To the West by amaniblue

To the West

I loved you once, but you weren't ready

Instead of leaving, I stayed

Hoping I would win your heart

I was suppose to be the victor

The star

But, he beat me to the part

I stepped to the side, like a man, and admitted defeat

You felt my eyes on you, but you couldn't even look at me

You ignored me, and you know that I don't like to be ignored

So, I took what you took from me

Your heart and your joy

No, I couldn't harm you directly, but I could harm him

I watched you cry for him, like a lover would

Those were the same tears you cried, on my shoulder

When he abandoned you for another

My sole purpose was to fill in for my brother

I was the other

Your secret lover

I will leave you, now, the same way you left me


I turned my back to you, and I went home

To the west

The only place I can rest

Since, I was cast out of my bed in your heart, and left for dead

Remember me not as the Taiyoukai, but as the one who stole from you

Your fire, your passion

My obsession

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