, however, was that he had made two women promises- and if one was snatched away, if Kagome was forced to go, there would be little left for him. There would be Sango and Miroku, but he had always assumed that they would go to rebuild the slayer village. Kirara, of course, would go with her beloved mistress, and Shippo might go too. Then, Inuyasha would be alone, again. Of course, there would be on person- well, golem. Kikyo.

She wanted to drag him to hell with her. She wanted to be together in death. He knew Kagome wanted him to be happy, in life. He knew she didn't appreciate that Kikyo held a piece of her soul, that Kikyo had tried to kill both Kagome as well as himself. But, he couldn't help but think- he had loved Kikyo. He really had. She had trusted him, and because of that, she had died.

He didn't blame himself for what happened, not like he used to. He knew that it had been Naraku, not himself, who had actually killed her. But Naraku had looked like him. And Kikyo had trusted him- so she had trusted the imposter who looked like him. And she had died.

It wasn't his entire fault at all- no. Kagome said it wasn't anything but bad luck, but he knew he had something more to do with it. And if Kagome were to leave, then so would the others. And he would be left with his grief for Kikyo.

Inuyasha was still trying to decide whether or not he would descend into hell with Kikyo. So, as he watched yet another droplet of Kagome's sweat pass the valley between Kagome's breasts, he decided he should look away- or her might make a promise that he didn't know if he could keep. He didn't want to lie to Kagome- he didn't want to promise to live if she was ripped away from him. He didn't know if he could stand another woman he loved being taken from him, by things he couldn't control.

As he looked away, he felt the familiar pang of heartbreak- Kikyo. Her scent was on the wind. Should he go to her? He didn't want to hurt Kagome. But if he didn't go to her... Inuyasha didn't really know what would happen. He wanted to see Kikyo, or, rather, the broken doll of clay that resembled his beloved Kikyo, but he wanted Kagome to be happy and smile for him. He so liked it when she did.

Maybe this was he wrong decision, Inuyasha thought, leaping form his tree. Kikyo's call was too much for him. He tried to lie to himself and imagine that she might be bringing Kagome a shard, and that he didn't want her to upset Kagome, the living, breathing, woman, and so went out to get the shard from her to bring back. The only problem was, he didn't know what Kikyo wanted, and he doubted it was a shard. Since when had Kikyo tried to help Kagome? Why would she, knowing that given a chance, Kagome would stop her from taking him to hell, as Kikyo had obviously desired from the beginning? Inuyasha didn't know.

All Inuyasha knew was that the jewel was almost complete- and Kagome was this much closer to being ripped away, or shut on this side forever. He seriously doubted that the completion of the jewel would allow for Kagome to travel back and forth at will. And if she was taken form him- he would die of grief for yet another lost love.

* * * * * *

Okay- I know this isn't the longest or best. But be nice- it's my first fic, and I don't want to set too much of the story. Yes, Sesshoumaru comes into play, but not yet. I want to build up some character first! So- here's the choice you guys get! Well, the three...

1- Kikyo is bad. She is a distraction for Inuyasha while the rest of the group, unsuspecting and taking a cozy midafternoon nap, is attacked! *Le gasp!*

2- Kikyo is not a distraction because she's not even there (for all you Kikyo lovers out there) and Inuyasha will find something, lured by the scent of his lost love...

3- Kikyo is good, and will offer Inuyasha something. A choice, maybe his made up shard?

Right, so I totally know that Sesshoumaru hasn't made his entrance yet, but like I said- I want to build up some character! There's got to be a story line of sorts! One more thing: do you guys want smut, or do you want a sweet story that might perchance, between the lines, imply something? Review, tell me what you think! And make the decision that turns the page! Remember- majority rules. I will check back in about a week or so, and then I will write the next chappie! Make good choices, kids!

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